With the popularization of the internet and the increasingly constant search of the public for a consumption with more convenience and ease, many businesses have expanded to the online medium – when they are not just focused on it – and strengthen what we now call digital entrepreneurship . In this context, selling online courses and OTT content has become one of the types of business that has been most prominent and growing.

This expansion can be easily explained by the fact that people are always looking to acquire knowledge quickly and simply to keep up to date, or cheap and practical entertainment options. Precisely because they provide this type of material, portals focused on offering and selling online courses and varied niche content are extremely efficient and valued.

And the best thing is that these are businesses that do not require large investments to materialize and can quickly gain relevance, generating profits and a highly positive return. With platforms like Samba Play, for example, in just a few steps you can put your content on the air and start making money from videos.

Do you work with content, online courses or are you looking for a way to expand your business or start an enterprise? So think about investing in the smart sale of video content, like selling online courses, for example.

Are you a vlogger and already have an audience on YouTube? So here’s how to start making real money from your content.

In this article, we will explain exactly how you can start selling online courses and content and also everything you need in terms of material and structure to carry out this activity. Come on?

Before you start, how about finding out which areas are the hottest to create an online course?

How to sell online courses and content?

To sell online courses and content, the first step is to invest in good planning. From the beginning of the project, it is necessary to define your objectives and have materials and a strategy that contribute to achieving them.

In addition to good videos, in order to be able to sell courses and content, you need a number of other factors ranging from technological structure to a good sales and marketing strategy .

However, contrary to what it may seem, it is not complicated to start or maintain this type of business and selling content can be quite profitable. Continue reading the article and understand how to sell your materials and courses online.

  1. Choose the market segment and understand your audience.

One of the first steps to enter any new market is to understand how it works. Conducting a market analysis requires a study of competitors, the public and, when applicable, suppliers and partners. Carrying out this type of market study, it becomes clearer if it is a good idea to invest in this segment, if it is already saturated and if potential customers can see some type of utility in their course. It is no use creating an entire online course and having no one to sell, is it?

Market segmentation

Imagine a city as a whole, full of different people, social classes, age groups and interests so heterogeneous, how to please everyone at the same time? Very difficult, right?

To segment the market is, in short, to separate the entire market into “slices” with an audience that has similar goals and desires and, in the business world, working with a specific segmentation is an excellent way to ensure that your business is successful, even more ventures new and smaller.

It would be difficult for a start-up enterprise to hit head-on giants of the mass market, right? So, starting with a specific market segment can be the gateway to winning bigger markets in the future.

Think, then, of smaller markets that you can enter. In the case of selling courses online, for example, why not focus on just one discipline that you master and try to reach this very specific market? It is the best way, at an early stage, to build your authority and reach customers more effectively.

Create your personas

Once you understand which market is best for you and your business, it’s time to take a step forward and start analyzing who are the people within that market. To direct your marketing efforts and give you a better understanding of the audience, you need to create your buyer personas.

What is persona?

A persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal customer of your business. Why semi-fictitious? It must be built through extensive research and real information from existing customers. In other words, it is not a character invented without a basis in reality, but a source of real research and understanding of the market.

A persona helps you to have a clear idea of ​​what are the possible customers you should seek to reach and who has the best chance of actually becoming a customer.

An important tip is that, depending on your business, it is possible that you have more than one persona! For example, does your course focus on preparing for public tenders? Your customers may have different age groups and different genders too, so study, research and make as many personas as are appropriate for your segment. But be careful, for a new business, it is best to focus on just one persona, in order to enhance efforts and increase the chances of conversion.

And more than anything else, remember that selling courses online is working with these people’s knowledge, education and dreams. Anyone looking for a new course is looking to specialize, learn new skills or get back into the job market, so keeping that in mind will always help you focus on what really matters: teaching.

  1. Define your course format.

After understanding the market and the personas the time has come to define what will be the most suitable format for your online course. This decision, of course, will be based on the information you raised in the previous point.

According to the format segment and its personas you should think about the best possible format for your course to reach these people and, of course, their goals.

