13 Proven Medication for Shortness of Breath

There are many shortness of breath medications to choose from, from natural ones to pharmacies. Shortness of breath or in the medical world known as dyspnea is an uncomfortable condition that makes it difficult for someone to enter air into the lungs. Some people may experience shortness of breath suddenly in a short amount of time. What is the most effective medicine?

How to Overcome Shortness of Breath (Natural)

1. Consumption of Black Coffee

The first way to deal with shortness of breath is to consume black coffee. Drinking black coffee can help overcome shortness of breath because the caffeine in it can reduce fatigue in the muscles in the airways.

However, it is important to remember that drinking too much coffee can increase a person’s heart rate. The best step is to pay attention to caffeine intake when trying this method.

2. Consumption of Ginger

Consumption of ginger drink can help reduce breathlessness caused by respiratory infections. A study shows that ginger is effective in fighting Respiratory Syncytial Virus ( RSV), a common cause of respiratory tract infections.

3. Take a deep breath

The next way to get rid of natural shortness of breath that you can try is to breathe deeply through your stomach. This method must be done by:

  • Try to lie down while putting your hands on your stomach.
  • Breathe deeply through your nose. Allowing the stomach to expand wide makes the lungs filled with air.
  • Hold your breath for a few seconds.
  • Then exhale slowly through your lips for a count of four.
  • Repeat this method for overcoming chest tightness for 10 minutes.

This method can be done several times a day or as often as individuals experiencing shortness of breath.

4. Breathe with the Lips

Another way to deal with shortness of breath that can help is breathing with the lips. This method helps reduce shortness of breath by slowing down the rate of breathing especially those caused by anxiety.

Breathing with the lips must be done by:

  • Sit upright in a chair with your shoulders in a relaxed position.
  • Tighten both lips as if you are going to whistle.
  • Inhale through the nose in a few seconds.
  • Inhale slowly and gently through the pursed lips to the count of four.
  • Continue to inhale and exhale this way for 10 minutes.

You can try to overcome this shortness of breath at any time and repeat it throughout the day until the condition improves.

5. Inhalation of Hot Steam

Inhaling hot steam can help keep a person’s nasal cavity clean, so you  can breathe more easily. Heat and water vapor can break down mucus in the lungs, which may reduce shortness of breath.

Some things that must be prepared are:

  • Fill the bowl with hot water.
  • Add a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil .
  • Put your face on a bowl, with a towel over your head.
  • Take a deep breath, breathe in the steam.

6. Improve Air Quality Around

Breathing will feel lighter if fresh and clean air enters your house or car. Maintaining the amount of dust and pet hair at home also plays an important role to maintain air quality.

If you feel short of breath like being near someone who smokes, get away as soon as possible. To reduce the temperature in the room, you can try sitting in front of the fan.

7. Using Moisturizers Air ( Humidifier )

If the air in the house is too dry, you can use an air humidifier / humidifier . Humid air produced by this humidifier can make breathing feel lighter. Also make sure to always keep the humidifier clean because if it is dirty it can accommodate fungus or bacteria that can trigger allergies / asthma.

8. Controlling Stress

Another way to deal with shortness of breath is to control stress, you can do things like yoga, pray, or meditation. These practices can be incorporated into daily activities to make breathing more optimal.

Massage therapy is a great way to deal with shortness of breath to improve mood and overall health. A study revealed that with massage therapy, stress hormone / cortisol levels will be reduced, while levels of serotonin and dopamine (two neurotransmitters that trigger happiness) increase after a massage.

9. Acupressure or Acupuncture

Some experts say that acupressure and acupuncture can help some people who feel shortness of breath. Both practices focus on the meridians and body acupressure points to optimize energy flow and release airway blockage.

How to Overcome Shortness of Breath Medical (Shortness of Breath)

Now that you know several ways to deal with natural shortness of breath as above, please note that handling shortness of breath depends on lung function and overall health status. From there, usually the doctor will recommend certain medicines. Here are some steps that can be done, including:

10. Medicines

If shortness of breath is caused by an asthma attack or COPD exacerbation, shortness of breath medications that can be used are bronchodilators and steroids. This drug can smooth the airways and reduce inflammation.

In addition, the next shortness of breath medicine that may be recommended by doctors is antibiotics, especially if dyspnea is caused by pneumonia. Meanwhile, shortness of breath caused by heart failure can be treated with diuretics, drugs that help the body eliminate excess fluid.

12. Surgical Procedures and Interventions

Shortness of breath caused by structural problems such as chest trauma or pneumothorax may require surgery or other intervention procedures. For example, a chest tube can be used to relieve shortness of breath caused by pneumothorax or lung effusion.

A condition such as pulmonary embolus can require intravenous (IV) medical treatment with blood thinners as well as procedures such as intervention treatment with thrombolytics, which are drugs that are used to break up blood clots directly.

13. Breathing Apparatus

In some cases, getting additional oxygen can help recovery from shortness of breath. In severe situations when you cannot breathe on your own, breathing with mechanical assistance may be needed with non-invasive pressure ventilation or intubation .

Well , that’s a variety of natural and medical shortness of breath medicines that you must know.


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