Science tells you why you can’t get over your ex

Did you end a relationship, but couldn’t get over your ex? Don’t worry, according to science it may be due to the production of certain chemicals generated by our brain, capable of regulating our emotions. So, perhaps this has a lot to do with the fact that, having ended a relationship, you feel the need to call your ex or even stalk her networks, you want to call her.

A love breakup can be very complicated when cutting off all kinds of contact with that person you loved very much. If you’re having a hard time getting over your relationship and you think you have an obsession, it might just be your brain playing tricks.


It must be remembered that a love breakup represents a loss, so, according to experts, it is necessary to go through a grieving process, especially if the relationship lasted a long time.

But why is it hard to get over the ex?

When you feel love , a neurotransmitter called dopamine is turned on, which stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. This, coupled with a decrease in serotonin levels, adds a pinch of obsession. In other words, it becomes the recipe for pleasant, extreme, stupefied, urgent and even somewhat obsessive love.

A study published in the  Journal of Experimental Psychology points out that all these emotions may be due to the chemicals in our brain playing tricks on us. And, deep down, that obsession we feel for our ex is nothing more than a neurotransmitter rush .

The neurotransmitters that act in this phase, that of passionate love, make you spend the day thinking about the other person, that you have a feeling of overflowing energy. You can even go three nights without sleep and still ride like a motorcycle from the effect of hormones. Explain, Miren Larrazabal  director of Clinical Psychology and Sexology at the Lyx Institute .

With which it is shown that after we suffer a love breakdown the chemicals that are in our brain can cause a cocktail of emotions and that suddenly you feel the unbridled and obsessive urge to call your ex. Don’t do it, it’s pure chemistry.


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