So you can easily create animated GIFs with your PowerPoint presentations

When carrying out a multimedia presentation, one of the programs that we usually use is the popular PowerPoint. This, as you know, is part of Microsoft’s Office office suite. It has a multitude of built-in functions, so now we will see how to create an animated GIF from PowerPoint .

Keep in mind that when we refer to the different office solutions that we can use, we have a choice. All and thus, the fact is that the most popular and used worldwide is said Office of Redmond. In it we find applications of the popularity of Word, Excel or PowerPoint, which is what we will focus on now.

Surely most of you have seen, or are, forced to edit and create texts with Word, a program that focuses on these works with text documents. The same happens with Excel, which does it with spreadsheets and numerical data. On the other hand, we find PowerPoint, a powerful software solution that allows us to create our own multimedia presentations.

Ways of use in which PowerPoint is essential

When we talk about PowerPoint, we actually mean a powerful solution that has been around for a good number of years. In this way, over time it has adapted to the needs of the majority and therefore today it can serve us in all kinds of environments and work modes. Among these we can find those related to education, through professional business projects, or even for leisure projects.

We have already told you, something that many of you will also already know, that this program focuses on the creation of customizable multimedia presentations through independent slides. Thus, PowerPoint puts at our disposal a good number of functions that facilitate these tasks to a great extent. And of course, in turn, it should be noted that we have at our fingertips a huge number of additional elements that we can use here.

Among these we can find objects such as graphics, photos, videos, tables, etc. As it is easy to imagine, all this will be very helpful when creating a much more complete multimedia project. Thus, in the presentation that we are creating, little by little we are adding slides that will be part of the set. But once we have finished with the project, it may be the case that we do not want to generate the usual native PPTX file of this program.

How to create an animated GIF with a PowerPoint 2016 presentation

With this, what we want to tell you is that, in certain circumstances, we might be interested in generating an animated GIF, for example. Thus we would obtain an animation that would be created from the slides that are part of the project as such. In addition, that would give us the opportunity to share that animated GIF through social networks, WhatsApp , etc.

Create and save multimedia presentation

Well, if the PC has the 2016 version of the office suite, and therefore PowerPoint, we will have to follow these steps. The first and fundamental thing will be to create the presentation with its corresponding slides , as we always do. Thus, little by little we are designing the project, whether of a greater or lesser scope. Say that the creation of this presentation, depending on its complexity, can take a few minutes, or several days.

The fact is that we will not be able to create, or at least it is not the most recommended, the animated GIF, until we have completely completed the presentation . Once it is completely finished, what we do is go to the File menu, and then click on Save as.

Once we have chosen the disk location where we are going to save the presentation, in the usual saving window, we take a look at the Type section. Here we find an extensive list of formats that are supported by the program. Therefore, in this specific case we opted for GIF Graphics Interchange Format.

With this what we really achieve is that PowerPoint generates a new folder in the disk location. Thus, it creates a separate GIF photographic file for each of the slides.

Create the animation with an external platform

Of course, in this sense PowerPoint 2016 cannot do more, so for this we will have to use a third-party platform to create the animated GIF. This is very simple, since we have the photo files created by the Microsoft program previously.

Therefore, there are many solutions of this type that we can use on the Internet today. An example is one of the best known, such as Giphy, which we access from this link .

Here we will only have to select the files created before and upload them to the web application so that the animated GIF is automatically created. We can already download it to use it wherever we need it.

Create an animated GIF with PowerPoint 365

On the other hand, in the case that we have a subscription to Office 365 , and therefore to PowerPoint 365, this task is much easier. Thus, as before in this case, the first thing we do is design the presentation as such until its completion. Here, slide by slide, we add all the elements we need, photos, transitions, graphics, texts, etc.

Once we have completed the project completely, we will be able to obtain the animated GIF, now directly, without intermediaries. To do this we go to the File menu . But in this case we opted for the Export option, where we find a button that says Create an animated GIF. It is evident that this is the one we are interested in using at the moment. In addition, PowerPoint itself allows us to specify the quality in which the animated GIF will be created, by default it is average. Similarly, we will have the opportunity to select a minimum number of seconds invested between each slide, all depending on the preferences of each one.

Once we’re done, PowerPoint will save the presentation as an animated GIF , which can take a few seconds.

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