This guide focuses on the silent walkthrough of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. To begin with, for the higher difficulty level, you must complete several easy or normal missions to unlock important skills and equipment.

I strongly recommend that you take the following skills:

– All improvements in the “Utilities” branch, which will allow you to plan your route in advance. You can mark each target, and in mask mode you will see enemies behind walls and other obstacles. It is very important!

– Be sure to unlock the Feline Grace and Light Equipment perks from the Movement tree.

– In some missions, you still have to give up your positions, which means to conduct an open battle. Therefore, such perks as “Ceramic coating” from the “Soldier” branch, “Combat intuition”, which allows you to secretly kill two enemies in a row, “Steel grip”, which allows you to eliminate heavily armored targets by killing from behind, are extremely important.

– Also, to increase stealth, take “Universal camouflage”, “Improved camouflage” and “Ghost”.

– Choose skills from the “Drone and Turret” and “Equipment and Gadgets” branches at your discretion.

Keep in mind that the silencer can only be fitted to light and medium sniper rifles. A flame arrester is installed on heavy ones, but its effectiveness in terms of suppressing noise is none. It just helps you hide the direction the weapon was fired from. The same silencers are installed on additional and personal weapons. You can also take a powerful bow as an additional weapon – by default, a silent weapon. For pistols, I recommend choosing something semi-automatic so that you can make several shots at once.

For other settings:

– If you are tired of watching cut-scenes with bullets flying during headshots (and not only), go to the “Options” menu. Here you can completely disable such cut-scenes (set “Off” in front of the “Bullet camera” item) or reduce the frequency of their operation (set the “Shot detail frequency” slider to a minimum).

Chapter “Gray Desert”

Educational task, so we will not dwell on it. Just do what the training system asks for. There are always all the necessary tips on the screen. Let me tell you briefly about the aiming system:

– You should always consider two things – distance and wind. You can measure the distance only with binoculars. Click on the T and mark all your goals. Then use the sniper rifle. Aiming at the marked enemy, you will see the distance to him. The important thing here is that your optics may not maintain the required distance. Therefore, you have to use the approximation. But don’t confuse it with the magnification you increase with the mouse wheel. Instead, you need to press the E key (or Q if you need to lower it). You will see the distance figures creep up. Set in the middle the distance that is as close as possible to the distance to the target. Voila!

– As for the direction and flow of the wind, everything is simple here. The optics will have a marker showing the distance to the target.

I also want to add on special ammunition:

– Each sniper rifle has one slot for regular and one for special ammunition by default. Through improvements (skills), you can unlock a third, additional one for special cartridges.

– To switch between conventional and special ammunition, use the Z key. In the lower right part of the screen, the amount of ammunition of a particular type is displayed, as well as which are currently in use. By clicking on Z, you will switch from one type to another. And you will see something like “loading”. When this load is complete, the ammo change will be confirmed and Raven will begin a standard reload.

– Armor-piercing cartridges are the best option for eliminating armored enemies. Shoot them straight in the head!

– Explosive on contact with something (obstacle or enemy) will explode.

– AGILE – simplify shooting in windy weather due to the fact that they completely ignore the gusts of this very wind.

– EMPs disable enemy equipment, such as turrets and security cameras, without attracting attention. This is the only way to get rid of the turret from a distance. In other cases, you will have to bypass it and hack it or look for a control panel.

– Bait – makes the enemy turn in the direction where the bullet hit.

– Trap – puts a beacon on the enemy, which can be followed even through walls.

Head of “Zinda Province”

Part 1

Target number one – Antvan Zarza, Rashida’s favorite general and quartermaster. In addition to other criminal activities, the Zarza clan is engaged in the arms trade. When Antvan goes to the next world, it will be much more difficult for Kwamar’s fighters to arm the militias.

Use drone actively for reconnaissance. But do not forget that for this you need to buy it in the “Equipment” menu.

