When it comes to learning, one of the first activities that comes to mind is studying .

We have practically studied since we were children and we continue to do so throughout our lives, even outside the school walls. Just think of when you learn to play a musical instrument or drive a car.

Study is a form of learning that consists of a set of activities and strategies aimed at understanding, memorizing and reworking the information acquired in view of a specific or general objective.

Although studying may be tiring, it represents, however, an important tool for personal fulfillment and an indispensable means for understanding reality in its many aspects.

By applying ourselves in the study, we modify the usual interpretative schemes to accommodate new information, we gradually develop a broader understanding of what surrounds us and ourselves, we improve communication with others and we come to acquire the most suitable tools for the realization of our targets. All this will lead us to raise our self-esteem.

Despite these good reasons for studying, we do not always manage to do so and we often apply ourselves in the study without obtaining the expected results. The study is, in fact, a complex activity, conditioned by numerous factors of a cognitive, emotional, relational, social and methodological nature.

For this reason it is important not only to engage in study but to learn how to study effectively , that is, to reflect on the factors that affect learning, to recognize them and, over time, to know how to intervene on them.

The concepts of effective learning are:

  • The method: it concerns the general organization of one’s way of thinking. It suggests the best way, the most effective, the cheapest, to make your commitment fruitful in all the activities we undertake
  • The study method: describes relevant strategies to improve your learning and offers answers to the following questions: “When to study?”, “How much to study?”, “How to study?”, “Where to study?”, “Why study?” , “How to motivate yourself?”, “How to memorize perfectly what I have learned well?”, “How to review?”, “How to face a question or a test?”
  • The study techniques: are operational strategies that the specifications that are designed to make learning more effective. They serve to choose essential information well, and, above all, to reduce what must be memorized perfectly, giving personal meaning to what must be learned.

Do not rush to learn, never think that others can succeed in studying and you cannot. The belief that you can succeed is essential. Life is not a question of luck but of method, in everything!


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