Sennheiser IE 4: headphone review

We’ll put the sound on the whole and” … let’s rejoice at its purity and detail. After all, the legendary Sennheiser IE 4 was chosen to play the tracks , in the review of which we will show and tell you how the headphones from 2005 conquer music lovers of the twenty-first year.

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Appearance, design, dimensions

In shape, IE 4 is a standard in-ear version that fits in the ears like a glove and does not fall out when driving. They are made only in one classic color – black.

  1. Round small drivers made of matte plastic are marked with L and R to distinguish the left from the right earphone.
  2. The sound guides are covered with a metal mesh.

The model has earned a reputation of “not being killed” due to the cable reinforced with Kevlar, which, according to users’ reviews, firmly endures jerks and stretching, does not get confused. Cord length – 1.4 m. Connects to devices with L-shaped golden plug.

The wire is symmetrical, doubled up to the “jumper”, after which there is a branching along the channels. The movable headband can be moved up or down for comfortable wearing of the headphones.

These “Sennheisers” weigh only 5 grams (for example, CX 300 – 12 g), do not burden the user in any way while wearing, do not cause discomfort even with prolonged use.

In the Sennheiser IE 4 review, it is worth noting that the product is delivered in the most spartan configuration: the transparent bag contains only the “ears” themselves and 3 replaceable silicone covers (small, medium and large). The originality badge is a hologram on the front top of the package.

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IE 4 has one speaker in each “ear”, which, when paired, provides stereo sound of the compositions. Of the main characteristics, it is worth noting:

Technical specifications Meaning
Frequency range 10-18000 Hz
Resistance 16 ohm
Sound pressure level 106 dBA
Active noise cancellation No

Honestly and impartially – this is how headphones transmit sound. After all, they were originally used as monitoring earphones and were supplied with Sennheiser wireless monitoring systems for recording or performing on stage. That is why they sound clean, smooth and natural.

  • There is no artificial bass boost.
  • High and medium are worked out much better, detailing is not “lame”.
  • No wheezing, hissing and other things are heard in them.

Do not forget that the sound quality through the “ears” may also depend on the playback source. Whether it’s a smartphone , player or other device, sometimes you still need to do a little EQ.

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In the characteristics it is noted that Sennheiser IE 4 connects freely with mobile gadgets on Android and iOS, as well as PC and Mac . Docking through the 3.5 mm input is as simple and reliable as possible. Please note that a special adapter is required for IE 4 and Lightning gadgets .

IE 4 lacks volume control and microphone, like the CX 350 BT . Therefore, their main purpose is listening to music tracks. Playback can be controlled through a connected gadget.

Due to the thin cable, the headphones are comfortable to wear with the cord down or throw it over the ears.

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Price and quality

These “ears” are not cheap, but not the most expensive of the ” Sennheisers “. In online and offline stores in Ukraine, buyers can look for this model for 2300-2600 UAH. Based on videos and user reviews, IE 4 boasts not only simplicity, but also a robust design. The main feature is not in fashionable bells and whistles, but in the proprietary sound quality.

So, the Sennheiser IE 4 headphones showed their best side in the review. Ideal for those who write music, sing and monitor the resulting sound. They are also perfect for those who are looking for simple and high-quality “ears” with good noise isolation to listen to music in the subway, while moving along noisy streets or at home.

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