Solution: AliExpress ‘Unsuccessful delivered: UNDELIVERED’

The AliExpress message ‘Unsuccessful delivered: UNDELIVERED’ indicates that the order could not be delivered, the reasons for this are varied and are generally the responsibility of the post office of a country. There are countries that put certain restrictions on their customs for AliExpress.

When it comes to delivering AliExpress orders, there are several drawbacks when it comes to shipping. One of these is reflected with the message Unsuccessful delivered: UNDELIVERED while the order is being tracked. If you want to know about this, keep reading.

What is AliExpress ‘Unsuccessful delivered: UNDELIVERED’ error?

Maybe you have ever bought through the AliExpress platform and then this problem becomes familiar to you; But maybe you don’t even know what AliExpress is, much less know what this error is or how to fix it.

If the latter is your case, here we will introduce you to the matter shortly. In summary, AliExpress is a multinational e-commerce platform , it consists of a type of website where users offer and buy products at low cost all over the world.

Creating an account on AliExpress is all you have to do to start making commercial transactions , as well as having a payment method to interact with the customer or seller.

Purchases and shipments through this page are a constant trending topic in all the countries where AliExpress has coverage, having problems with the respective customs processes in the payment of taxes. 

When an AliExpress customer tracks their order on AliExpress, they may see the message ‘Unsuccessful delivered: UNDELIVERED’ and most likely it has to do with a customs problem , especially, due to the payment of import taxes.

What is the solution to AliExpress’s ‘Unsuccessful delivered: UNDELIVERED’ error?

The message of ‘Unsuccessful delivered: UNDELIVERED’ is a daily reason for annoyance for different AliExpress customers. It is a general problem in all countries, and it is in particular something related to this shipping platform.

As mentioned above, commercial transactions made through AliExpress are a matter between buyer and seller. The company as such is only in charge of communicating them and letting them trade with each other, hoping that they make a safe purchase.

For this reason, AliExpress often turns a blind eye regarding shipping payments, that is, it does not take care of the taxes required for importation.

This causes many problems to be generated in the customs of the countries, and in particular, it affects the process of sending the packages, giving the opportunity for the aforementioned error to appear.

The solution to ‘Unsuccessful delivered: UNDELIVERED’ has to do with the payment of taxes, so you should call the correspondence service of the country in question, and try to process the payment of taxes on your own, as well as send the respective papers and proof of purchase.

How can AliExpress orders be tracked?

If it is a purchase of less than 30 US dollars, they are not expected to charge import taxes, but when it is not, the safest thing to do is pay the commission or tax required by the country; and this so that the product finally goes to the correspondence offices and follows the follow-up process.

The tracking of a shipment or delivery on AliExpress is a simple process, and it can be done from the comfort of home. To track or follow up an order on AliExpress, you just have to go to the official website and use the shipping number.

It is recommended to pass this number through a tracking number converter, and this will return a code that must be used within the postal page of the corresponding country; In this way, the status of the shipment will appear and you will be able to know where the process is located.

For the peace of mind of the client regarding the sending of a package, it is good that he is advised with information about the best shipping options available on this online platform, in this way, there may be greater delivery security.


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