All tasks start from the main point. Although, when you re-pass you will have access to additional entry points. Go up the mountain road and you will see an abandoned village. Two opponents will come out of the building. You can take a comfortable position opposite and shoot so as to hit both targets with one headshot. At the very top of the mountain path, there will be a hill with a lone enemy. But it is best to interrogate him by sneaking up behind and holding E. Interrogating any enemy will allow you to find out the location of other enemies in the nearest area. If you interrogate the enemy in this area again, the Raven will try to find out for supplies. I don’t know what the developers intended, but I never got new markers after that.

Scrub the area underneath. Moreover, this can be done with a rifle. Kill two talking enemies, one enemy at the tent at the bottom right, one enemy at the far tent, and one enemy patrolling the central territory. Then you wait for the officer and the last soldier to disperse, kill the soldier, and then the officer. You can also go down to the same location to interrogate the officer, but I also did not find any practical benefit from these interrogations. Although the tip of the training system says that officers can provide important information on the main mission.

Continue through the cave to take a sniper position. Interrogating the enemy will get you nowhere, so arm yourself with binoculars and mark all targets. One of them is Antvan Zarza. You can kill him in several ways. For example, wait for it to pass over the container and shoot at the mount. This will be an accident and will count as the elimination of the target without raising the alarm. Another option is to wait for Antvan to meet the merchant. When the merchant is on the territory, look to the right of the gate on the right side of the base. Previously, an armored personnel carrier stood under the building, but now it drove off. A panel is visible on the building. Shoot her to block the gate. Now neither Antvan nor the merchant will get away from you. They will meet inside one of the building with a slightly open gate. To open them completely shoot the panel on the right (by killing the enemy first). When the gate opens, you can hit both Zarza and the merchant with one shot.

Part 2

Your second target is the compromised SAS officer, Captain Ronald Payne. He is responsible for the tactical training of military personnel. Payne is now at the recruit training camp.

The last task is to disable the power supply of the satellite dishes. They are dangerous even without Novikov. Go right through the cave and the enemy base. Swim across the water to the left bank, climb the rocks and go through another cave with opponents. Keep left at the fork to get into the sniper position above the training camp with Ronald Payne. You can kill him in any way. At least shoot in the head right now. But it is much more interesting to lure him to the armored personnel carriers on the lifts, and then lower the lift, crushing the enemy.

Parts 3-4

Your final target is Colonel Fyodor Novikov, a Russian GRU agent sent here to oversee logistics and supplies.

Go back to the cave and turn left to find yourself in front of the base with satellite dishes. Here it is necessary to eliminate Fedor Novikov. You will have to lure Novikov out. Pay attention to buildings with numbers 1-1 and so on. there are four such buildings in total. Each has its own panel. Hit all four panels to disable both antennas. And you will see how Novikov goes to set up the system. Take the moment and eliminate the target.

Chapter “Mount Kwamar”

Part 1

The command is over, it’s time to take care of the money. Lars Helstrom has entrenched himself in Kwamar, who works for Rashida in exchange for protection from extradition. Remaining unpunished, he continues to plot and deal with everyone who did not please him. Governments, financial groups and corporations are suffering because of his machinations.

Once in the Citadel, get to the elevator and take the B1. Jump down to the B2 level platform or from B3 gradually descend to B2. Get to Lars. You can kill from a distance, but to complete the task you still have to search his corpse. This will give you the required key card.

Part 2

Its data center, the Citadel, is surrounded by devices to jam any external communication devices. While they are working, we will not be able to find out what he is doing. As well as relying on our intercoms.

This will be the starting point for the quest if you complete it for the first time. Follow the path, climb the tower and eliminate the sniper. There are many enemies below. You can, by the way, interrogate this sniper. Examine the map to find two targets. These are jammers. Get close to everyone. In the case of the nearest generator, everything is quite simple. Make sure to disable the turrets or go around them. then climb to the very top of the stairs inside the bunker and interact with the panel. Go to the back area and find another bunker. It is best to approach it from the left entrance. Return to the first bunker with the generator to see a tree that leads across the ravine and into the cave. Behind it is an open location with a third generator. If you don’t want to raise the alarm, you can go around the location in a circle, eliminating all the enemies. Preferably counterclockwise. Here, by the way, there will be an enemy who must be killed by order. This will provide additional money.

