Short Stories in Hindi with Moral for Kids

Hindi short stories with moral for children: Stories are a very fun way to teach children a life lesson and small inspirational stories have great power, the special thing is that they are easy to read and in the end We always get Sikhs from these stories.

Children love stories, all children enjoy stories for different reasons. One likes to listen to stories with magical world, one loves to learn new things through stories, then one enjoys listening to horror stories of ghosts.

If all these Hindi short stories for kids are heard from the elders of the house i.e. grandparents or grandparents, then it sounds even more exciting. Children can be given inspiration only through stories to walk on the right path in life, help the needy and never lie.

Children are true to the mind, they do or say what they are taught, whether those things are good or bad.

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So today I have brought such inspirational stories for you from the Hindi Short Stories article that you can tell to your children before going to bed at night or even while going on a journey, which will definitely give them new inspiration and life. You will get Sikhs to live in the right way, which will help to make them better human beings in future.

10 Very Short Stories in Hindi with Moral (2020)

Hindi Short Stories

Today, the stories I am going to tell, many of you must have heard and read somewhere. These stories are such that not only children but older people will also get to learn something new. Let’s start the process of these short stories.

You can tell all these stories to the children of Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 7 and Class 8.

1. Touch of Midas: Short Stories in Hindi with Morals

Ancient Greece used to be a king in the country. His name was “Midas”. He had lots of gold and everything that he needed. He also had a beautiful daughter. Midas was very fond of his gold things but he loved his daughter more than these precious things.

One day a drunk named Silenus drunken in the rose garden of King Midas after drinking liquor and fainted there. The king believed that Silenus always brings luck with him wherever he goes, which is good for others, so Midas gave the alcoholic Silenus a place to rest in his palace until he regains consciousness.

His wife and daughter were not persuaded by the king’s decision, yet Midas asked Silenus to stay. Silenus’ friend was Dionysus, the god of wine and celebration. When Dionysus saw that Midas gave his friend Silenus a place to rest in his house, Dionysus was happy with this and decided to reward the king.

When Dionysus asked Midas to wish him anything, Midas said to Dionysus, “I want everything I touch to turn into gold.” Dionysus had to fulfill this wish of Midas, knowing that his greed could become a problem for him.

Due to fulfillment of the wish of Midas, he became a bit mad with happiness and he would turn whatever he had in his hand into gold by touching it. He made his garden and palace completely a palace of gold. Midas was very happy to see gold everywhere.

When Midas went to his daughter and hugged her with love, she realized that her daughter had become a gold idol. Seeing his daughter in this condition, Midas became a bit mad and ran to his garden where he got a boon from Dionysus.

He calls Dionysus and begs him to withdraw his boon and save his daughter. Dionysus withdrew his boon and made Midas’s daughter human again. That day, Midas taught a lesson from his mistake.

Sikh- We got this Sikh from this story that we should never be lured by anything. We should be happy in what we have and should not spend too much in greed.

2. Teeny Rabbit: Short Stories in Hindi for Kids

A big terrible lion lived in the forest. He had a big mustache and tail. When he roared, the entire forest echoed with his voice. All animals were afraid of him. He used to kill two-four animals every day, some of which would eat and leave the rest.

One day the fox called an animal gathering. She said, “You saw how fat a lion has become by eating an animal?” When he has to make us all prey on his acquittal, why don’t we go to his cave every day one by one. ” All the animals started looking at each other.

Then after thinking for a while, all the animals said, “Fox sister! We will do as you say. ” But who will go first? The fox asked. Then the little rabbit sitting in everyone said, “I will go first.”

The lion was overjoyed to hear the decision of the gathering. Said- “Oh wow! Now you will get food while sitting in the cave. I don’t have to wander around in the jungle for hunting. ” The next day the little rabbit reached the lion’s cave. The lion was very angry.

