Solution: ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite closes when opened

Today we bring you the solution for the error: ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite closes when opened, does not work or the screen goes black’. The above is one of those annoying video game bugs , but luckily there are a few options you can follow.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Undoubtedly the Harry Potter franchise is one of the most relevant in recent history. With 7 books (plus a few beyond those written by JK Rowling) and a dozen films, it is undoubtedly on the level of a highly successful company.

In addition to the above, the saga has also been represented in the world of video games. In fact, today there are more than 15 video games (And even more than 30 if you consider each adaptation as a unique video game). Therefore, it was to be expected that a title designed for mobile devices would be born .

One of these titles for mobile phones is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a video game that was released on June 21, 2019. It is an augmented reality title, developed by the company Niantic , which created Pokemon Go. In fact, it has a relatively similar system to that of the previous company title.

As you can imagine, as in every game in the franchise, you will have to cast spells and complete various tasks and there is even the possibility of inviting friends in Harry Potter Wizards Unite .

The big difference with other titles in the franchise is that, to play it, we must move in the real environment. Anyway, although the game is very entertaining, it usually has some notable problems.

‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite closes or screen goes black’ Solution

One of the most common problems in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , is the classic black screen. Clearly the first thing is to check if your phone is compatible and if it has a gyroscope. On the other hand, if it does, you need to activate the Gyroscope in Harry Potter Wizards Unite to play it, but if this doesn’t resolve the bug, you can try the following.

Update Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Sometimes certain problems occur because the application is not up to date. Updates seek to solve problems and include improvements, in many cases they are necessary.

Given this, if Harry Potter: Wizards Unite does not start or does not work, perhaps the app is not updated. For this reason, check that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is up to date, if not, simply update it through the Play Store .

Launch the game from the Play Store

One possible solution is to enter the title from the app store. In other words, you can try launching Harry Potter: Wizards Unite directly from the Play Store.

  • The process is simple, just open the application from the Google store (Play Store). Once there, press on the three horizontal lines located above and to the left. Locate the option “My Apps and Games” .
  • Here all the applications installed through the Play Store will be displayed. Scroll down until you locate Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and click on it.
  • After that, simply click on “Open” and check if the black screen error has been eliminated.

The above is just a trick that works in some circumstances , but sadly not an ideal solution. In fact, it is not the only problem, there are also common errors with Geo positioning, but fortunately solving the GPS location error in Harry Potter Wizards Unite can be solved with great ease.

Use Activity Launcher

Using the Activity Launcher can help with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite problems The first thing is to download the application, which you can get directly from the Play Store. Anyway, you can access with this link Activity Launcher in Play Store .

  • When you have downloaded the App, it is time to start it and accept the terms of use.
  • Now, locate the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite application and hold down on it for a while. After this, simply choose the option to create shortcut . You can also try running Harry Potter: Wizards Unite directly from here, though.
  • The last thing would be to check if the error disappeared.


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