Solution: ‘My cell phone or mobile is not compatible with Call Of Duty Mobile’

If your cell phone is not compatible with Call of Duty mobile , it does not mean that you cannot play it, since there is an effective solution, the root of this problem is that not all cell phones or mobile devices are compatible with this game because this application has certain requirements for it to function properly.

Call of Duty is one of the best battle games and the direct competition of other popular games such as Fornite or Free Fire since they are the most downloaded online gaming applications of the moment, however Call of duty cannot be played from the phone you are using. you want if it does not meet the conditions and specifications necessary to run the game.

Call of Duty compatibility fix

Many times when you try to download this game through the Google play store application, the application is downloaded correctly, however when it is installed, your cell phone gives you a warning that it is not possible to complete this action because the application it is not compatible with your phone.

If you have this problem, do not worry, because in the same way you can continue enjoying this game by downloading it through other virtual stores that allow you to install external applications or of unknown origin , to continue playing it is necessary to download what is commonly known as an apk.

To carry out this action there are multiple application stores, some of them can be paid and in most of these you can find the application you want for free, within the best known and those that work best you can find Uptodown, Malavida or ApkMirror where You are looking for the application you want, in this case Call of Duty in the version that suits your phone.

Download the Apk of Call Of Duty Mobile

Downloading apks is not only useful when there is no compatibility between the phone and the application, since it is also a solution when this game does not work and is closed from emulators such as bluestacsk. Therefore, the first thing you should do is open the store you like and look for the Call of Duty mobile application, which is the one that works on mobile devices.

In stores like ApkMirror you must look for the Download section and then select where the word Variant indicates, that is where the latest version of the application is located, after that, you will find the Download Apk button, you accept, you wait a moment and when the phone warns you that the download is complete, you proceed to install the application and lastly open it and start playing from up to two different profiles.

In this same sense, if the game does not start or stays stuck, you will have to download another version that is compatible with your mobile device, to run a download again and perform it much faster, you can use Uptodown where you only have to search for the application, you select to download the latest version and then install and play!

Why is it not supported?

The reasons why your mobile is not compatible with the Call of Duty game is because it has requirements , that is, your phone must meet certain parameters in order for you to use it. For phones with Android operating system, the device’s RAM memory must be above 2GB capacity, while the minimum version of the system must be Android 5.1 for the video game to work properly.

On the other hand, the requirements for cell phones and other devices of the iOS brand are that the RAM memory of said devices be equal to or greater than 1GB of capacity ; For its part, the operating system of these devices must iOS 9 or newer and better versions than this. These requirements are so that the game does not stick while you use it.

In the event that you have a phone of Chinese origin or low-end, which means that it has a slow and low-level processor, little internal storage space, low-capacity RAM and an operating system of the old ones, do not expect that Call of Duty works for you since it does not meet the pre-established requirements to have an adequate gameplay.


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