He got angry on seeing the rabbit. He said with a roar, “How will eating you fill my stomach?” The rabbit said trembling, “Lion King! Four rabbits were sent for you, but on the way one other lion ate it. ”

Hearing this, the lion grinned red and said, “I am the king of this forest. Where did this second lion come from? Come tell me, where is that other lion? I will not leave him. ” The rabbit said fearfully, “There is a well some distance away from your cave, it is hidden in it.”

The rabbit took the lion to the well. When the lion peeped into the well, he saw his own shadow in the water, which he thought was a second lion. The lion angrily jumped into the well to kill him and he drowned and died.

Sikh- We get this Sikh from this story that luck does not always work, sometimes if you work with intelligence, you can save your life.

3. Place of Guru: Hindi Short Stories with Moral

There was a king. He was very fond of reading and writing. Once through the Council of Ministers, he arranged a teacher for himself. The teacher started coming to teach the king. Several months passed while receiving education for the king, but the king was of no avail. The Guru used to work very hard every day, but the king was not getting any benefit of that education.

Raja was very upset, it was also wrong to question the talent and ability of the Guru because he was a very famous and qualified teacher. Finally one day the queen advised the king that Rajan, you should answer this question by asking Guruji only.

The king dared one day to place his curiosity in front of Guruji, “Guruvar, sorry, I have been learning from you for many months, but I am not getting any benefit from it. Why is this? ”

Guru ji replied in a very calm voice, “Rajan the reason for this is very simple….”

“Please answer this question soon, please, Guruvar”, the king pleaded.

Guruji said, “Rajan is very small but you are unable to understand it due to your arrogance of being ‘big’ and are upset and sad. Suppose you are a very big king. You are bigger than me in terms of status and prestige, but here you and my relationship belong to a guru and a disciple.

As a guru, my position should be higher than you, but you yourself sit on a high throne and make me sit on the seat below you. This is the only reason why you are neither getting any education nor getting any knowledge.

I was not able to say this to you as your king. From tomorrow, if you make me sit on a high pedestal and sit down on your own, there is no reason why you cannot get education. ”

The king understood everything and immediately acknowledged his mistake and got higher education from Guruvar.

Sikh- This story teaches us that no matter how big we may be in relationship, status or wealth, if we do not give our Guru his rightful place i.e. Guru’s place in his mind, then we will never have knowledge not available. If we respect them, give them importance, then we will get their blessings easily.

4. Two Parrots: Moral Stories in Hindi in Short

A king went to play hunting in the jungle. He lost his way while playing the victim. He wanders and approaches a cave. There was a mango tree there. A parrot was sitting on it.

On seeing the king, he shouted loudly, “Loot, kill, bite, beat … Loot, kill, bite, beat.” The king did not stop there. The parrot kept chasing the king for a long distance. He kept saying again and again, “Loot, kill, bite, beat.” The king did not understand anything.

He reached a hut on the go. There were trees all around the hut. A parrot was sitting on a tree. On seeing the king, he said in a sweet voice, “Come sit, drink water, eat food.” Hearing the parrot’s voice, a monk came out of the hut. The king greeted the monk.

He asked the king to sit on the bed. The king sat on the bed. Seeing him thinking, the monk asked, “What are you thinking?”

The king said, “I saw two parrots today. Both speak different dialects. A parrot was found at a distance. On seeing me, he started saying, rob, kill, bite, beat. ” Found a parrot here. On seeing me, he said, “Come sit, drink water, eat food.” I could not understand this distinction. ”

The monk smiled after listening to the king. He said, “All this is the effect of consistency. The mother of both is one. I had both before. One took out the robber. Now he lives with them. Speaks his dialect.

The other one stays with me. He speaks my dialect. ” Hearing this, the king said, “I understood today, the fruit of good association is good.”

Sikh- This story gives us this Sikh that one should always be in the company of good people. The result of staying in the company of good people is also good.

5. Raju’s Dream: Short Moral Stories in Hindi for Class 1

Little Raju used to study in class II. When he wished he would go to school, when he wished, he would leave. He did not even keep his books and copies. His parents were very fed up with these habits.

