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Electronic document management allows you to facilitate and speed up many work processes. However, with all the variety of tools available on the Internet, it is difficult to choose the right one. For example, there are a number of applications that allow you to edit, compress, combine, and sign PDF files. Today we will look at one of them – the Smallpdf application developed in Switzerland .

Set of tools

Smallpdf offers 21 tools for working with PDF files.

Compress PDF

This tool allows you to reduce the size of your PDF document online. Scan files can be compressed up to 144 dpi, which is great for uploading to the Internet and e-mailing. The size limit for the uploaded file is 5 GB, which allows you to work with rather large volumes.

PDF converter

With the converter, you can convert files to and from PDF format. The application works with Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF formats. Reverse Conversion converts documents from PDF to Word, Excel, PPT or JPG – Smallpdf always creates exactly JPG files, even if the images in the document were originally in other formats. To successfully convert PDF files to other formats, the platform has partnered with market-leading developer Solid Documents.

PDF editor

The PDF editor allows you to add text, images, shapes, or drawings to a PDF file.

The interface here is also pretty easy to use – just upload a PDF document – and you can edit it using the toolbar.

Remove pages from a PDF file

With this tool, you can easily swap, rotate or delete pages. To do this, it is enough to load the file into the workspace, and then select and delete unnecessary pages from it, simply by hovering over them and clicking on the trash can icon.

Page numbering in a PDF file

This tool allows you to number the pages of a PDF document with just a few clicks – a header and footer to choose from.

Rotate the PDF file

This tool allows you to rotate the PDF file to the right, left or upside down – as many pages as required.

Combine PDFs

To combine multiple PDF files into one document, all you have to do is load the pages into the workspace, arrange them in the desired order – or delete individual pages – and click the Combine PDF button. In addition, this tool allows you to add additional PDFs and combine everything into one document.

Splitting a PDF file

This tool allows you to instantly split PDFs into separate pages or extract specific pages and save them as new PDF documents. You can also add pages from multiple PDF files here. There is a convenient preview function here, in which you can select the desired pages by scrolling with the mouse, or simply by entering the page numbers to be retrieved.

Signing PDFs

With the eSign tool, you can easily add signatures to your document. This tool offers the ability to timestamp eIDAS compliant timestamps, track signatures chronologically by different participants and, most importantly, invite others to electronically sign the document. In the eSign tool, a maximum of 100 people can request an electronic signature at the same time. All specified participants will receive a letter with a link, following which they can sign a document in PDF format – for this they only need access to the Internet.

Removing protection from PDF

All you have to do is upload a password-protected PDF file to the app and it will be unprotected in seconds. However, if the file has complex encryption, then it will be possible to open it only after entering the correct password.

PDF protection

In contrast, this tool allows you to protect PDF files with a password that cannot be deleted. All you need to do is upload a file, set a password, and download an encrypted document. Passwords are removed from the cloud as soon as you finish working with the file. Plus, Smallpdf’s password is really hard to decrypt from a regular computer.


To work with files in the Smallpdf application, you do not need to download or install anything on your device. Smallpdf is a browser application that works equally well in all popular browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

In addition, this application is suitable for any platform regardless of operating system – Mac, Windows and Linux.

But, of course, users are offered different types of subscriptions (both paid and free), which give subscribers different options.

The free version offers access to all the tools in the app, but only the basic functionality. It also allows you to process no more than two documents per day.

In the paid Pro version, processing of any number of documents, customer support, and storage of files in the cloud are available. It also provides access to advanced tool functions (for example, the ability to reduce the document by 75% instead of the standard 40%, and digital security printing on signatures). In addition, there are versions for user groups and for business.


Working with PDF files takes place on Smallpdf cloud servers, in other words, the resources of a computer, laptop or other user’s device are not consumed. Moreover, all processes and files at each stage of work are protected by SSL encryption. This level of security guarantees the confidentiality of documents and electronic signatures – no one else will gain access to them. In addition, for security reasons, Smallpdf stores files uploaded to application servers for no more than an hour.

Of course, Smallpdf is one of the many applications on the market, and the free version, limited to two documents per day, is more suitable for one-time use than regular work. Monthly subscription Pro gives you the opportunity to use all the functionality of the tools without restrictions. In general, the security level of the application is equally high for all users, which allows you not to worry about data leaks.


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