How We Can Send Silent Massages By Eyes,Face And Body?

You can send Silent Massages By Eyes,Face And Body.Listeners are understandably confused when a speakers nonverbal cues contradict the verbal message. Let’s look more closely at the powerful effect eye contact. facial expressions, posture, and gestures have on communication.

How We Can Send Silent Massages By Eyes,Face And Body?

Silent Massages By Eye contact.

The eyes have been called the “windows to the soul.” Even if communicators can’t look directly into the soul. they consider the eyes to be the most accurate predictor of a speaker’s true feelings and attitudes. Most of us cannot 100k another person straight in the eyes and lie. As a result. we tend to believe people who look directly at us. We have less confidence in—and actually distrust—those who cannot maintain eye contact, Sustained eye contact suggests trust and admiration; brief eye signifies fear or stress.

Good eye contact enables the message sender to determine if a receiver is paying attention, showing respect, responding favorably distress. From the receiver’s perspective good eye contact reveals the speakers sincerity, confidence, and truthfulness. Since eyes contact is a learned skill. however, you must be respectful of people who do not maintain it. Yon must also remember that nonverbal cues. including eye contact. have different meanings in various cultures.

Silent Massages By Eyes,Face And Body 5 Facts You Must Know

Facial expression Silent Massages.

The expression On a communicator’ face can be almost as revealing of emotion as the eyes. Researchers estimate that the human face can display over 250,000 different expressions. Although a few People can control these expressions and maintain a poker face” when they want to hide their feelings. most Of us display our emotions openly. Raising or lowering the eyebrows. squinting the eyes. swallowing nervously, clenching the jaw. smiling broadly— these voluntary and inoluntary facial expressions supplement or entirely replace verbal messages.

Posture and gestures. 

An individuals general posture can convey anything from high status and self confidence to shyness and submissiveness. Leaning toward a speaker suggests attraction and interest; pulling or shrinking buck denotes fear, distrust and disgust.

Similarly. gestures can communicate entire thoughts via simple movements. However. these nonverbal communicators may have different meanings in different cultures and can get you into trouble unless you know what the local customs are. In the United States. for example. forming the thumb and forefinger in a circle everything’ 0K. In Germany and parts of South America the 0K sign is an obscene reference. In England and Scotland tapping the nose says “You and I are in the secret.” In Wales it means “You’re really nosy. – In Holland pointing a finger at your forehead “How clever’.

Tuning in on nonverbal messages requires an awareness ‘if their existence and an appreciation of their importance _ To take stock of how effective are in non verbal communication, ask a classmate to critique your use of eye contact. facial expressions, and body movements. Another Way to analyze nonverbal style is to videotape yourself making a presentation and study your performance. This way you can make sure your nonverbal cues send the same message as your words.

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