Solution: I can’t read Instagram DM messages

At some point it may happen that you cannot read your Instagram DM messages , that is, the private messages that they send to you, if that happens you can carry out different solutions because there is no specific circumstance that represents an effective solution.

The cause that prevents you from viewing your Instagram direct messages is not clear, so there is no concrete solution and, therefore, it is advisable to try several procedures to see if any of them solve the problem and you can see them as you have always been able to do.

It may be due to problems with your mobile phone, Internet connection and even an error of the social network that prevents its display, so we are going to show you the options you have if you experience this at any time, so that you know what you have to do in that case.

Restart your internet connection

Often a restart of your Internet connection on your mobile can solve problems on Instagram, so it is one of the first solutions to apply. What you have to do is put the airplane mode on your phone and remove it after about 5-10 seconds of waiting.

You can even try browsing only with WiFi or only with your data rate to see if you can access the MDs. Remember to re-enter Instagram and see if you can now see your direct messages, if not, you should keep trying other options.

Clear your Instagram cache and data

Instagram, like other applications, is generating a series of data that it is convenient to delete from time to time from the mobile because they can interfere with its operation. Therefore, in this case you can clear the cache and the Instagram data on your Android mobile .

To do this you have to close the app and then access settings / applications / all applications / Instagram. Once inside you will have to click on the options “clear cache” and then on “delete data” , which may be somewhat hidden depending on the mobile you have.

After executing these processes, it is time to see if when you enter Instagram you already have access to private messages, if you still cannot see them, you will have to do other things.

Update Instagram

Feel free to update Instagram , a possibility that can help you solve this problem and many more, as well as enjoy the respective news. And it is important to always keep the latest version of the app installed on your mobile.

Each update brings bug fixes, improvements and more, if there is an Instagram update in the Google Play Store or the App Store, install it as soon as you can and try again to see if private messages now work for you and you can see them.

Reinstall the app

If the simple Instagram update does not work, you can delete the application and reinstall it by downloading it from the app store , it is a somewhat more cumbersome option because then it will force you to enter your data to log in to the social network again.

When you reinstall it, try to log in again and see if you can now see the direct messages from Instagram, you shouldn’t have problems now, but if it remains the same, you have no choice but to try other possibilities.

Access the messages from the Instagram website

If you cannot see private messages from your mobile, you have a very good option, view them through the Instagram website . This is one of the things that Instagram web allows, so do not hesitate to consult it out there if you have that possibility, that is, a PC with Internet.

In case you do not have a PC nearby, you can try to access the Instagram website from your mobile browser, if you can’t, all you have to do is wait because Instagram may be down, or at least that specific section , and that can take several minutes or hours until it is fixed and you can refer to them again.

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