The secret of practicing self-love every day and being happier!

Self-love is a very popular term today. How many times have you heard one of these phrases: “you need to love yourself more”, “why don’t you love yourself?”, “If you loved yourself, it wouldn’t have happened to you”. However, although it may seem very simple, in practice it can be very difficult. We are always willing to love someone and forget to love a much more important person: ourselves. So today I brought you the secret of practicing self-love every day. Want to know which one? Then read this text to the end.

In today’s text we will talk about:

  • What is self-love?
  • Why is self-love important?
  • The secret of self-love
  • Tips for you to exercise self-love
  • Start now!

What is self-love?

Self-love is a state of appreciation for itself that grows out of actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love is dynamic, it grows through actions that mature us. When we act in ways that expand self-love in us, we begin to accept our weaknesses, as well as our strengths, much better. We have less need to explain our mistakes, we have compassion for ourselves and we recognize ourselves as human beings struggling to find personal meaning. In addition, we are more focused on our purpose and values ​​in life, and look forward to fulfillment through our own efforts.

Why is self-love important?

Self-love helps us to prosper as human beings, mentally, physically and spiritually. We can give more love to others once we give ourselves love. We can be at peace with ourselves and our appearance and stop comparing ourselves to others.

The secret of self-love

Think of yourself as a tree or a plant that needs some water every day. Now think of water as small self-love practices and how important it is to water that tree every day, or else the leaves start to turn brown, the flowers disappear. Practice small acts of self-love every day and you will become even more confident , powerful and more beautiful than you already are.

Tips for you to exercise self-love

Forgive yourself

Each of us makes mistakes – in relationships, finances, personal decisions and so on. Mistakes can be costly reminders to think about before acting, but they can also turn into bigger lessons. Remembering this can help us to forgive our previous failures and discover, in the midst of all problems, a higher purpose. When we forgive ourselves for our deficiencies, we can direct our attention to new efforts that produce new results.

You have to accept your humanity (the fact that you are not perfect) before you really love yourself. Try to be more flexible when you make a mistake. Remember, there are no failures if you have learned and grown from your mistakes, there are only lessons learned.

Put yourself first

There is a certain beauty about sacrifice, but if it happens repeatedly, something is wrong. When you constantly put yourself in second place, you set up a vicious pattern of behavior. Over time, you move into second place in more than one area of ​​life. Reassess what it means to put yourself first: getting involved with your real interests, pursuing your ambitions and ensuring your well-being. Practice this mantra in all difficult situations: if it does not bring me well, it is not worth my effort.

Say more “I love myself”

Say that phrase to yourself, talk to yourself every morning. Look in the mirror and say “I love you” out loud. We criticize ourselves and blame ourselves for almost everything, rarely recognizing the things we do well or to be proud of. Show yourself daily doses of appreciation that, after all, are deserved.

Recognize your strengths

Recognizing your strongest traits will give you a deep understanding of yourself. This is a precious tool that you can use to cultivate your best qualities. Find out what your talents are and show the world with confidence. Once you recognize your strengths, you can raise your standards in all elements of life. The moment you start to believe that you deserve the best, it is the moment when you receive the best.

Do something you love every day (or whenever you can)

When was the last time you did something you really loved? Ambition is great, but sometimes our lives are so busy that we dismiss simple pleasures to take care of work. If it’s a hobby, talent or special craft, take thirty minutes out of your day, each day, to practice what makes you happy. Everything can wait while you give yourself to what you love.

Cut out all negative influences

Make a list of the people in your life who don’t do you good. You know who they are – the ones that drain you physically, emotionally or mentally, that take advantage of you or cause any form of stagnation.

Bring the right people into your life. There are “friends” who delight in their pain and loss, rather than their happiness and success. My suggestion for you here: get rid of them! There is not enough time in your life to waste with people who want to take the shine off your face. You will love and respect yourself more.

Unleash love for yourself

We have accumulated an abundant love within us, as if we waited to release it to the right person. In reality, this love should be released to ourselves. Allow your self-love to flow freely by eliminating criticism, insecurities and doubts. Why wait for someone to love you when you can (and should) love yourself first?

Celebrate your little victories

It is easy to be distracted by big plans and neglect small past victories. Celebrate your personal triumphs, large and small, and let every previous small triumph be a fervent reminder that wonderful things can happen in the future. Don’t be afraid to raise your glass and toast to that incredible person who has overcome many challenges: you.

Enjoy your creativity

We are all creative, but our originality can be stunted by external factors. For example, your job may not allow you to express your true ingenuity. Our imagination allows us to manifest our brightest ideas for life if we can open the creative doors that exist within us. Incorporate your creative tendencies into everyday life: the way you dress, speak, decorate your home … Expand your creative potential to reach its peak.

move on

Moving your body is a safe way to feel good about yourself. This does not mean that you need to get up early in the morning to exercise (if you like it, then keep doing it!). It could be a simple 15-minute walk during a busy day at work, or dancing around your living room to your favorite tunes.

Take a break

I firmly believe in the power of pause, and it’s one of my favorite tactics to look inside myself. When you take a break to think, it is possible to assess what you need at that moment. This can do wonders for staying balanced and slowing down when things get hectic.

Remember how amazing you are

Every morning, start the day by saying something you like about yourself or something you do well. By always listening to something positive, you will start to believe these statements.

Take care

You will love yourself more when you take better care of your basic needs. People with great self-love eat daily through healthy activities such as sound nutrition, physical exercise, adequate sleep, intimacy and healthy social interactions.

Set boundaries

You will love yourself more when you set limits or say no to activities that exhaust or hurt you, emotionally and spiritually, or that express badly who you are.

Start now

I am not here to tell you that you will be happy every day. This is not realistic. But even when you’re unhappy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t love and respect yourself every day. Self-love needs practice, but the more you focus and let it be part of your life, the more it becomes second nature. This is the great secret of self-love.

Remember: you have to love yourself first before you can expect others to love you in return. It is not someone else’s job to make you feel loved … It starts inside you. It can be a long way before you can love yourself fully, but don’t give up, you will see it is worth it!

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