There are several formats for working with EAD today, largely due to new technologies aimed at the market. For example, LMS ( AVA ), video courses, e-books and others. Knowing how to sell your courses online can be the differential for the success of your business.

Tip! Video classes are the most attractive content format for the EAD market at the moment. Studying remotely can be a challenge for many people due to the lack of interaction between students and teachers, so lessons through video lessons are an excellent way to fill this gap.

Video classes are attractive, interactive and capable of transmitting knowledge much more effectively than a long text, for example. So, it is worth investing in the model of online courses through videos.

After choosing the format, it’s time to record your lessons and analyze the best way to distribute your content.

  1. Produce or select content and courses for sale

To proceed with planning how to sell courses online, now it’s time to select the content you are going to offer or, if they are not ready yet, start producing this material.

Remember that all the content provided by you must be well produced and have high quality in points such as image and sound. After all, there is no point in having great material in terms of content if people cannot understand it because of noise in the audio or a bad image.

It’s not that you need to have a professional studio or hire a production company every time you make your videos (although, if there is money, this is the best way), rest assured. However, it is necessary that you have some basic equipment – if possible, a home studio – and at least a notion of recording and editing videos and when producing your materials, be careful with points such as lighting, audio quality, duration of videos and script.

There is a lot of material available on the internet that can help you with this task, and right here, on our blog, you can find complete content about video production and editing. In the articles listed below you can learn about crucial points for a recording. Worth checking out:

  • How to record professional quality audio for your video
  • Video lighting: how to get your productions right
  • How to choose the best camera to record videos
  • Video editing : 7 free programs to use in your productions

Production Tips

To really record attractive video lessons that reach the goals of selling your courses online, check out some tips to speak better in front of the cameras and be very successful in the distance learning market.

Prepare a coherent course chronologically

Teaching can be complicated, after all, especially in free courses, students can have varying levels of prior knowledge. The best way for anyone to stay behind is to prepare a course that is very consistent in chronological order. Think about the content you want to teach and what it takes to understand it and put the classes in order of priority.

Prepare a lesson plan

In the same way that films need a script for recording, their classes also need a document that will serve as a guide. In the case of teachers, this document is the lesson plan.

The lesson plan will guide you when preparing the content and recording the video lessons, in order to always keep you focused on the content. This way, you avoid wandering around too much and causing students to lose their attention.

In face-to-face classes this usually happens, right? Teachers stop, tell cases, tell jokes, relate to other subjects. In EAD, video classes need to be clear, objective and focused on a single subject. Remotely, it is much easier for people to lose interest in what is being said than it is in person.

Be brief

Likewise, being brief is the best way to keep students attentive until the end of the class. Avoid very long video lessons, as this can make students feel lazy even before they start watching.


It’s not just because you’re away that you don’t need to interact with students, right? Even remotely, interact with those who are watching, ask questions that encourage reflection, for example, make some jokes and even connections with previous classes. This will make people feel much more engaged with classes, even if they are at a distance.

Now that you are ready to record your lessons, in this material you can still check out how to create the best video content on a low budget. Download by clicking here or in the image below :

  1. Choose a model for selling courses and online content

Whether or not the content is ready, one of the most important parts is to define how it will be offered to the public. Currently, when it comes to selling online courses and content in video format, companies and brands of all types and sizes are preferring to adopt the subscription or one-off sale formats .

Check out more the advantages and characteristics of these models and see which is the best choice for your project:

The subscription sales model and its benefits

Just like in the famous Netflix, opting for a subscription sales model, you offer your customers the possibility to watch as much content as they want and as many times as they want, with just a fixed monthly payment.

This model is extremely suitable for those who have content aimed at a specific niche, easy to consume, and in good quantity to offer. And, of course, to make customer loyalty worthwhile, your content needs to be constantly updated with new videos. The sale of online courses by subscription is one of the most strategic models today and it is not for nothing that it is used by large companies such as, besides Netflix, Spotify, HBO, Globo and Apple.

