Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) properties and benefits

It is a shrub that grows spontaneously, even in arid but very bright soils, very common in northern and central Italy.The fruits of the Sea Buckthorn are normally harvested during the summer period and can be easily recognized by the typically oval and bright orange color.

The natural remedies of Sea Buckthorn

It stimulates our immune system and is a neurological tonic in lymphatic subjects.In the form of natural remedies Hippophae rhamnoides is particularly useful in cases of respiratory tract infections and recurrences.
Sea Buckthorn is also very rich in vitamin C, essential fatty acids (85-90%), linoleic and linolenic acid, but also Palmitoleic acid (believed to stimulate tissue and cellular regeneration). It is also considered very effective in the treatment of wounds facilitating healing through the healing process.

Properties of  Hippophae rhamnoides and all its Vitamins

  • Reduces cholesterol (LDL) levels.
  • It contains vitamin B12 which plays a fundamental role in cellular metabolism and regeneration and in the catabolism of fatty acids.
  • It is rich in vitamin A and provitamin A which together with other carotenoids such as lycopene play an important antioxidant action, which is very important.
  • Very rich in vitamin C , from group B, vitamins D, E, K, F and beta-carotene, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium.
  • Rich in minerals including iron, calcium and nitrogen.

The uses of Sea Buckthorn berries

Excellent is its juice made with fruits, it can be made with a centrifuge or extractor always with its fresh fruits, they are rich in properties and it is also an excellent tonic, tonic against tiredness and is able to fight anemia and inappetence and its consumption improves eyesight and slows down the aging process.

Sea buckthorn in phytotherapy

In phytotherapy l ‘ Hippophae rhamnoides is mainly used in the form of its fruits, from which are obtained a series of products such as: infusions, syrups and docotti.

The Olivello Spinoso is under observation by the cosmetics industry, being mainly sought for the preparation of creams and oils for cosmetic use, thanks to its anti-age function.

It is held responsible by anyone to improve the radiation resistance of man.

In addition, many people who consume L’Ostivello Spinoso in grastronia and in the kitchen occasionally claim to more easily reach a sense of satiety, thus encouraging its integration into different diets.

Sea buckthorn consumption in the kitchen

The raw and fresh fruits can be eaten and it is therefore advisable to consume them during the day to make the most of the vitamin content.

In the kitchen with Olivello Spinoso berries you can prepare delicious jams or jellies. Both dishes are excellent for making desserts and preserves for the winter.

Recipe Sea buckthorn jam, strawberries, apples with natural lemon

 Here are the ingredients:

  • 300 grams of organic strawberries
  • 200 grams of sea buckthorn berries
  • 2 organic apples , we can choose the variety
  • 400 grams of cane sugar
  • 1 organic lemon


Carefully wash and dry the sea buckthorn berries, strawberries, apples and strawberries. Now we cut them into small pieces and put everything in a large bowl, pour the brown sugar and then add the lemon juice.Now everything is ready for cooking, pour it all into a pot and bring it to the boil, when our jam is ready, we put it in our already sterilized jars, then store it in the fridge, and it is ready for consumption, to our pleasure

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