Smart TV VPN. How to install it

Thanks to new technologies, streaming is now also available directly on the TV.
With the advent of televisions connected directly to the internet, in technical jargon Smart TV , today it is possible to watch your favorite TV series and movies comfortably seated on the sofa.
We’ll talk specifically about Samsung smart TV VPNs and how critical they are to your online security.

Unfortunately, just like mobile devices and computers, geographic restrictions apply the same. Then the same and usual problem arises of not being able to watch your favorite TV series because in which country there is geo-blocking.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution that takes just a minute to install, which is the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

With the use of the VPN Smart TV you will also be able to access the catalog of your streaming platform limited to the geographical location. Furthermore, with the VPN on Smart TV you can surf in complete safety, without the fear of your data being stolen and in total privacy.

In this article you will find all the useful information on how to use the VPN for Smart TV , practical advice and everything that could be beneficial.

Contents of the article

  • Is the Smart TV VPN required? Let’s be clear
  • The essential features in a VPN Smart TV
  • Quick guide to the installation of the VPN for Smart TV
  • The best Smart TV VPNs to use
  • Samsung Smart TV VPN: which ones to use?
  • Conclusions

Is the Smart TV VPN required? Let’s be clear

Online streaming services always offer a rich catalog with lots of TV series and movies.
But one thing annoys users all over the world a lot, geo-blocking. In fact, the large paid platforms such as Netflix and HBO Go vary the catalog according to the country in which you are located.

In fact, the situation arises in which an Italian citizen cannot see the US catalog, and the Japanese citizen cannot see the contents of the Russian catalog and so on.
It is a very annoying feeling, especially for those who for work or personal reasons are forced to move to a country other than their own and can no longer watch their favorite TV series!

This limitation not only applies to portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also to computers and TVs!

The only way to get around the problem is to use a Smart TV VPN which, by connecting to a server in a certain country, returns you an IP address capable of making you appear geographically in a different position than where you really are.

By doing so, the streaming platform you connect to will “position” you in America, for example, and not in Italy. Here is the great advantage of using a VPN on Smart TV .

The essential features in a VPN Smart TV

Not all VPNs for Smart TVs are the same. It is essential to choose a reliable one that guarantees the overcoming of the block. In fact, some streaming sites, when they come into contact with non-high quality VPNs, can cause problems causing errors that will prevent you from accessing the streaming service.
In addition, some Smart TV VPN models do not have the app or are still not powerful enough to bypass the block.

So here is the decalogue of the VPN on Smart TV of excellence, the one that characterized by all the points will guarantee you a fast and safe blocking service. A suitable VPN for your Smart TV must:

  • Having a very large server network, so you can choose from the many available that correspond to the different countries of the world, bypassing the geoblock. Not all VPNs have tons of servers;
  • The speed must be high, so as to connect without problems and enjoy the streaming without blocks or slowdowns in the video. To understand which VPN for Smart TV to choose, choose those that have obtained a high score in speed tests;
  • Be related to functions used for streaming, such as automatic settings or integrated directly into the server, to the functionality of being supported even on devices that do not “get along” with the VPN;
  • Having the Android app available to be installed directly on the Smart TV;
  • Be compatible with routers, in case the Smart TV doesn’t work with VPN apps. An excellent additional service is the assistance for the customer during the setup phase;
  • Guarantee high security to the user, with inviolable encryption service. Privacy must always be ensured, even if it is not an essential service for the Smart TV. But in most cases, the best Smart TV VPNs are the ones with the best security systems.

Quick guide to the installation of the VPN for Smart TV

The installation of the VPN for Smart TV is very simple. After choosing the one you prefer, you will need to proceed as follows:

  • Download the VPN app directly on the Smart TV by accessing the television interface;
  • Once downloaded, simply install it;
  • If your TV does not allow you to install and support the app, then set up the VPN directly on your routeror create a shared virtual connection on your pc;
  • Select the server you prefer based on geographic location;
  • The VPN on Smart TV will start automatically and will work autonomously by eliminating geographical blocks.

The best Smart TV VPNs to use

Express VPN

ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 servers with 160 locations in 94 countries around the world. It is super fast and ensures smooth streaming without blockages for customers. This is also among themost popular VPNs on Smart TVs .


