Sniffing jasmine is as relaxing as taking an anxiolytic

Plants and flowers decorate our home, patio and garden, while providing incredible health benefits. Meet the benefits of jasmine.If you need to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by routine, try to avoid anxiolytic consumption because they cause dependence. In its place, one of the most effective ways to achieve emotional and mental tranquility is to smell some rich jasmine.

When we are very stressed, because of worries or an exhausting routine, it is often difficult for us to relax and fall asleep. In many cases, most people turn to the doctor and consume remedies and anxiolytics to sleep.

But it is not always necessary to resort to these types of solutions, which although they have immediate effects on the symptoms, can generate contraindications after an extended period of consumption.

Studies published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry conducted with brain scans revealed that smelling the fragrance of jasmine increases the effects of the chemical GABA on nerve cells, responsible for relieving anxiety and promoting rest.

In the study they tested an amount of more than 100 fragrances to determine their effect on GABA receptors and found that jasmine increased the effect of GABA more than five times compared to other essences.Its effect was as strong as that produced by sedatives, sleeping pills and relaxants that are mass consumed and always cause some type of side effect.

“We have discovered a new class of GABA receptor modulator that can be administered through the air we breathe,” Professor Hanns Hatt of Ruhr University told The Telegraph.

Aromatherapy specialists have long used it as a natural remedy for many ailments and conditions, such as:

  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Fatigue.
  • Menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms.
  • It also acts as an aphrodisiac.

The jasmine in addition to having a delicious aroma, brightens the environments of the house, oxygenates and improves air quality.It is essential to maintain well oxygenated environments because many researchers found a direct relationship between stress and oxygen levels, demonstrating that an environment with many toxins generates anxiety and stress in people.Therefore, if you don’t have jasmine, start growing them right now. You can also buy at very low cost the corsages at the time of flowering that in Argentina goes from October to December.

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