Do not forget to use reinforced optics, which can be purchased through the “Equipment” menu.

Part 3

Hellstrom’s money fuels the Rashida government, and his technical skills help isolate the country’s inhabitants from the rest of the world. A generation has already grown up there without access to foreign media and the Internet. Destroy the main satellite dish, and you will give local access to the worldwide network. The changes will not be long in coming.

When you get to the location of the antenna, look at it carefully. It has three small structures, inside of which discs with green lights rotate. You need to hit all three lights to turn off the structure. Arriving in the area, deal with the first one. Go to the far right side and shoot the light bulbs inside the second. There will also be a cable along which you can go down to the central building. Stand on the boxes on the right and destroy the light bulbs in the last structure. The antenna is disabled. Do not forget to use a breath hold, which also slows down the time.

Part 4

Lars’ servers inside the Citadel are equipped with a sophisticated water cooling system. Disabling the pumps will damage the motherboards.

There are three generators in total. They are highlighted in red. I recommend starting the cleanup from the right side of the location. Submerge yourself in the water and swim through the hole at the bottom to reach the metal platform with the first generator. Interact with him. If the water level drops, go down the stairs. If not, swim back. Run to the left zone, climb to the middle height and look for the second red generator under the tower. Disable it, go out and see a hole opposite, through which you can get to the middle structure. Climb up, eliminate the enemies at the turret and follow even higher to turn off the last generator. By the way, in the area with the second generator, there is a control panel for CCTV cameras on the wall on the right.

Part 5

You need to download as much data as possible, and then damage the rest by downloading the virus to the host computer. Once you eliminate Helstrom, you can use his keycard to access the host computer.

When you kill Helstrom (see above), search his corpse, take the key card and run to the elevator, on which you go down to level B4. Interact with the main computer, after clearing the entire hall. Then Nakamura will appear. Kill all the enemies and Nakamura, search her body and take the elevator up to level B0.

Head of “Tajmid Heights”

Part 1

We found Tahir. This is a journalist, he works for us. He is being held in a bunker in the Sahri Desert. They are actively interrogating, but not yet split. Tahir must be saved.

Only after killing Sanchez (read below) proceed to rescue Tahir. First, kill the enemy near the entrance to the place of his containment (near the building on the left, in the distance). Pre-use your binoculars to find and eliminate two snipers. Next, you will need to kill enemies who are on the path of Tahir. Separate them or fire two accurate shots in a row (there are several seconds after killing the first until the alarm is raised). And there are also a couple of moments when two enemies can be killed with one headshot. When you escort Tahir to the place with the armored personnel carrier and kill all the enemies, the mission will end.

Part 2

Your next target is Isabella Sanchez. She worked for the Colombian cartels for a long time, and now she is actively using the acquired skills. Rashida’s bodyguard and personal hitman. She is ordered to kill Tahir if he tries to escape.

The first step is to eliminate Sanchez. Once you spot her through your binoculars, you will have a couple of seconds to hit Isabella. If she enters the building, kill the officer at the entrance and wait for Sanchez herself to notice. She will come out of there, and you can kill her.

Part 3

Khan is the leader of the OOD. We believe that Rashida will adopt their tactics of terror: he will try to calm down his neighbors before they go over to a full-scale offensive. Whatever they are up to, they must be stopped.

Khan is in the same place as Dragovich. Go through the cave from the place of the elimination of Sanchez and the rescue of Tahir, take a sniper position (by the way, do not walk on the grass – there are mines) and identify both targets. Kill in any convenient way.

Part 4

Your second target is Zhivko Dragovic of the Zarza clan, an international arms and drug dealer with connections to the Serbian secret service. Looks like he’s going to sell short-range nuclear missiles here. It needs to be eliminated.