Tells him to give up dirty habits. He did not accept even a single thing of his. Raju thinks, no big man is made by reading and writing. He would think – he had such a stick that everything would be done as soon as it was rotated.

One day Raju was fast asleep. He saw three fairies descended from the sky. They all have a stick in their hands. Raju asked the fairies, “What’s in your hand?” The fairies told, “We have these magic sticks.”

We give a stick to a child. ” Raju asked, “Will all the work be done by rolling it?” The fairies said, “Yes, whatever you want will be done by turning it.” Raju said, “I need it very much.” give me it.”

Two fairies agreed to give Raju a stick. The third angel did not listen. He said, “We should only give this stick to a hardworking boy.” Not a lazy boy like Raju. ” Raju said, “No, no, give me one of these sticks.”

The angel said, “You are careless. Cannot work properly with this. ” Raju said, “Give me a month’s time. Now I will change completely.” The angel said, “Vaeda!” Raju said, “Pukka waeda!”

Raju woke up as soon as he said this. He saw the birds chirping has started. He got up quickly. Brush and rinse. It was agreed to go to school after taking a bath. His parents were shocked. He did not even get up. Raju went to school after drinking milk and having breakfast. He read diligently in school.

Came home and did school work. The books were kept safely. Raju changed completely. He is not lazy. Became hardworking and agile. One month is complete. Raju understood what the magic wand is.

Raju was sleeping in deep sleep again today. He saw that all three fairies were waking him up. She is saying, “Get up, Raju, take the stick.” Raju said, “You gave the stick of hard work a month ago.”

The angel said, “Raju, you are a very intelligent boy.” Raju said, “I was careless, your stick made me sane.” The second angel said, “Never be afraid of hard work now.” Raju said, “Never.” He woke up as soon as he said this. It was already morning. Raju completed all the work and went to school.

Sikh- From this story we get this Sikh that Alas should not be done, Alas is the biggest enemy of any person.

6. Frog keeper: New Moral Stories in Hindi

A king was famous for his valor and good governance. Once he was touring with his Guru, seeing the prosperity and prosperity of the state, he started feeling proud, and he started thinking in his mind, “Truly, I am a great king, how well I am of my people.” Take care! ”

The Guru was omniscient, he immediately understood the feelings of his disciple and immediately decided to improve it. A big stone was lying on the way, Guruji instructed the soldiers to break it. As the soldiers showed an unbelievable scene, cutting two pieces of stone, there was some water stored in the middle of the stone and a small frog was living in it.

As soon as the stones were broken, he escaped from his prison. Everyone was surprised how he got imprisoned like this and how was he still alive in this situation?

Now Guruji turned to the king and asked, “If you think that you are taking care of everyone in this state, you are caring for everyone, then tell who was taking care of that frog stuck between the stones.” .. tell me who is the keeper of this frog? ”

The king had realized his mistake, he regrets his pride, by the grace of the Guru, he knew that it is God who created every living being and he is the one who is taking care of everyone.

Sikh – This Sikh got us from this story that the fame and fame that you get for doing good work many times, ego eats in the minds of people. We should take care that no matter where we reach this point in our life, never boast and be thankful to God, Allah, God-Master for our meaningful life .

7. Greedy Bablu: Hindi Short Stories for Class 1

Bablu was a good boy. He was also proficient in studies. He respected his parents very much. Seeing chocolate and sweets, he did not know how to stop himself. This was a bad habit in him. Mother used to explain to him many times, “Son! Do not eat so sweet, your teeth will get worse. ”

One day Bablu’s mother went to the market. Then he went to the kitchen and was tempted to see the toffees kept in the jar. He picked up the jar and filled the toffees and started taking out his hands. Jar’s mouth was not able to come out due to the small mouth of the jar.

