Six production business ideas that can generate high returns on low investment

Production businesses are the most profitable businesses in the world . To start these businesses, it is best to do capital entertainment. But if these businesses can be built once they have the potential to generate huge profits. However, an appropriate concept is the key to businesses involved in production.

There are plenty of ideas for businesses involved in production around the world. But with the ideas we give you, you can easily start a production business with less investment and make better profits. Below are the idea of ​​4 manufacturing businesses that can make more profit with less investment.

Furniture or furniture manufacturing business

Furniture is a much needed item for home, school and business organizations. Everyone buys chairs, tables, beds, sofas, wardrobes, etc. for their own needs. You can set up a factory and start making these furniture. You can set up this factory at an estimated cost of Rs. It’s a profitable business idea.

Clothing production

Fashion awareness among people of all ages is increasing day by day. The demand for different garments is increasing at that rate. But it can be assured that this demand will never end. So in the world of manufacturing, the garment manufacturing business is a fruitful business idea. You can set up a factory and start producing garments by hiring skilled workers. You can get a lot of profit by selling your products to local and foreign companies. Know when is the best time to start a business ?

Leather related products manufacturing business

Leather products are always a great demand. Leather is one of the country’s major national assets. And with this leather many essential products like bags, shoes, belts etc. are made. If you want, you can start producing such products by setting up a factory with common parts. And to start this business may require an investment of approximately Tk 2-3 lakh.

Production of stationery products at school or office

Every day in the school or office, various stationery products such as pen, file, pencil, rubber, sharpener, etc. are required. If you want to start a production business by making such stationery products. This is a high-demand low-end business idea.

Production of automobile parts

At present, the automotive industry is regarded as an emerging industry. All spare parts are assembled and a motor vehicle is made. If you have good business acumen and enough money you can start this business. There is no saying that all parts of this motor vehicle must be manufactured. Instead, you can manage this business well by producing special parts. To start this business, you will need to invest an estimated Tk 20 lakh lakh.

Fertilizer production

Since we live in an agricultural country, most of the people here are involved with agriculture. So if you have experience with different drugs or fertilizers, you can set up a fertilizer factory. Starting this business at a small scale can be gradually expanded. Starting this business may require a starting capital of Rs.

Production of sports related products

In our country, sports are a popular entertainment medium for people of all ages. You can set up a factory and start producing small sports products. You can manage this business by producing products such as tennis balls, bats, carts, football, etc. This might be a good business idea.

Toy production

Toys are extremely popular for all kids. If you want, you can set up a business in your factory by preparing all these kids toys. And you can supply your products in different places of the country. You can start this business with less entertainment. This business has the potential to generate more profit.

Handmade biscuits and chocolate production

There are many people who can make their own delicious national food items like biscuits, cakes, chocolates. If you are one of them, you too can start producing these products on a commercial basis. If you want, you can manage this business by providing all kinds of biscuits in your factory to customers as per their demand. Moreover, you can set up a bakery in your home and start this business. Some important tips for starting a business successfully .

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