Sector 7 – Final Fantasy VII, complete guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

After passing the previous chapter and the sewer area we will reach sector 7. There we can save the game and collect a S Potion in the barrel that we see when crossing the first train car to continue with our complete guide . We continue our progress through the trains and their roofs, collecting all the objects we see until we find two wagons drawn in “high definition”. We will have to enter the one below and then the shorter one above so that they push a train in the middle and we can cross a ladder established at the top of the car.

Sector 7

We continue on the left until we see a scene and we can save the game again. We will have to climb the pillar to get to Barret, defeat all the enemies we meet along the way and reach the top.

Boss: Reno

To end this boss we must launch all possible limits, in addition to ice magic. Its main power in addition to its direct attacks are pyramids that it builds around our protagonists and that will block our attacks. To get rid of them we must attack with another character that is affected. If we continue attacking Reno will end up running away and the combat will be over.

After that we will see a scene in which the enemies flee with Aeris from the place and the bomb explodes the pillar. We will not be able to avoid it, but we will save ourselves from the explosion and fall in the lower park of the suburbs. From there we continue our way back to the market and arrive at Aeris’ mother’s house to see a scene and to rest. Once we get out of there we go to the Mercado Muro , picking up the Materia “Sentir” in the park on the way. At the market we headed to the gym to talk to the one in front of the punching bag and then to the gun store to buy “zinc batteries” at the left counter.

When we have them, we go to the north to meet some children and follow them to the top of the pipe. To continue advancing we have to place the batteries where indicated and jump from pipe to pipe until we reach the highest point. With this we will have finished the chapter and we can continue .


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