Due to greed, he was not opening his fist. Spent a lot of time. Tired Bablu was still trying to get her hands out, when her mother came. On seeing her, the mother said, “Son! You have taken a lot of toffees in your hand, take only one toffee and leave the rest in the same jar only then you will be able to get your hand out.

Bablu did the same, his hand came out. The mother explained to him, “Son greed is not a good habit. Man is never good with greed is always bad. ”

Sikh- Greed loots the life of a human being, and many people are also looted, both greed and craving are such things which have no end but the human being ends up by fulfilling them. So always avoid greed and work with your intelligence.

8. Four Cows and a Lion: Moral Stories in Hindi for Class 7

Four cows lived together in the meadows near the forest. They were all very good friends of each other and used to do all the things together. Grass used to graze together and lived together. Because of us being together, no lion could kill them for food.

But one day there was a fight between those friends and the four cows started grazing in different directions. A tiger and a lion had seen the battle between them and they decided that this is a good opportunity to kill the four cows and eat them.

Lions and tigers hide in the bushes of the forest and wait for the cows and one by one they kill the four cows.

Sikh- From this story we get this Sikh that there is strength in unity only.

9. A camel and its baby: Short Moral Stories in Hindi for Class 8

One day a camel and its baby were talking to each other. The child asked the mother, “Mother, why is this hump on our back?” Mother replied, “We have to collect hump water on our back so that we can survive in the desert without water.”

The child again posed a question, “And why is the paw of our feet round and round, mother?” Mother replied, “Because our claws help us to walk easily in a sandy place.” It is only due to the rounded toes of our feet that we can move from one place to another without any difficulty on the sand. ”

The child said, “Well, but why are our eyes so long?” Mother replied, “Our long eyelids protect us from the dust and sand so that it cannot get into our eyes.”

After thinking for a while, the child said, “Well, there is a hunch on our back to keep the water so that we do not have any problem in traveling over the desert, there are round paws so that we can walk easily on the sand and take long eyelids.” At the time of the desert, we protect our eyes from the dust and sand of the desert. Then what are we doing in this zoo? ”

The mother had no answer to this question of her child.

Sikh- Your strength, skill and knowledge are all useless if you are not in the right place.

10. Elephant and its friends: Short interesting story in Hindi

A lone elephant was wandering in the forest in search of a friend. While walking, he found a monkey and the elephant asked him, “Dear monkey, will you be my friend?”

So the monkey replied, “You are very big and fat and like me you cannot hang from one tree to another. That’s why I can’t be your friend. ”

Then the elephant found a rabbit on the way and asked him the same question, can you be my friend? So the rabbit replied, “You are too big and can’t even come with me to my house so you can’t be my friend.”

The elephant went ahead and found a frog and the elephant also asked him, “Will you be my friend?” The frog replied, “You’re too big and heavy. You can’t jump like me so you can’t be my friend.”

In this way, no one befriended the elephant because it was very big in size. The next day, all the animals in the forest were running around in fear.

The elephant stopped a bear and asked what is happening, why are everyone afraid, so the bear said that a lion has attacked the forest and he is killing all the animals one by one.

The elephant wanted to save those weak animals from the lion so he went to the lion and told him, “Leave my friends alone and do not kill them.” The lion did not listen to an elephant and told the elephant that he should be meaningful with his work and not come in his way.

The lion did not listen to the elephant, so the elephant did not show any other way to solve this problem, so the elephant kicked the lion vigorously and frightened him and ran away.

Seeing this, all the animals were very happy and they all befriended the elephant. All the animals said to the elephant, “It doesn’t matter your size to be our friend, you are as good as you are and from today you are our friend.”

Sikh- From this story we get Sikhs that friends are not made by looking at color, form or size. Friends can be found in every form.

Hope you will like the article “10 short stories in Hindi” and I hope that you have got a lot of Sikhs from these stories that will inspire you and your children to follow the right path in life. If you liked this article, then you should share it with everyone as much as possible and if you have any opinion, then comment below.


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