Set up voicemail from a Vtech step by step

The mail or voice mailbox is a procedure by which the telephone messages are centralized; that is, messages are received, stored and saved for users when they are called, and they cannot answer because they are absent at the time or the line is busy. Today we will easily show you how to check and check voicemail from a Vtech step by step.

Set up voicemail from a Vtech step by step

Today’s phones have the voicemail feature . Vtech, name of the company Video TECHnology Ltd., founded in 1976, based in Hong Kong, is a brand known for the variety of designs of its telephones , electronic toys, game consoles, among others.

The company is emerging as a great potential for growth, thanks to the technologies available to its wireless phones, satisfying the needs of its users. It is considered the leader in quality and design. But before explaining the function of checking and checking voicemail from a Vtech , we will see the Vtech production lines.

What are Vtech’s production lines?

The Vtech brand has several production lines; which are distributed in all the continents of the globe, but depending on the country, the product varies; in general, they have a line of cordless telephones for the home, for hospital use.

Also, at the company level, monitors for babies  and electronic toys for children; In the case of Spain, only the line of telephones for hospital use, those for companies and electronic toys for children are distributed.

What are the main characteristics of Vtech equipment?

  • They have a system of multiple headphones , which all work on the same frequency with the main base; that is, they all interconnect as a kind of network.
  • They contain an answering system, caller ID, loudspeaker and the keyboards also have backlighting; in addition to the technology to conserve battery power .
  • All additional telephones can be located anywhere in the office, home, or hospital, you only need a nearby outlet and not the telephone.
  • Additionally, its DECT 6.0 technology offers protection against illegal interference calls, as well as giving voice clarity and quality .
  • The availability of 5.8 GHz so that it does not interfere with the WiFi internet that you have in the place, or with any wireless device.

Now, how do you configure voicemail?

Once you get your telephone equipment, it is important that you can configure the mailbox or voicemail option, for this, you click on the icon that appears on the corresponding screen, hold it down to specify the voicemail .

Next, following the steps, you select the security password you want to keep and finally you record the voice message, to welcome users who want to leave a voice message on your phone, which you will hear later.

How to check and check the voicemail of a Vtech step by step?

If someone calls you and at that moment you cannot answer, the voicemail will do it for you, because it has already been configured for that function; but if you want to review the messages now, then we carry out the following steps :

  • On your Vtech device, we click the “TALK” button .
  • Then, you enter the code to access voicemail , which has been indicated by the company that provides this service on the phone.
  • Subsequently, they will ask you for the security password that you entered when you configured your voicemail.
  • Ready, you can start listening to each of the messages , which you can delete or save and finally click on «OFF» (finish).

To conclude, it is important that when you want to buy a wireless phone, you can compare the advantages that each brand offers you, in this case, you have already been able to observe the most important ones, which offer quality, safety and accessibility of use .


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