Signs of middle age crisis – and the benefits of middle age

You usually joke about men who leave their wives for younger variants, buy a Porsche and start at the gym when they are 45 years old. And women who suddenly take a big step backwards and start dressing more challenging, go to all the courses that are available and are deeply tired of the old man at home who never wants to do anything other than watch TV.

But is it true? Is it like this to suddenly realize that you have lost some of the energy in the steps and are desperately trying to get back to a younger edition of yourself. Yes and no.

Here are some proven signs of a middle-aged crisis:

People are starting to become more interested in health
Articles about health and new findings suddenly become much more interesting. New health trends to follow can become almost like a religion for some middle-aged people.

You buy yourself a little younger
Surveys have been done so it is true that many men like to buy a more expensive car and many women spend more money on beauty products, above all perhaps some intervention – as a direct result of old age.

You start asking yourself new things
“Is this all?” “Should I really live with this person for the rest of my life?” “Why am I doing this?” “Who am I?”

You compare yourself more with more successful friends and younger colleagues
You may start to wonder why you have not come further and why he / she did it. One can become jealous of younger colleagues’ ability to absorb news and of their energy. You can start to feel overwhelmed.

You realize that time goes fast and that it has gone so fast
Suddenly one day it strikes you that it has been three years since that happened. Where did time go? And then you get anxiety that time just rolls on without you seeing where it went.

You take a course, or three
Now it is urgent to realize yourself. Everything you should have done but not done comes as a slap in the face. Play guitar? Why did it never happen? Going to Australia with just a backpack? What got in the way? Learning Spanish? The thoughts go around in your head until they calm down and end up ordering the course catalog and forgetting to open it when it arrives.

One wonders what happened to all of
Facebook becomes a source for tying together history by becoming friends with some from the past.

You want a simpler life
The technical development and speed can be frightening. You can start longing back to how it was before (that is, about ten years ago when you yourself mocked middle-aged people for inertia).

And a few short quick ones:

  • You realize that you will never be able to pay off the loan
  • You realize that the last friend you made was more than twenty years ago
  • You start nagging about the past
  • The decay in the mirror is examined more and more
  • You want to make the world a better place
  • You look at old pictures and remember more often
  • You book a place at the concert for the reunion of the old favorite band
  • You worry about calls from your parents
  • You change radio station to older favorites
  • You go back to places where you played as a child
  • You worry about your pension – will anyone be there?
  • You read about people who die and above all why they died
  • You compare your appearance with others of the same age with mixed results
  • You dye gray hair or look in horror at how thin it has become
  • You stop telling about your age
  • You start with vitamins
  • You keep track of disease symptoms and look for the answer online
  • One begins to notice that politicians and business leaders are younger
  • You are covered for a whole weekend after a party night on Friday
  • There is concern that someone younger will come and compete with one at work
  • You exert yourself immediately when you start training
  • You feel the body
    Yes, those were words and no songs, but if we are to take the benefits then – so you do not have to leave this site with a bitter taste in your mouth.

    Here they come: The benefits of middle age:

    Less responsibility
    If you have children, they are probably so big that you avoid the responsibility for them more and more. You can become a freer individual, think more about yourself and … well, sell everything you have, resign from your job and go abroad (ie if you have planned for it before).

    More time for self-realization
    You can stop dreaming about that Spanish course or your dream of changing jobs. You can take risks now. Just do it.

    You are more stable on earth
    As a young person, everything is so uncertain. Now comes the age when you can ignore a lot like you did before because you felt you had to.

    You know what you think
    At this age, you can prioritize safer. You know what you want and the only thing that stands between you and what you want is your own actions.

    You’ve landed
    Lots of surveys show that middle-aged people are happier than younger people. You are easier to accept yourself for who you are and do not have to hide behind a mask

    You are not too old to do new things
    There is almost nothing you can not do now and if you just get started you will see that it is so.

    You do not take things as seriously
    You have been for a while and have experience to lean on when the wind is light. You know how to handle almost any situation.

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    You get a new relationship with your children
    With older children comes a rich time in life where you are more like a friend than a strict parent who says that “sweets are only eaten on Saturdays”. Now you can follow and support your children’s journey.

    You will get a happy surprise
    It is called grandchildren and is something amazing to look forward to.

    You can become your own role model
    Instead of being the good example all the time – in the eyes of your children and society, you can start ignoring things you do not want and do more of what you want. You do not have to pretend that you like things that you do not like.

    You can spend more money on yourself
    What do you want – better wine, nicer clothes, nicer trips than Bamseklubben? Now is the time to burn more money on good things and to have fun.

    PSBy the way, I think there is a charm with all ages, that’s what you have to understand. What’s best about the age I’m at now? is the question to ask yourself to avoid getting caught up in crises.

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