Secret Island in Erangel: Location, Loot Locations and Tips

PUBG Mobile Erangel has a spawn island located apart from the main island. It’s one of the best loot locations on this map. However, not many players can reach this small island. Today, we are going to learn about this secret island in PUBG Mobile Erangel .

The secret island in Erangel

The spawning island is a small secret island located far northeast of the main island. You can define and mark the location of this secret island before getting on the plane. It is the place where all the players gather before the game and the countdown to start the game.

This amazing loot spot is far from the main island . Also, you can’t get there by parachute. Therefore, not many players go there for the loot. However, this spawning island is full of great loot, such as level 3 armor, level 3 helmet, backpack, powerful assault rifles, etc. Also, you can find enough supplies, such as painkillers, energy drink, adrenaline syringe, first aid kit, etc.

You can find a lot of good loot in the houses of this secret island

Especially, there is a firearm for you to call the airdrop and get fancy weapons and supplies. You can find the firearm in a basement on this island and take it to the mainland. It is because this secret island is often outside the first circle . If you shoot the gun, you will get an armored truck . But it seems to be useless because you can’t drive the truck to the mainland in time. Therefore, you need to loot the supplies and the weapon quickly and return to the main island .

Reach the secret island of Erangel by speedboat

Plus, it’s the only good loot spot that’s low risk. You can land on the northeast edge of the main island and find a boat parking near the edge of the island and drive it to this secluded secret island. You will have to find a can of gasoline on the island, to fill up the boat and return to the big island.


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