With the subscription model, the operation is very simple: you need to sell only once and continue receiving recurrently from each customer you acquire. In addition, you do not suffer from financial seasonality, as the amount charged does not weigh so much in your pocket and, as the person is already paying for the service, they do not tend to cancel it. So, even if you don’t get many new subscribers, you already have people consuming and don’t suffer from the casualties of that period.

And it is not only the big world businesses that are adopting this type of sale, but also producers that are very close to our reality. A great example of this is Professor Jubilut, from Total Biology . The teacher offers biology classes for different situations on his channel and charges for subscription. He is a total success and in addition to his recurring students, he has millions of admirers on social networks, where he also gives valuable lessons in biology and helps people pass the main tests in the country.

The point-of-sale model and its advantages

Another way to sell your content is by selling on time. This model is mainly indicated for producers who make videos on different subjects and that, not necessarily, need to be consumed together. This option gives you the opportunity to separate the contents in different packages and, thus, the customer can consume according to his needs.

If you are a Portuguese teacher, for example, you can use the one-off sales model and break the subject of classes into topics, in order to sell classes on literary movements, grammar and text production separately. So, if a student is interested in just consuming content about Baroque literature, he can.

This model is advantageous when selling online courses, as it gives people greater autonomy when accessing videos. That way, you can serve customers who would no longer pay a more expensive subscription to access different content, but are interested in paying for specific classes.

And now that you already know why these are the best sales models for varied online courses, let’s go to the next step which is: what will be the portal through which I will sell my courses?

  1. Create a sales portal

With the contents ready and organized according to the sales model, you need a channel or digital environment in which you can market them in an agile, effective and safe way!

personalized checkout page!

Buying online is still a challenge for many people, especially due to the insecurity of entering personal or bank details on a website. If your sales portal is not secure, you could lose customers! In addition, especially if you are going to sell courses online as an individual entrepreneur, it is essential that practical and developmental issues such as creating and personalizing the website, creating the sales environment and checkout page are simple, right?

Thanks to advances in video technology, you no longer need to hire a developer or company to create your website or media center. There are several options available for you to start making money from videos with a low initial investment. Some online course platforms are highly customizable in a simple way, so you can upload your videos and your visual identity without the help of technology professionals.

When choosing your distribution portal, it is important to take into account a few points:


A responsive website is one that adapts to different screen sizes. Therefore, it can be easily accessed by various devices, such as smartphones and tablets, without interfering with the user’s browsing quality or making it difficult to access the content.

Ease of editing and management

Whatever your choice, it is important that your content portal can be easily modified and that you are able, with some autonomy, to manage your information and content. After all, it is not ideal that you have to have a programmer every time you want to change a title on your videos.

It is optimized for Google search

It is important that when people search for topics related to your portal, on Google, it appears as one of the most relevant results and having an optimized website is a differential. Work with content hierarchy, use the titles and descriptions of each video well, have friendly URLs, optimized images and more. If you want to understand more about SEO for videos, access this article here .

  1. Make sure your video structure is reliable

If you are going to sell online courses or their video content, you must ensure that your audience will be able to access these materials regardless of the device they use or the number of other people who are accessing the material at that time. You also need to make sure that only people who have paid will have access to the content on the portal and that it will not be improperly distributed on other channels without your supervision.

And the only thing that can offer you all this is a good video structure. Without investing in this point, you may be exposing not only your content, but also your brand, to a huge risk.

That’s because, first, you can be plagiarized and have your content sold in an unauthorized way on other channels, harming your financial gains and the success of your strategy. What’s more, you put your company’s entire reputation and credibility at risk, as your materials can go down, suffer from crashes and countless other problems.

An example of a very useful technology is ABS – Adaptative Bitrate Streaming . ABS is about technology that adapts the quality of the video to the user’s internet speed, thus avoiding crashes during play. If the internet has a momentary drop in speed, the video loses some quality until the speed is restored, but there is no pause in the video. This avoids frustrated viewer experiences.

So, be aware of what you use in terms of player, technological structure and what you can get in support of the services you use.

For those who are setting up their course sales structure, our recommendation is to visit Samba Videos, which is Samba’s video platform. With it you guarantee all these points and still have the exclusive service and structure of Samba Tech. Take a test guided by the platform by clicking here.

