Shortcut Tool Control, an iOS-style control center for Android

We love useful apps on Android. Applications that are very useful during the day to day on a mobile, since it is a device that we constantly use at work, at home or on the street. In short, the programs that make life easier for us using a smartphone are the ones that we must value. This is the case of Shortcut Tool Control , a floating control center.

An application that, according to the developers in its description, gives us almost everything we need to handle a mobile in a more comfortable and efficient way. A tool that has varied compatibility with numerous applications and layers of customization.

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Shortcut Tool Control Floating Bar

Developer: Soglacho

What is Shortcut Tool Control about?

It is a very simple app but it offers a lot of utility. It is basically a control center that is not displayed on the screen, but rather unfolds through a small bubble. The menu that is displayed offers almost the same options as MIUI 12 in Xiaomi, or even similar to the iOS control center Of course, it offers a much more customizable functionality and experience than the previous two. That is the real advantage of this tool.

Not only aesthetically, but also functionally. We can choose, among other things, the apps that are shown in the control center, in addition to establishing shortcuts or even a display of the events. All the elements are optional and removable, offering an excellent user experience by providing a tool that can come in handy on a day-to-day basis. On the other hand, it allows you to place widgets such as the music or video player. In addition, in case we have not mentioned it, it has a customization of the different aesthetic sections , either the theme or the color palette that the drop-down menu should show.

Does it work on any interface?

Normally, both the iOS and MIUI control centers are usually displayed at any time. They are tools that are compatible with all applications, appearing with a simple gesture. It would be meaningless if Shortcut Tool Control did not have that same ability, to appear at the time we want, whatever it is.

The truth is that the app is compatible with any type of customization , operating system, application or menu. It appears in all these areas, being an accessible tool whenever we feel like it. In addition, the bubble that allows us to display its menu, we can place it on any side of the screen , either at the top or bottom, where it is most comfortable.

How to enable and customize Shortcut Tool Control

This useful and simple app needs to meet some previous requirements in order to work. We must approve a series of permits so that the control center can operate in the entire interface of the operating system. In addition, there are customizable aspects that we can modify as soon as we install the app. To enable Shortcut Tool Control, we must do the following:

  1. Once the app is installed, we pass the tutorial and give the storage permissions and other accesses.
  2. In the “Enable Tool” option , we will activate the control center.
  3. In the third option that is named by “Enable notification to keep app always run” . Allows you to have a direct access to the app in the notification bar.
  4. In the second section, called «Grant permission» , to configure the granted permissions.

We can then customize some parameters such as the apps that must be included in the menu or shortcuts such as Wi-Fi or bluetooth. A curious detail is that we can change the design of the bubble , in the “Style” section, which has different drawings or we can even choose an image from storage.


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