Second Hand Smoke While Pregnant;Is It risk for the fetus?

Second Hand Smoke While Pregnant.Secondhand smoke is harmful to the health of nonsmokers. Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer, increases the risk of heart disease, and adversely affects the health of youths and unborn children.Too often inhaling cigarette smoke during pregnancy is very dangerous for the fetus in the womb.Being passive smoker during pregnancy is very dangerous because cigarette smoke can bring a lot of problems for both mother and baby.

Throughout pregnancy, pregnant women need to adopt a series of body care , such as maintaining weight and eating well , to ensure that the baby is born healthy and, of course, to preserve their own health. Another important precaution is to avoid the consumption of cigarettes and secondhand smoke , that is, the inspiration of smoke produced by another person, since cigarettes have substances that pose risks to pregnancy and the fetus.

Secondhand smoke increases risk of premature birth/Second Hand Smoke While Pregnant.

“Nicotine, the main active substance in tobacco, is able to reduce the blood flow in all the arteries of the body, including the blood flow in the placenta, the organ that transfers oxygen and nutrients to the baby”, says gynecologist and obstetrician Thiago of Lima Nishiyama. Therefore, babies of smoking mothers are born, on average, with 200 grams less in weight.

The passive smoking is second on the risks to health of the fetus, because of other toxic substances in the cigarette. “Studies comparing pregnant women exposed and not exposed to secondhand smoke have shown that secondhand smoke reduces the weight of babies at birth, decreases the weight of the placenta and increases the chance of premature birth”, reports the expert.

 Cigarettes during pregnancy may have neurological problems.Second Hand Smoke While Pregnant

The problems don’t stop there. Cigarette smoking is related to problems in the placenta, which can cause serious complications for both the mother and the baby. The child’s neurological development is also compromised and becomes more susceptible to aggressive behavior and attention deficit due to secondhand smoke, whose risks depend on the dose of exposure to cigarettes. To eliminate any risk, the ideal is that neither the pregnant woman nor the people who live around her smoke , especially avoiding being with smokers indoors.

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