Sedentary lifestyle: know the dangers and know how to prevent

Modern life has created scenarios favorable to sedentarism. Just think of the long working hours, in which many people sit for whole days, combined with technologies and means of transport that make walking and daily movements increasingly reduced. With examples like these, it is essential to prevent sedentary behavior from strengthening and impacting your health .

According to a report by the World Health Organization, today, 23% of adults are not considered to be practicing any physical activities. Among adolescents, the percentage reaches 81%.

Therefore, the sedentary habit is very harmful. Not surprisingly, reduced exercise is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, stress and depression. Do you want to become a more active person and know how to prevent yourself from the evils of physical inactivity? So, read some of our tips below!

Choose activities and exercises that you identify with

One of the essential factors for regular physical activity is choosing the one you like. In addition to making the moment enjoyable, the action avoids a quick withdrawal in the future.

Physical activity, in this case, is considered all activity in which there is movement, with energy expenditure, which can be as simple as walking from home to the bus stop. Exercises, on the other hand, involve planned actions and recruit sports movements.

Much more than being influenced by the new fashion class, invest in your well-being and in what adapts to your routine. Today, there is an extensive list of exercises, divided into aerobic, strength and stretching exercises that can be chosen.

For different levels of fitness, some examples are weight training, running, swimming, pilates, functional training, dances, fights, cycling and walking. These, simpler to practice and without much impact on the joints, are highly recommended by health professionals who are taking the first step away from sedentary lifestyle.

Start small

Starting a new physical practice can be very exciting. At first, however, the recommendation is to start with caution, after performing a check-up at a medical clinic and making sure that you are fit for the exercise of your choice.

Exaggerations at the outset increase the chances of overloading your muscles and causing injuries that temporarily remove you from active life. A good suggestion is to start exercising for thirty minutes a day, three times a week.

After a fortnight, try increasing the frequency to four days. If you manage to reach five days a week with thirty minutes of light physical activity, you can already enjoy many health benefits.

Be more active in your daily life

Not only do exercises leave you sedentary. Day-to-day activities such as walking from home to work, walking the dog, climbing stairs and cleaning at home are great ways to keep your body active.

Being in motion on a daily basis improves the quality of sleep, promotes weight loss, develops physical conditioning and posture. When it comes to the mind, it generates good humor, calm and well-being, removing illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Leaving sedentary lifestyle aside is always a good choice. Regardless of the activities practiced, remember that a body that moves has more energy and willingness to deal with routine tasks.


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