See 5 marketing strategies for psychologists that will fill your schedule!

There was a time when Marketing for Psychologists represented a great taboo, since many professionals believed that the dissemination of services would result in the commercialization of the profession.

However, times have changed and today, digital marketing is the difference for a professional to achieve success in the market. That’s because the therapist needs to be where his patients are – and that place is the internet .

It is no secret that most people, when they need to search for a product or service, do research online. And make no mistake, this habit also extends to the choice of a psychologist.

Therefore, the question today is no longer whether or not to have a digital presence, but how this positioning will be carried out in order to attract the largest number of patients possible, without exceeding ethical limits.

To help you in this mission, we have prepared some marketing strategies for psychologists that you need to know!

How does Marketing for Psychologists Work?

As is well known, psychologists, in their professional practice, are governed by the Code of Ethics of the Federal Council of Psychology. But that does not mean that clinics, offices and professionals are unable to publicize their work on the networks.

The first step is to understand that, in no way diminishing the nobility and importance of the activity, Psychology is also a business. That is, it is a service provided to a client / patient upon payment of a specified amount.

And, with a market with many professionals, the most efficient means of attracting these customers is, as we have already said, digital marketing. Separating professional activities from entrepreneurship is not the best way to stand out. A psychologist can and must be a great entrepreneur.

He must prioritize psychology techniques, but he must also take care of finances, administrative issues and business disclosure. Now, what is the use of preparing yourself, taking several courses, specializing and investing in materials if people don’t know about it?

Not much, is it? So, write down these tips to take your career to the next level!

5 digital marketing strategies for psychologists

Keep this in mind: attracting new patients will take time and effort. However, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of psychological counseling as a result of greater awareness and, unfortunately, a greater number of diagnosed disorders .

Clients need your services and are looking for a therapist to meet their needs. You just need to prepare to be found!

Now that you know that marketing is critical to your professional success, it’s time to learn some strategies. Check out the most important ones!

  1. Know your audience

Before any marketing action, it is essential that the professional understands to whom he is directing his actions. Knowing your audience, in addition to being a facilitator, will be a guide for choosing posts, social networks and even which terms and expressions to use.

You can base yourself on your current client portfolio and look for points in common between them, as well as choose only one of them and that carries the largest number of characteristics that you consider interconnected to your performance.

Are your patients younger, older, more women than men? Collect as much information as you can and always base your strategies on that data.

  1. Use social media strategically

Once you’ve found out who your current or ideal audience is, set up a profile on social media. Facebook is still the largest social network in the world and Instagram is undoubtedly the network of the moment. Thus, it is very interesting to have a profile in both.

On Facebook, the tip is to create a company page and on Instagram a business profile. For both, choose a professional photo. Remember that you are wanting to promote your work! No shirtless photos, with drinks, cigarettes or any other element that could harm your image.

Be careful when writing and producing images. Worry about Portuguese and only use photos from free image banks to avoid problems with copyrights.

And don’t forget: marketing without data is just posting. Always monitor your networks, write down the days, times and topics that generate greater involvement so that you can invest in them.

  1. Produce attractive and useful content for your audience

Producing good content for the public is undoubtedly the best marketing strategy for psychologists.

This strategy is known as Content Marketing. Its main reason is that, with well-produced and adequate texts, videos and images, instead of looking for patients, the professional attracts them.

Choose themes that you identify with and master. It is useless to talk about a disorder that generates curiosity in people if you do not understand much about it.

Issues such as depression, anxiety , relationships  are always on the rise, but always try to talk about situations that involve your clinical practice.

This even creates authority over these topics. When thinking about a problem, the tendency is for people who follow you to remember that you are an expert.

  1. Have a website

Having a website is a way to be found by your patients through searches on search engines like Google. In it you can put information about your career, insert the links of your social networks and maintain a blog.

Producing quality texts and a good frequency is an excellent way to attract people to your website. Invest in this type of content! Don’t forget to keep all your contact information up to date so you don’t lose any patients.

  1. Choose a trusted online psychology platform

Above, we mentioned that most people look for services and products on the internet. However, it is not just research that is carried out online. Today, many calls can be made by computer. Classes of all types, consultancies and even psychological assistance.

Technology has evolved a lot and consultations can be carried out in complete secrecy, privacy and security. Just check if the contracted site has certificates that guarantee these conditions.

And, in addition to serving as a true showcase for professionals, since all relevant information is accessible to patients, an online psychology platform also allows the care of patients who are anywhere in the world with internet access. Impossible situation with face-to-face consultations.

The advantages are countless, but remember to guarantee the hiring of one that is already consolidated in the market so you don’t regret it later.

In this content, you learned how important marketing to psychologists is and how the digital issue has become relevant. With more people using the internet to get information and research, including issues of the mind, you will be able to take a better position and be seen as an authority on the subject, winning more patients and differentiating yourself in the market.


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