Are you or those around you having bad breath problems? Although it seems trivial, bad breath or known as  halitosis  can interfere with daily activities.

The causes of bad breath are various. For example, consuming strong-smelling foods such as durian or onions can cause   temporary mouth odor. Bad breath that occurs continuously can be an indication of more serious health problems, such as  xerostomia  and digestive tract disorders.

If you experience bad breath problems, there are several ways you can do to temporarily eliminate them. The following is a simple way to deal with bad breath that the Cigna Team has outlined specifically for you.


1. Gargle with  Mouthwash


Mouthwash  works to clean the mouth of bad bacteria that are still stuck between your  teeth  and tongue. This bacterium is one of the most common causes of bad breath. If there is no  mouthwash , you can try gargling with mineral water even though it is not as effective as  mouthwash .


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2. Chewing Gum


Chewing gum which has a fruit aroma is very effective for removing unpleasant odors in the mouth. You are free to choose the type of aroma that you like, but the taste of candy is considered the most effective is mint. You are also advised to choose chewing gum containing  xylitol  because it provides a refreshing cool sensation while having a smaller amount of calories than sugar.


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3. Consumption of Fresh Fruit


There are also some natural foods that can help overcome bad breath for a while. For example, you can chew orange and lemon zest to stimulate saliva production which can eliminate bad breath.


4. Stop smoking and consume certain foods


Cigarettes and strong-scented foods such as onions are often the main cause of bad breath. Limit or stop smoking and consume these foods to avoid bad breath. Smoking also has the potential to cause many health problems, so it would be better if you limit the frequency of smoking.


5. Drink lots of mineral water


When drinking mineral water, the production of saliva in the mouth will increase to moisturize the area in the mouth. This is useful to minimize the onset of delicious aroma coming out of your mouth. In addition, drinking enough mineral water can help the body hydrated every day.


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