What is Sect? How many sects are divided? How did the sects emerge?

There are many questions that confuse us about the sect. How did sects come about, what is sect, what are sects in Islam? You will find the answer to these questions you have in mind here. Here are the answers to your questions ..

Islam Religions and Sects

In order to live and act as our religion deems necessary, Allah (swt) sent down the Quran . All our prayers and deeds should be according to the Qur’an, but sometimes we may not even find the answers to some religious questions in our Qur’an. At this point, we refer to the words of our prophet, the hadiths and circumcisions that had life.

Different interpretations of the verses, hadiths and circumcisions were interpreted in different ways. Sects have formed with these differences of opinion.

First of all, this idea must be agreed; sects should never appear to be a religion, they should not be shown. The founders of the sect are not the guardians or communicators of religion. In other words, every sect should not be perceived as a different religion. Sects  are defined as a kind of school of thought that provides understanding and interpretation of the Islamic religion.

Before making discriminations between sects, let us mention that the main thing is: Religion requires believing in God and acting in accordance with his belief. As we wrote at the beginning, most of the things we need to know about our religion are written in the Qur’an, but Muslims with normal qualifications may not understand and interpret every verse written here. The emergence of sects emerged when scholars who undertook this task assumed this task.

What is Sect?

The word meaning of the sect means to follow, the path taken, the opinion adopted. In the religious sense, it means that a mujtahid Islamic scholar interprets closed and imprecise verses and hadiths in a way that is not contrary to Islam and brings solutions in this regard. According to another definition, denomination is the name given to each of the branches of any religion that arise due to various differences of opinion. Sects are also religious personality and society’s view of religion. The perceiver causes him to think in different ways for some reasons. In short  , we can define Mehzebi as distinction, difference and fold.

Religions in the World

  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • I Hinduism were repugnant
  • Christianity
  • Judaism

How many sects are divided in Islam?

As in many religions, sects differ in Islam. In Islam, sects  are divided into two main groups: Fiqhi Sects and Itikadi Sects . In this part of our content, we will examine both the Fıkhi sects and the Itikadi sects in depth. Here are the Hak Sects in Islam and information about these sects …

Religious Denominations;

1. Fiqh sects

They are sects that emerged in line with subjects such as worship, marriage, divorce, trade, heritage and deeds in Islamic religion. We can list these sects briefly as follows;

Hanafi Sect

It is in the Sunni fiqh denominations of the Islamic religion. Its founder is Abu Hanafi , called Imam-Azam The Hanafi sect was first born from Iraqi territory and spread to the west from the middle. It was included in the main fiqh sects during the Abbasid period. With the fall of the Abbasids, a decline was made in the Hanafi sect, but with the establishment of the Ottoman State, it started to revive. Turkey belong to the Hanafi majority of the population. Nowadays, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria , Jordan, India, Bulgaria, Greece , the majority of Muslims living in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania’s territory is Hanafi sect.According to the Hanafism sect, the Qur’anic verses are firstly looked at for the solution of a subject. If there is no solution on the subject in the verses, this time the sunnah is applied, and they are based on the life and behavior of our prophet.

Maliki Sect

It was founded by Imam Maliki bin Enes . Imam Maliki, who believed that the science needed was in Madinah, did not leave the city of this prophet, who was holy throughout his life. This sect was first adopted by the people of Hicaz, and then began to spread rapidly by those who came to perform their pilgrimage. Completely Hz. Proceeding in the direction of Muhammad (SA V) and giving fatwa on this path, Imam Malik ensured the formation of the Maliki sect.

Shafii Sect

Its founder is Imam-i Shafi . The Shafii sect was first born in Egypt and then spread to Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Horosan. Today, most of the Muslims in Egypt, Syria and Iraq belong to the Shafii sect. The territory of Turkey is a sect of people in most of Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia Shafi’i.

Hanbeli Sect

Its founder is Ahmet bin Hanbel . It has taken its place among the fiqh sects where the Qur’an and hadiths are prominent. If there is no certain information about the subject in the Qur’an and Sunnah, the closest way is applied. Today, Muslims belonging to this school are dominant in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

2. Religious Sects

Itikad means accepting something in a way that is not possible as opposed to being a word meaning , connecting with heart. The religious sects are denominations focused on faith and belief. We can classify these sects as follows;

The Ahl Al-Sunnah Sect

Hz. It is the sect that goes through the path of Muhammad (SA V) and never deviates from this path. The source of this sect is the Quran and Sunnah. The people of Ahl as-Sunnah believe in whatever is stated in the Quran or the sunnah and apply it. Ehl-i Sunnah sect is divided into two branches.

·      Mâtüriddiyye Sect

Its founder is Abu Mansur Muhammed, who was born in Maturid in the villages of Samarkand. Generally, Hanafis are in the school of Maturidi.

·       Eş’ariyye Sect

Its founder is Ebu’l Hasan Eş’ari. Maliki and Shafis generally belong to the Eş’ariyye sect. Both denominations are suitable for the sunnah of our prophet.

The Sect of Ahl al-Bid

Hz. They are the ones who interpret and apply the sunnah of Muhammad (SAW) and the provisions of the Quran according to them. In other words, this means that those who deviate from the way of circumcision and enter the bid’ah. Bid’at literally means any kind of behavior, speech and thought that contradict the principles of religion. Our Prophet said in a hadith as follows;

“The best of words is the Book of Allah, the best of the ways is the way of Muhammad .” What was later removed and fabricated is called bidi’at, i.e. heresy.

Ehl-i bid’a sect has many branches.

·      Cebria:

It defends has been given the chance to choose cuz it is not the will of the people.

·      Mu’tazila

It is a sect that sees mind superior to revelation.

·      Murji’ah

Although they commit sins as much as they want, it is a sect to believe that they will enter paradise when they say “La ilaha İllallah Muhammeden Rasulullah”.

·      Kharijism

Remove alone and being in absolute terms the Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet is ignore.

·      Shia

Quran is missing some verses and claiming four great caliphs of the Prophet. Those who do not like other than Ali.

·      Wahhabism

Divide the British nation, it is a sect they reveal to distribute.

People of Delalet, Ahl

It is the sect of those who deviate from believing in Allah, the prophet and the hereafter. Delalet means heresy in the right way. Ehl-i Delalet, on the other hand, is a sect of those who have devoted themselves to belief in Allah, the prophet and the ahmet. Durzilik and Bahailik are examples of these. The Bahais consider their founders to be gods, and perform their prayers in the direction of the house where that person died.

How did the sects emerge?

Hz. When Mohammed (SAV) was alive, he gathered around the Companions and asked whatever they were wondering about, any question they had in mind. Our Prophet also interpreted the most correct way because he knew how to interpret the Qur’an and the reasons of the verses. With the death of our Prophet, the Companions went out of the lands of Mecca and Medina. Where they went, people asked questions about religious issues, and they answered these questions, but some issues were solved accordingly, with their unique traditions and customs. Different views emerged over time with the spread and practices of these Companions, which were distributed to different places.

Islamic sects, Hz. The war between Ali and Muaviye and the division in Islamic society brought the first sectarian separation in the form of Sunni, Shiite and Haricism. There are schools named after these cities in different Islamic cities in the early periods. The madrasas of Damascus, Kufa, Basra and Medina are just a few of them.


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