Single Administrative Document (SAD) – What is the SAD?

The Single Administrative Document (SAD) is a customs document that companies importing or exporting must complete.

Completing the single administrative document is a customs formality for your company, just like obtaining the EORI number .

In English, the single administrative document is referred to as the single administrative document .

What is the single administrative document (SAD) used for?

The single administrative document is primarily used by customs authorities. It allows them to carry out the customs clearance procedure.

For businesses, the SAD is part of the customs declaration, whether it is an export or an import.

What does SAD contain?

The SAD summarizes the content of the export or import.

Thus, the value of the exported / imported goods, their quantities, detailed contents and other details such as delivery conditions and transport costs are indicated therein.

Details of the identity of the shipper and receiver of the goods are also included.

How to download the DAU?

The SAD form can be downloaded in PDF format for free online, in PDF format from the French customs website , or in XLS format (Excel file) from the European Commission website .

How to fill out and send the SAD?

Two options are available to you if you wish to complete and send the single administrative document: the paper option and the online option, via the DELTA platform.

The customs service provides a detailed guide for completing the single administrative document.

If the SAD is in paper version, it must be delivered in person or by post to the customs service. With the electronic version, it will be automatically sent to customs via the DELTA platform.

Single administrative document (SAD) and dematerialization of customs formalities

Like many administrative formalities that affect the daily life of the company, customs formalities will gradually be dematerialized.

Thus, from January 1, 2021, it will no longer be possible to carry out customs formalities by mail and in paper version, they will have to be carried out online from the DELTA customs platform.

This will signal the end of the paper version of the Single Administrative Document (SAD).


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