  1. Adopt an online payment system

You are almost ready to start selling online courses or content. Last but not least, it is necessary for people to be able to pay for their course or content without having to resort to physical means or waiting too long to start watching the videos. Therefore, you must have a good online payment system integrated with your content.

A good payment system must be secure, stable and give users credibility and trust, since they will need to provide personal data to complete transactions and this can be a little scary. In addition, it is necessary that the system be fast, efficient and capable of completing the purchase in a few seconds, freeing users’ access to content almost instantly.

Once the payment system has been chosen and contracted, you only need to establish values ​​for the subscription of its contents.

A suggestion to simplify this process and transform 05 steps into 02

You may have looked at this whole article and found this process a bit complex. Create a website, invest in video structure, hire and integrate a payment platform and even produce the content … Phew! It looks complicated, doesn’t it ?! But it can get simpler. If before you needed to follow 05 steps to start selling courses and content, investing a large amount of time and money, now you can do this by going through 02 steps which are: produce the content and choose a ready-made platform for selling and storing content, such as Samba Play .

That’s because on these platforms, you have a structure ready for the dissemination and commercialization of videos, including the media center, the integration with the payment system and the best structure for managing and distributing your content.

And how it works?

On most platforms the process is very simple: you register to use the platform; creates its own personalized media center, with its colors and brand; upload your content, dividing it by category, adding descriptions and titles; set a value for the monthly subscription for the channel and that’s it!

In Samba Play, for example, you already have customizable templates and fully focused on conversion, have a payment system integrated into the platform, through which users can purchase content, and also have all the quality of Samba Tech in terms of material safety, stability and distribution. Then you can start making money from your video business.

Another advantage is that at Samba Play you don’t have to worry about legal issues related to terms of commitment, cancellations and refunds. Samba takes care of everything for you.

So, with a low initial investment and very easily you can already have your own video channel, your Netflix, and sell your content with high returns.

To learn more about this solution, access  this article and also take the platform tour by clicking on the banner below.

Bonus: Disclose, disclose and disclose (digital marketing)!

With everything ready, it’s time to show the world your business and make people interested in consuming your content. Therefore, it will be necessary to invest in advertising and marketing. Nowadays, with such a competitive market, investing in marketing is essential for the success of any business. One advantage is that, due to the expansion of digital marketing, it is possible to reach very significant audiences without having to spend a lot of money.

Discover digital marketing

Digital marketing has emerged in recent decades as a more dynamic, cheap and attractive alternative to traditional marketing. It is a set of strategies used to create new business opportunities, strengthen brand identity and much more. Activities such as selling online courses can also profit a lot from the actions of digital marketing.

One of the premises of digital marketing is the use of internet channels to disseminate content, especially social networks. Most networks already have their own tools aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs that allow actions such as: boosting publication and achieving paid results; segment audience so that each publication reaches the right audience; create special campaigns, and more.

With a little knowledge of the tools available and a good digital marketing plan, you will be able to achieve expressive results in your advertising strategy!

Digital marketing plan

To further align your marketing strategy, you need to start by making a digital marketing plan. Like the lesson plan, the marketing plan will guide you through your marketing strategy in order to make it as efficient as possible.

With it, you can set goals and measure them to understand what worked and what needs to be improved. Thus, you guarantee constant efforts to improve your disclosure.

And of course, always keep your target audience in mind – the personas you created up there – after all, there is no point in a far-fetched strategy but aimed at the wrong people, isn’t it ?.

Here you can check one with different and efficient strategies to attract subscribers and buyers to your channel . Check out!

With people increasingly looking for quality content with flexibility and convenience, selling online courses or content is a great option to start your own online business and profit!

Choose your sales model, create a secure portal to sell your materials, choose a reliable video platform, integrate the payment system, spread the word and get ready to be successful with your internet business. Or, simplify it all and use Samba Play ! It is the simplest way to work with video business and have a high return with the sale of content, from a small investment.

In this material you can see some more tips on monetizing content  and on the trail below you can identify which stage of creating and selling courses you are in and access exclusive materials to help you move forward and achieve your goals!


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