Secrets of good coffee: know what influences your coffee

The warm cup and the smell of freshly made coffee win the hearts of many people, especially Brazilians. The drink, which is part of the daily life of most people, is adored for several reasons. Whether for its energetic power or even for the simple pleasure of enjoying quality coffee.

And, by the way, what is quality coffee? Do you know what influences the final result of your coffee? In today’s post, you’ll discover everything you need to ensure the best coffee you’ve ever had!


Freshly ground coffee

This is a very important detail for you to have that wonderful experience that is to have a good coffee. Freshly ground coffee is famous and we all know that its quality is unquestionable. But do you know why?

Coffee compounds are very sensitive to external factors, especially to oxygen exposure. The coffee bean is responsible for storing and protecting all of this. And as soon as ground coffee comes into contact with the air, a large part of its composition – and everything that makes coffee “the” coffee – may end up being lost little by little. Therefore, it is recommended to grind the beans on the spot!


But then, isn’t the packaged coffee good?

There are many coffees that are already ground and that are very good too! The quality of a coffee prepared with freshly ground beans is undeniable. But some precautions can also guarantee a good experience with the packaged coffee powder. If you keep the powder very well packaged, in a dry and ventilated place, and consume it within 4 months of the date of manufacture, you can also enjoy a good coffee.

In addition, it is not just the issue of grinding that influences. The roasting point, the variety, the quality of the grain have their contribution. Harvesting and handling coffee also matters.


The importance of water for good coffee

What are the only two ingredients for making a cup of coffee? Water and coffee, right? Now that you know the importance of coffee powder, it’s time for the most important tip that no one ever takes into account: the quality of the water.

Since more than 90% of the drink consists of water, pay attention! The quality of the liquid can work miracles for your coffee. It is essential that the water is clean, fresh and odorless! This may seem obvious, but you probably remember a time when you had a glass of water and tasted of chlorine. This is, in fact, another caveat regarding quality water in the preparation of good coffee. Chlorine can degrade the quality of your drink. The ideal, in these cases, is to ensure a filter or water purifier that is efficient in removing chlorine.


Another option would be to use mineral water. However, high levels of sodium, relatively common in bottled beverages, can also detract from the quality of your drink. The American Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) recommends up to 10mg / L sodium and 0mg / L chlorine!

Another important recommendation for the preparation of an impeccable coffee is to pay attention to the water temperature. The ideal is never to boil it. Weird? It is not surprising, since the Brazilian has a habit of waiting for the water to bubble and then prepare the drink.

The ideal is to heat the water between 90ºC and 96ºC. Less than that can result in disembodied coffees and poor flavor and aroma. This is because the soluble compounds have not been completely extracted; however, exceeding the recommended 96ºC may end up extracting bitter and astringent compounds, compromising the result.


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