The secret to leading a lighter life: 13 surefire tips

We live an extremely stressful life. There are so many obligations, our routine is frantic, everyone around us lives at such a fast pace that it is difficult to even stop to breathe and have time for ourselves. However, living at this pace in the long run can be detrimental to our mental and physical health. How about taking advantage of this beginning of the year and start making some changes in your habits? Then see the secret to living a lighter life.

  • The weight we all carry
  • The importance of having a lighter life
  • Releasing tensions
  • Make an effort
  • Want to change and take control of your life?

The weight we all carry

Most of us live with a lot of heavy loads. It can be a job that demands a lot from yourself, family problems, relationship problems … All this added to the frantic pace of a society that demands that everything be done as quickly as possible. We are already so used to living this way that we barely realize that this is not a good way to live. When was the last time you did something with a worry-free mind? At what point in your life did you stop looking for a more complete, lighter life?

The importance of having a lighter life

One of the most important things that I learned during the period that I started working with relationships is that I can do everything better when I’m happy. It really changes everything. If I’m happy, I’m more productive, my emotional is balanced and I find it easier to stay focused.

I discovered that there are some key habits that, for me, act as great rituals to allow me to be lighter, without stress. These are simple things, but they help to balance my emotional and make me lighter, especially on those days when I’m not feeling 100%.

Releasing tensions

According to experts, living life more lightly can be a way for a person to break free from the burden of feelings, emotions, stress and tensions that they carry every day. That way, even if the person faces daily challenges, he will do it in an optimistic and relaxed way. That is, you will be able to see even a positive part of the stress, as it will make you overcome the difficulties. You will become a more positive and optimistic woman.

Tips for a lighter life

Some simple tips that can help you take life less stressfully and analyze problems from another perspective. Try to bring some of them into your daily life and you will see how you will have a lighter life.

Practice outdoor sports

In addition to being a super healthy habit, playing sports in a wooded park or in contact with nature is a way to renew your energy and relieve stress. In addition, physical activity also helps to make the body and mind more active and ready for everyday life.

Have a hobby

Sing, play a musical instrument, take pictures. Find enjoyable activities that make you happy. This is great advice to relax and forget about your problems for a while.

Live new adventures

If you don’t have a hobby, new experiences and different activities are the best way to find a hobby . A new adventure is always a good choice, even for those who already have an activity for their free moments.

Resting after lunch

Much less radical, this advice is to give new vigor after a full morning of work. Relaxing in a hammock or even taking a short nap can rest your mind and increase your afternoon’s productivity. This advice also applies to short breaks during working hours, such as coffee to distract your head a little.

Take a few minutes to meditate

In the day-to-day routine, it is common to spend an entire day without “stopping to breathe”. With technology then, there is not a single minute of rest without looking at messages or social networks on the cell phone.

I will propose a challenge: take minutes of the day to be quiet and without interference from television or a smartphone . Do a meditation. A tip to perform this activity is to pay attention to your breath, consciously. Exercise helps to maintain attention and concentration, even during routine.

See life positively

People who smile frequently are happier and less stressed. Everyone has problems and focusing on the negative side only helps to bring more stress and headache. Have you ever heard of the glass half full of water? Negative people will say that the glass is half empty, optimistic people will say that it is half full. Become part of this second group. They prefer to pay more attention to the little good things that happen every day.

Allow yourself to have small pleasures

Find friends to chat or have a beer at the end of the day, have an ice cream, prepare a dinner for the family, watch a movie or be close to the people you love. These are just a few examples of simple everyday situations, but they can bring more happiness and lightness into your life!

Listen to advice

Learn to accept advice as well as constructive criticism, as they will help you to grow as a person and professional. It is important to listen and learn to accept when we are wrong.

Learn not to react or judge

Having a habit of taking things personally means that you assume that someone is attacking you in a way, when in reality it may be that they are just playing or having a bad day. Learn to control your emotions. Don’t jump to conclusions. Other people also make mistakes, learn to be patient.

Allow yourself to be frustrated

Wishes can sometimes not be fulfilled, so a good dose of patience, trial and error is essential to move forward.

Change the focus

Demotivation has to do with the perception that desires are unattainable. One of the changes we must make is to start by defining goals, desires, objectives, according to the real possibilities.


People who use humor to deal with stress have a better immune system, reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, experience less pain during dental treatments and live longer. Laughter should be like a daily vitamin. Just remembering the funny moments can improve your relationship. Humor can bring many benefits to your life.

Touch someone

Touch can reduce stress, improve your job performance and help you to be persuasive. Hugs make you happier. Sex can help prevent heart attacks, in addition to improving your immune system and making you much more productive and creative.

Make an effort

Remember that you should value everything you do as much as possible. Having a lighter and happier life is for the brave. This requires effort and willpower. However, the essential thing is to understand that having a lighter life is not impossible, it is a constant work that helps us become the people we want and, most importantly, bring a little joy to our life and to the world.

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