Self leadership: giving your best even when there is no time

I have no time”. “I’m drowning among a thousand things to do.” “I am going crazy”. “I never have time for myself.” “It’s all an urgency here.” “I pass relentlessly from one meeting to another.”

So often, more and more often, these are the words that I listen to in conversations with managers and professionals of companies . Large and small. In fact today we live in a time increasingly frenetic , where we seem to run endlessly . The problem is that then often this running doesn’t get us anywhere .

We all know that we should give more space to the most important things for us. But then on balance we don’t. Is there a way to output to all this? Have you ever wondered what you could do to increase your ability to live in a time accelerated ? Here are some key points to help you work on your self leadership :

Check your paradigms

How many excuses you’ve built that are limiting your ability to think and act so effectively ? The results you are getting now depend on what you do, and what you do depends on how you are observing the situation. We often tend to “blame” others and this deprives us of the ability to act responsibly on ourselves.

Leave yourself

We don’t live in the ideal world. Indeed, we are far from it, this is a fact. Once you understand what you can’t do, ask yourself what you could do to be more effective . A simple , small action that depends on you to increase your effectiveness . For example, schedule with regularity .

Another example, choosing how to spend more time on a relationship that you tend to overlook . Or, again, put your smartphone in a trash can – virtual or real – when you enter the meeting, when you are having lunch, when you walk through the front door.

Define the stakes

Change requires effort . To which pro? What is your goal, the “reward” that you will get when you manage to consistently introduce this new action ? Are you really interested? Clearly visualize your goal and how it relates to your values and the person you want to be.

Learn to slow down

Stephen R. Covey said:

with people, slow is fast and fast is slow

Let’s stop making bad investments. Working on ourselves and on the most important relationships for us is the best investment that each human being can make to build a life to live , and not to go through.


by Abdullah Sam
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