Solution: I Turn On The Mobile And The Screen Goes Black

We are at the most advanced technological point of our entire species. Thanks to these advances, we created computers , which with the passage of time evolved to a point where we can put them inside our pockets. Although originally they were devices that occupied entire rooms.

This caused that each person could have a computer, which, when it is in our pockets, we know as a Telephone. These have a series of special abilities, among which the most basic are calling and receiving messages.

In addition to this, with the passage of time these phones also had a great advance , which is going by leaps and bounds. In recent times, we have been able to include all the requirements for phones to perform tasks that require a lot of processing power, such as video games, image and video editing, etc.

We know these new types of phones as Smartphones , which are the most common piece of technology today. Well, everyone we meet has one.

However, these Smartphones can also present various failures after a certain time of use . So it forces us to be changing phones after a certain time and also after the development of more powerful equipment than the previous ones.

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  1. How do you get a Smartphone?
  2. What problems can Smartphones have?
  3. What can I do when my cell phone screen turns black?
  4. Why does the screen go black?
    1. Hardware Problems
    2. Software Problems
  5. How do I fix the black screen problem
    1. Restart
    2. Clear cache from Bios
    3. Hard reset

How do you get a Smartphone?

This is done by going to a technology store, or in the electrical section of the nearest convenience store in your area or city. Cell phones usually have a somewhat low investment cost, as you can get devices so cheap that they cost less than 100 Euros, while there are other much more luxurious options that exceed the limit of 1000 Euros.

Another way is to buy a phone and a line with a telephone operator . In Spain there is Movistar or telephone. Also, you can enter other sites such as Mercadolibre , where you can buy equipment from third parties. If you are going to use this option, consider that some equipment may arrive damaged, and that it is very important that you know how to differentiate if a phone is old, reconditioned or new .

What problems can Smartphones have?

These are very varied. Usually, if our phones get very hot, it means that they may have problems with the battery. This is detrimental to the performance of the system, as it makes everything have to work at a lower voltage than it should be.

In addition to this, phones can have problems with the graphics , as they have graphics cards which can also stop working, as well as RAM, internal storage and the Computing Processing Unit, or CPU for its acronym in English.

Besides this, the problems can also extend to the operating system . This can prevent the phone from starting, and to fix it you need to learn how to boot your android phone from recovery mode to set factory settings. Another very common problem is the screen, as this is the main method of inputting information or communicating with your phone.

In addition to the problems we mentioned earlier, the screen can sometimes present problems that can range from Malware interference, to splashing water on it, to some problems caused by wear and tear on the phone’s components.

What can I do when my cell phone screen turns black?

If this happens, we must take into account that it is an incredibly serious problem, because the vast majority of times that this happens, it means that our phone needs to go to a technician for a reconditioning.

The problems that cause this can be very varied. Remember that the screen itself is made up of a large number of pieces, each of which fulfills a specific function. Sometimes one of these components can be misconfigured or physically damaged. An example of this is the Flex type cable that connects the screen with the phone’s motherboard.

Another problem may be that the Mica on your phone has been damaged. This is a small sheet that remains between the layers that make up the screen. This problem can be caused by drops, water damage, overheating, and so on. If your screen stops working, it is important that you know how to extract information from a phone with a broken screen.

Why does the screen go black?

The reason for this failure in our device can be caused by various factors, which you will have to verify in order to fix it . These problems can be both in the Hardware of the mobile device and in the Software, below we will show you the causes and solutions of the black screen of your device.

Hardware Problems

When talking about Hardware problems we refer to problems with the physical components of the device , that is, it may be a fault with the mica or screen itself, or even due to a burned circuit or processor, in these cases you must carry your device with a mobile device technician. So you can identify the component that is damaged , so you can replace it.

Software Problems

Software problems of our mobile device occur when there is a failure in the device’s system, which may have been generated due to a virus that managed to access the software, or it may also be due to the sudden interruption of a system update process . In these cases, they are usually solved by applying a factory reset on the mobile device.

How do I fix the black screen problem

The black screen error of mobile phones is a very common problem in most users, fortunately there are several ways to fix it. Next we will show you the possible solutions that exist so that you can fix the black screen of your Android mobile device .


Rebooting the device can be an action that in some cases fixes many issues regarding the device’s system, so you can try rebooting the phone to see if the black screen fault stops exhibiting.

Clear cache from Bios

The Bíos is the firmware that all mobile devices have that allows the device to recognize all its components and to function correctly, there is a way in which the problem with the black screen can be solved and that is by deleting the cache files to through recovery mode.

To do this we will have to turn off the device and access the recovery mode by pressing the ‘volume down and power’ buttons then when accessing the recovery menu we look for an option that says ‘wipe cache’ and we select it by pressing the power button.

After we press, a process will start to run. At the end of this process, the device will turn on automatically and we can check if the black screen problem was finally solved.

Hard reset

With this last alternative you will be able to solve most or even all the errors that the device has, but for this you will also delete all the files and information from the device, since a factory reset is carried out but more profound. Therefore, we recommend that before doing so, you save your files and information on a pendrive or in the cloud.

To be able to do this you will have to turn off the mobile device, then access the recovery menu to do this, hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time until the screen is activated. Once the menu appears, using the volume buttons, select the hard reset option to be able to reset the device to the factory.

Pressing on this option will start the reset process, wait for it to finish without interrupting it. Once it has been achieved, the phone will turn on automatically and will not present any fault.

In case none of these methods worked for you, we recommend that you contact a telephone technician. So that you can find some other solution to the black screen problem.

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