How to set your goals to achieve results

What is promised is debt.

Last week we published a post on the blog that talked about how to set goals to achieve better results . The post had a phenomenal reception, so here we are with the second part.

Today we tell you how to put the tasks on your calendar so that you know what you have to do at all times. With order, concert and priority. 😉

You are ready?

Well we started!

(If you have not read the first part, you are taking time. Head over to the post “How to set your goals to achieve better results” in a new tab right now and I’ll wait for you here when you finish. 😉)

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  • Identify what stops or blocks you
    • #one. Detect the obstacle
    • #two. You set the speed
    • #3. The 80/20 rule.
  • Detect resources, skills and tools
  • Get out of your cave and meet people who propel you
    • #one. Nurture your relationships
  • Make a list of everything you will have to do to achieve your goal
    • #one. Organize your list into a plan
    • #two. Detail the plan
  • Choose the most important task of each day
    • #one. Focus and concentration are the key to success.
  • conclusion

Identify what stops or blocks you

#one. Detect the obstacle

To tackle a problem there is nothing like identifying it first.

Find the obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve your goal. Start with a basic question: why haven’t you already achieved your goal?

Once you detect it, breathe: you just did 50% of the work.

#two. You set the speed

I once told you about the theory of constraints in project management.

And by itself the principle of this point is governed: there is always a limiting factor that must mark the speed of your path towards achieving what you set out to do .

Also, there is a productivity rule called Parkinson’s Law, whereby your brain expands work until the time available for it is over.

In other words, if you “tell” your brain that it has 3 hours to do something, it will do it in those 3 hours. And if you tell him you have 2, he will do it at 2.

Apply the restricted availability of your resources to set the speed of your work and knock down your mental obstacles without regard.

#3. The 80/20 rule.

Today things are about rules.

“80% of the reasons to achieve what you want is within you. The remaining 20% ​​is from abroad. ”

Check what’s inside to identify what’s holding you back, and free yourself to move on.

Not only will you advance faster, but you will do yourself a favor.

Detect resources, skills and tools

Now it’s time to look out.

Identify the knowledge and information you need to achieve your goal and you will have before you the skills to achieve to be in the top 10 in your sector.

Your weakest key skill weighs down your current income , because it is not at its maximum potential. If you progress in it over any other, your business will notice it and, as a consequence, your income too.

What question can you ask yourself here?

Which of your key skills would impact your life and your business the most if you developed it better?

Whatever it is, locate it, write it down, make a plan, and work on it every day.


Get out of your cave and meet people who propel you

Earlier I told you that you are responsible for your life. And it is true.

However, we are not alone. You are not either. But it’s not enough to stay home, waiting for someone to knock on your door to tell you.

You’re not alone. But it’s not enough to stay home, waiting for someone to knock on your door to tell you. #undertake


Get out of your cave and create productive networks so that your action plan is reinforced and nurtured by people like you.

#one. Nurture your relationships

Make a list of each person in your life with whom you want / need to work or collaborate to achieve your goals.

  • Start with your family members , whose cooperation and support you will always need.
  • Target your boss and colleagues in the sector. If you have already created a team , do the same with them.
  • Especially identify customers  whose support you will need to sell better and whose social proof helps or can help you.

And, once you have them written, to achieve a healthy and positive relationship, run to give them courage, so that they want to walk with you.

The people around us inspire us. That is why we always have the maxim that we love to use: surround yourself with the right people. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Do you already know which one is yours?

Make a list of everything you will have to do to achieve your goal

Now that you have the obstacles that hold you back, you know what knowledge you need and you are aware of the people with whom you want to surround yourself, it is time to put everything together to draw the map that combines them.

It is time to write down each step you think you need to achieve your goal.

And for that, let’s start with a list.

You know that we are not advocates of making lists to helmet. However, this is an exception. Is special.

Where’s the trick and why is it different?

Because there is a strategy behind it, not an accumulation of isolated tasks and “I have to” that get you off the hook .

When you turn to paper (or Docs, or Word, or whatever you use) the lines of action you will need to achieve your goal, you will begin to feel much more achievable, much closer and much more achievable than you thought.

As Lao Tse said: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. Start with the first and point out the steps you need to take to reach your goals. #undertake


So start with the first one: point out the steps you have to take.

#one. Organize your list into a plan

What will make the list a plan is  the sequence and priority  you give at each written down step.

What does the sequence contribute?

The sequence explains what you have to finish before you start something else, and in what order.

Nothing to go without rhyme or reason. Do what you have to do, understanding what goes before the other and respecting the order of the process so that nothing is missing.

What is the priority for?

Simple: priority establishes what is more important and what is less important. Separate what is urgent and what is not.

And most relevant: it establishes why one thing goes before the other, helping you to make decisions  with a criterion perfectly adapted to you.

The famous Pareto law says that 20% of your effort can give you 80% of your results.

Where is the key to get it?

In that you use that 20% with intelligence, planning how you are going to reach your goals with the resources you have: sequence, priority, time.

Are you seeing where I’m going?

Planning is essential. And it affects your day to day, because the priorities of your life  are involved in it so that you control your business, instead of it being he who controls you.

#two. Detail the plan

Let’s go one step further.

Now it breaks down the defined steps according to sequence and priority in dates, tasks and projects , palpable to “download” the calendar.

Organize your list in steps from start to finish until you complete your goal.


  • Plan every day, week and month in advance.
  • Plan each month just when  that month begins .
  • Plan each week the weekend before.
  • Plan each day the evening before.

With this, you are materializing the steps to follow to reach your goals, and you know when you have to carry them out.

mportant: The more meticulous and detailed you are making this plan, the less time you will need to execute it.

I recommend that, to organize this in your day-to-day, you use specific productivity techniques, such as Time Blocking .

And I leave you something else that you must burn yourself: every minute invested in planning saves 10 minutes in execution.

This is equivalent to saying that you will get a 1000% return on your time invested if you plan your days, weeks and months in advance.


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