Do social sites really work? Find out which is the best!

our purchases, studies and entertainment are migrating more and more to the internet, why wouldn’t our relationships follow the same path? The social networking sites are gaining popularity rapidly in Brazil and creating curiosity of many people. But then people keep asking me: does signing up to a social networking site work for anyone who wants to find someone special?

In this post we will discover exactly that:

1. The pros and cons of a social networking site

2. The most accessed social networking sites in Brazil

3. Care before starting a relationship on the Internet

1. The pros and cons of social networking sites

The lack of opportunity to meet people outside of their social circle, shame and low self-esteem , lack of company with friends and laziness to fall at night are some of the most common reasons for women to stop looking for a partner in the conventional way. That’s where social networking sites come in.

The great advantage of this type of service is that they expand your geographic range and allow you to pre-filter characteristics that are essential in a partner for you. That’s because when you sign up for a social networking site you must complete a long questionnaire.

This information, according to the websites, is used by an algorithm to find the people that best suit you. After that, the website itself offers a list of suitors that are compatible with their characteristics and claims for the future.

But that’s where the controversy lives! Northwestern University researcher Eli Finkel has done a study on this phenomenon in recent years and said that a simple algorithm could not perform such a complex compatibility test that it depends on so many variables. For him, many factors are left out as: personal history, chemistry and intimate desires.

But this is already the second most common way in the world to start a relationship, according to a survey of psychologists at the University of Rochester – second only to meeting through mutual friends. For the head of researchers Harry Reis, the other methods are inefficient because they are unable to have a wide range of information beforehand, which facilitates the process of choosing partners.

To give you an idea, in the United States only the eHarmony social networking site is responsible for 4.8% of marriages in the entire country. There are an average of 542 unions made per day.

2. The most popular social networking sites in Brazil

Choosing a good social networking site is almost as complicated as choosing the ideal person. There are thousands of options on the market, so you have to take into account important aspects like security, monthly fees and privacy.

Another important point is the level of the questionnaire carried out by them: education, style, economic level, sexual preferences, religious issues (and if that is relevant), hobbies, among others. Remember that these are the questions that will be crossed in a database to suggest possible compatible candidates. So if he doesn’t have a large number of questions, be suspicious.

However, if the intention when entering a social networking site is not a long-term relationship, but just a date, some sites that do not require all of this information are more recommended, such as: C-Date and Be Sassy or even mobile apps like Tinder and Happen.

But if the option is for a more serious relationship, it is interesting to look:

– Perfect pair: It is one of the oldest in Brazil and very well rated. He suggests partners, shows who has seen your profile and has a chat system on the site itself.

– Eclipse Love: In addition to showing possible suitors, the site also promotes social events such as the “Clube dos Solteiros” in some cities so that you can meet the people you talk to live.

– Be2: Specializing in those looking for longer relationships, Be2 has a very advanced search system and a lot of credibility among users.

– eHarmony: The darling of the Americans also has a Brazilian version that has a questionnaire with 200 questions. It has its own algorithm to determine compatibility and is very popular.

3. Care before starting a relationship on the Internet

Despite being an interesting place to meet people, it is important to take some precautions before starting a relationship on the internet so as not to expose yourself to unnecessary dangers.

For example, search for as much information as you can from the person on other social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. So you can confirm some data and stories that the person passed you on the relationship website.

Prefer that the first meeting is in a public place and do not accept a ride to go there. Never pass your address on your first dates! A bar, restaurant or show are good options for breaking the ice and not having to worry. But always let someone know where you are going and, if possible, arrange a time for them to call you to confirm that everything is fine.

The social networking site really makes it easier to filter potential candidates, but that does not exempt you from taking any precautions. And on the day of your first date, don’t forget some surefire tips we’ve already given you to win over a man.

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