Zhivko is located in the same place as Hamza Khan. Go through the cave from the place of the elimination of Sanchez and the rescue of Tahir, take a sniper position (by the way, do not walk on the grass – there are mines) and identify both targets. Kill in any convenient way.

Part 5

The next target is the Sahil oil fields. Rashida confiscated them from an international oil company to keep her energy infrastructure running.

Move to the last place and shoot several barrels and devices for pumping oil. Not all equipment needs to be destroyed. Continue until your contact says that this is enough. And then go to the exit.

Head of “Rashida Kvalat”

Part 1

Your final target is Bibi Rashida. We’ve stripped her of her support, but she’s still desperate to maintain her position. She became the new president for life of Kwamar and resides in the presidential palace. Pay Madame President a visit.

When you have fairly searched the palace, which we talk about below, go to its far part, where there is a large antenna. Go right through the rooms with the pool and you will find yourself in the area with a helicopter and a helipad. Rashida stands at the opposite end of the stairs. Climb the hill and kill her. There is also one of the snipers in this tower.

Part 2 A

group of activists supporting Tahir was detained. Search the jail under the presidential palace. Find out if they are alive.

When you get to the palace, go inside through the side rooms along the left wall. Find the descent into the catacombs. You will fall into the water. Swim underwater through different doors. There is only one route. And then clean the corridors. In one of the cave rooms there is an enemy studying a laptop. When you kill him, be sure to check your laptop to make sure the hostages are dead.

Part 3

Rashida purchased several medium-range missiles. She received nuclear weapons from Dragovic, and even now that her main forces are defeated, they will help Rashida win any war. We tracked the missiles to storage facilities in the port of Hassam. Get in there and destroy them.

Get to the storage rooms. The nearest one is guarded by a turret. Kill the enemy, go down to the turret and sneak up behind it to disable it. Go to the building on the left. Watch out, there are cameras on the walls! Go up to the second floor and open the warehouse with the remote control at the right window (there will also be a lone enemy here). Go back downstairs and plant the explosives on the rockets inside the warehouse. Go to the far right part of the location, where there will be another warehouse. Climb inside from the water side where there are open windows. Install explosives on the car. Leave the building the same way and walk along the water to the right. On the concrete hill there is another batch of missiles (the same as in the first warehouse). Place the explosives and the mission will be completed.

Part 4

We still don’t know exactly where Dragovic got the nuclear weapons from. But the missiles were transported through a depot near the port. Try to find some information at the trucking office.

The best way to enter the depot is through the hole in the wall on the left. You are interested in the building on the far right. But first you have to kill the officer to get his key card. Together with her, go up the steps outside the building to the second floor and open the door with the combination lock to get the invoice (lying on the table).

Part 5

The convoy carrying guidance systems was attacked by the rebels. Now all the cars are gathering dust at the bottom of the ravine. If you can find the control chip, we will find out against whom Rashida wanted to use her weapon.

If you are completing the task for the first time, then this will be the closest goal. Kill the enemies near the bottom of the truck. Go down and search the container half submerged in water. Inside it, on the box, is the chip you need.

Chapter “Malad Wadi”

Part 1

We have intercepted a message: an enemy agent is operating in Kwamar. The agent’s identity is unknown, but we do know that he is in a village near the airport. We also know that he is a heavy smoker, and smoking kills.

Get to the tower, kill enemies, and then use binoculars to identify three targets. They all look the same – bald men in suits. Keep an eye on them. One of the targets will climb to the house, lean against the railing and light a cigarette. It’s a liaison. Kill an enemy with an accurate headshot.

Part 2

It looks like we were wrong about Tahir. His actions following the seizure of the presidential palace are of concern. It looks like our friends from the East were the first to reach Tahir, and now he works for them. The double agent is jeopardizing our entire plan at Kwamar. Remove his supervisor, and then make sure Tahir gets what he deserves, too.

After eliminating the connected, move to the right to a new point. Kill enemies along the way, take a sniper position and watch out for Tahir, who is sitting in his pickup. He will talk to two armored enemies. Wait for them to disperse and shoot Tahir. Or a little later, when he approaches his transport.

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