Self-motivation: How To Accomplish What You Want

Everything we do in life is generated by motivation. When we refer to self-motivation, we are talking about motivating ourselves, giving ourselves that impulse, those desires, that desire, that passion to achieve the goals that we set ourselves. Self-motivation represents that engine that strengthens you day by day to achieve your goals, regardless of the circumstances you go through

Anyone who thinks things like “I can’t”, “I am not capable” or “it is too late to achieve it”, has not understood the importance of self-motivation, and consequently will spend their life full of frustrations. On the contrary, motivating yourself is understanding the positive experiences that are added to your life and learning from the negative ones with maturity, strengthening yourself in them to continue moving forward.

In this post I want to share with you some tips so that you can motivate yourself and be able to carry out what you want:

Understand The Power Of Thoughts

When you understand and develop your mental power, you will realize the importance of your thoughts. I mean self-control of thoughts. You may not know it, but what you tell yourself is literally sealing your fate. If you say “nothing good is happening to me”, “I can’t do it” even if they are expressions of frustration, the truth is that you are giving them the power to tie you down and not let you advance to where you wish you were.

Reaffirm your thoughts every day to “yes I can”, “I will make it”, “anything is possible”. Always keep in mind where you want to go and visualize that goal that you have set out to achieve. Your thoughts condition the actions you take and, therefore, what happens in your life.

When we were children, many of us were told that if we wanted something with great desire we could achieve it. Over the years we came to think that it only happens in Disney movies; however, this is still so real. When we believe in something and act thinking about it, we are able to materialize that thought into something real.

How you see your exterior and your circumstances will depend on how you visualize or explain them internally. Thus, cultivating positive thoughts will help you carry out all your goals.

Say “NO” To Demotivators

Just as you will find bad news from the world (sadness, wars, catastrophes, etc.), so you will also have to interact with people who see everything “Gray”, people who will give you thousands of negative responses.

Learn to listen to these people without letting what they tell you affect your thoughts. Let no one limit you, that the opinions of a third party are not influence to abandon your goals.

Instead, surround yourself with positive, motivational people who celebrate your triumphs. Those are the ones worth having around.

Reward Your Achievements

Self-motivation is also rewarding each of your achievements. Be patient with what you want and every time you achieve one of your goals, however simple it may be, reward yourself, celebrate it with your loved ones.

Life can really be too short to not fully enjoy the small details of our life, nothing to say about the greatest achievements, which deserve the same commitment to celebration that required effort to achieve them.

Have Your Mind On The Reward

Buscando referencias sobre el tema, encontré un dato muy curioso que vale la pena citar:

En una investigación sobre la motivación humana, pusieron en un curioso dilema a unos niños. Los dejaron solos en una habitación con una golosina encima de una mesa. Les dijeron: “Si quieres, te la puedes comer ahora mismo y ya está. Pero si tienes un poco de paciencia, más tarde te daremos dos”. Los investigadores observaron sus comportamientos y las imágenes fueron muy reveladoras, habiendo niños que no resistían la tentación y otros que desplegaron un sinfín de estrategias para resistirse a comerse la golosina.

This reveals the ability to delay gratification and not get carried away by the first impulse . Set your mind on the reward you will have when you achieve your goal, that will help you to be patient and work hard to achieve it.

And obviously, don’t stop enjoying the process, as much as you can, even with its highs and lows. Because at the end of the day, the process can take months, and it rewards a little time, so you can’t spend months as a robot without enjoying your reality and your present.

In conclusion, you can achieve what you set out to do. Put your mind to work in your favor.

Although sometimes you face adverse situations, have the discipline to have self-control of your thoughts and to be consistent with the goals that you have set out to achieve.

Affirm your thoughts, surround yourself with positive people. The next time you feel unmotivated, use any of these tips to renew your strengths. Do they work!


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