Skoda Citigo G-Tec: price and specifications

Skoda Citigo G-Tec was born on the platform shared with Volkswagen Up! and Seat Mii , and is the methane version of the Skoda Citigo, excellent for those looking for an economy car with low running costs. Here are its salient features.

Skoda Citigo G-Tec: design and interior

Skoda Citigo G-Tec is the methane-fueled subcompact of the Czech manufacturer, which comes with a young design and ideal measures for city driving (length of 3.60 meters).

In general, the main lines are identical to those of the two Volkswagen Up! and Seat Mii, but the front differs for the optical groups, the mask with the symbol of the Czech company and a different bumper shield.

Internally, the Citigo offers 4 comfortable seats and a 213-liter trunk, with a sober and almost austere interior that does not excel for the quality of the finishes and the refinement of the materials, but is practical and resistant.

The infotainment system, positioned on the upper part of the dashboard and removable like a normal navigator, is also practical and allows you to keep fuel consumption under control.

Skoda Citigo G-Tec: engines and performance

The engine of the Skoda Citigo G-Tec is a 68 horsepower 1.0 three-cylinder petrol engine with dual petrol-methane fuel system: the cylinders (12 kg / 72 liters) are positioned in front of the rear axle (34 liters) and under the boot floor. (38 liters), and join the 10 liter petrol tank to make you really save a lot on running costs.

With its 570 km of combined autonomy (350 methane + 220 benizine) it is the 2019 gas car that consumes the least of all: we are talking about 3.45 kg / 100 km.

Despite the cylinders, Citigo methane reaches a maximum speed of 165 km / h, but acceleration 0-100km / h takes place in 16.3 seconds.

Skoda Citigo: prices and equipment

The fittings included in the Skoda Citigo G-Tec price list are 3, Active , Ambition and Style .

Among the standard accessories offered by Skoda in this version of Citigo you will find on-board computer, bluetooth connection, automatic climate control, touch screen multifunction display, ventilated disc brakes, airbags, CBC cornering braking control system, distance control system rear parking with radar and android auto mobile integration.

The Citigo petrol-methane bifuel variant is also equipped with Start & Stop and a kinetic energy recovery system during braking.

The natural gas proposal of Skoda Citigo offers a price list starting from 12,020 euros for the basic 3-door version , which goes up to 12,690 for the intermediate Ambition and 13,860 for the top of the Style range .


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