ExpressVPN Free for Smart TVs

You can install ExpressVPN on your Smart TV and take advantage of the refund WITHOUT questions or without giving reasons if you cancel within the first 30 days, even after subscribing. Here is the trick for you readers of

It also has the Android app that you can download directly from the tv interface. It can also be configured easily from the router, thanks to the custom firmware.

One of the features that distinguishes it from other virtual private networks is the MediaStreamer functionality, which can be activated directly from the website. There’s also 24/7 customer support for ExpressVPN.



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Nord VPN

NordVPN is one of the best Smart TV VPNs . In fact, it has 5400 servers in over 60 countries around the world.
With this Virtual Private Network you will be able to access the complete catalogs of Netflix, HBO GO, BBC and all the main streaming services.
According to users, it is the first in the ranking and boasts the best reliability among all services.

It features an Android application , so you can install it directly and very quickly on any TV with Android TV system.

It supports 256-bit encryption and has the best OpenVPN protocol, which results in browsing history and 100% hidden content.

Customer service for installation assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via live chat. It also has a thirty day money back guarantee.



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CyberGhost is no exception ! This Smart TV VPN in addition to working on devices with Android TV is also available for Fire OS. It has more than 3600 servers spread around the world and guarantees a great profile for smooth streaming.
It boasts strong encryption and can be installed on different routers. Customer support is guaranteed as well as a 45-day money back guarantee.


CyberGhost VPN

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Among the latest generation premium Smart TV VPNs there is one still in its infancy but which has already made its way among the giants of the sector, it is SurfShark . It has the big advantage of only costing € 1.85 per month (the cost of a coffee per month): fantastic to be honest, which I have exploited myself.
It is very popular because it is versatile and works on all Smart TVs. It can be used both directly with the application and with the router configuration, in case the TV does not support the app.

Users like it a lot because it allows them to bypass the geo-blocking of Netflix and give free access to the catalog of all countries. It can also be used simultaneously on as many devices as you want.
It has a low cost and an excellent quality / price ratio . Customer service is always active.


Surfshark VPN

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Samsung Smart TV VPN: which ones to use?

One of the best Samsung Smart TV VPNs is the very young SurfShark. Installation is simple and requires a few steps to work, ideal even for the less practical.

The first thing to do to use Samsung Smart TV VPN go directly to the Play Store via the television remote control. Now:

  • In the search bar of the Play Store type “SurfShark” and then ok;
  • Among the results that appeared, select the one you are looking for and click on “install”;
  • The installation of the application will start automatically;
  • Once the installation is complete, enter your login credentials;
  • Choose the server you prefer based on personal needs;
  • Browse freely, access to catalogs previously blocked by geo-location will be automatically accessible;

VPN for Samsung Smart TVs without AndroidTv

Not all Samsung TVs are equipped with AndroidTv, it may be a feature of older models. In these situations it will be impossible to change the IP address, but thanks to Surfshark there is a solution.
The first thing to do is to configure the fundamental SmartDNS to have a VPN for Samsung Smart TVs without AndroidTV:

  • Go to the official Surfshark website and log in by entering your credentials;
  • Click on “devices”;
  • Scroll the bar down to the SmartDNS option;
  • Make sure your IP address is on the page;
  • Click on “Activate”;
  • Wait a few minutes for the service to activate, the writing will turn green;
  • Now you will have the DNS available for the TV.

The next step to use the VPN for Samsung Smart TV on TVs without AndoridTv is to enter the SmartDNS obtained from the website above.
Access the Samsung settings menu:

  • Go to “general” and press ok;
  • Positioned with the arrows on the item “network” and then on “network status”;
  • A screen will appear and you will need to press the “Settings” button. IP “;
  • Use the arrows to reach the item “Settings. DNS ”and“ enter manually ”;
  • Go to the “DNS Server” item and enter the DNS address 1 you obtained earlier on the VPN website;
  • Press the “connect” button and it’s done.


With the use of VPN Smart TV you will finally be able to see your favorite TV series that is not available in the catalog here in Italy. With a small monthly subscription and the simple installation of the application, all you have to do is sit on the sofa and access the main streaming services.

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