Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review

Spoiler alert: Samsung Z Fold 2 is worth the money. After all, this is not just a phone, but a whole portable workstation that combines a smartphone, tablet and even a laptop! And yet it fits in your pocket.

In this review, we will analyze the characteristics along and across, starting from the features of the display and ending with the intricacies of the camera.

Why do you need a folding smartphone?

The answer is obvious: to attract attention and have 3 gadgets on hand at once. Even Apple does not have foldable phones, and Samsung respects its ingenuity.

When folded, the Fold 2 practically does not differ from the usual phone. Well, maybe a little with an unusual aspect ratio and width. The manufacturer conceived this screen to quickly control the interface and the role of the viewfinder when shooting with the main camera.

In reality, the Fold 2 “half” can be used like a regular mobile phone. It will be appreciated by those who are used to using the phone with one hand. In the case of the Galaxy Fold, it’s incredibly convenient. The increased thickness is good, the phone will not slip out of the palm.

The unusual aspect ratio (24.9: 9) plays into the hands when browsing lists, working with social networks and instant messengers: much more of such content will fit here than in conventional 16: 9 and even 19.5: 9 smartphones. But when watching a video, you will have to put up with black stripes on the sides or “open” the phone and watch the content on the main screen.

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Tablet mode

If you expand your smartphone 180 °, it turns into a thin tablet with a “square screen” – where the aspect ratio is 11.8: 9. Therefore, it will be convenient to read, edit photos, watch and create video content.

For comfortable use, you will have to use both hands. Especially if you need to type quickly. On the wide screen there is a place for expanse, “one right” will not cope.

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Micro laptop mode

In this position, the mobile phone turns on the interface, which divides the open application into 2 zones – the lower and upper screens. At first, working with such a laptop is inconvenient, but gradually you get used to it, having got hold of a miniature laptop that fits in the palm of your hand.

To invoke the micronout mode, you need to take three steps.

  1. Open the required application.
  2. Call the keyboard: tap on the text input line.
  3. Fix the phone in a half-open state from 75 ° to 115 °.

Communicator Modes

If you bend the display more than 115 °, but less than 180 °, you get a handy PDA (pocket personal computer). This is easier to type with both hands. To do this, you need to turn the mobile phone to landscape orientation (when one half is lower than the other) and bring up the keyboard.

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General ergonomics

In terms of dimensions, the phone is “plump” – especially if you use it in the folded mode. And this is not surprising – in this state, its depth is 16.8 mm. When unfolded, the thickness is normal – 6.9 mm.

At first, it is unusual with him, since the hands are already used to ultra-thin smartphones. But literally in a few hours, the hands adapt to both the size and weight (279 g) of the device.

The opening hinge is reliable, the device “opens” smoothly. Closes from a light touch of the finger. The hinge is rated for 200,000 open / close. If you open the mobile phone 100 times a day, the hinge will work properly for 5 years.

The smartphone comes in two colors – black and bronze . There are options where you can choose the color of the swivel module: silver, red, blue or gold.

The fingerprint sensor is located on the left side (on the off button). You can unlock it by touch or glance. Microphones and speakers are located at the ends of the device. The sound quality is the highest, because this mobile phone has the best speakers of all Galaxy devices.

The phone is charged via the USB-C port. But there was no room for mini-Jack (a standard 3.5 mm plug for wired headphones ). We’ll have to look for wired “ears” with USB-C (like the Razer Hammerhead ) or Bluetooth models like the Galaxy Earbuds Live.

The multitasking mode allows you to work with 3 applications at the same time. When taking a screenshot, you can select the desired part of the screen without manually cropping the image. You can drag files and data from one window to another directly from your phone. This will be appreciated by those who work in office programs and are faced with the need to transfer tables and graphs from one application to another.

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On the outer screen, the edges have become so thin that they are almost invisible. The parameters speak for themselves:

  • size: 6.23 inches;
  • aspect ratio 25: 9;
  • resolution: 816×2260 pixels;
  • refresh rate – 60 Hz.

The parameters of the external screen are so good that it will be enough for all basic tasks. However, the “sweetest” manufacturer has in store for the internal screen. Its characteristics are the highest in Samsung and are comparable to a portable workstation for a graphic designer.

  • size – 7.6 inches (like a compact tablet like Apple iPad mini 5 );
  • the front camera mounted inside the screen will not “eat” part of the picture, as the “ bangs ” did ;
  • resolution – 1768 x 2208 pixels. Perfect for viewing and creating content in ultra-high definition;
  • screen density – 373 pixels per inch. The picture is more detailed and “juicier”;
  • HDR10 + dynamic range support provides rich picture with realistic reproduction of shades;
  • hertzovka (frame rate) adaptive from 11 Hz (frame / sec.) to 120 Hz. It is impossible to put it down on your own – the device automatically adjusts to the content on the screen;
  • display brightness 450 nits in manual mode, 700 nits at high brightness, 900 nits at peak. This makes it possible to clearly see what is happening on the screen under the bright sun or light in the face.

Corning’s UTG (ulta-thin glass) spray simulates the feel of a “glass display”. Previously, it was only in the Flip line, now it has moved to the Fold. This makes working with the screen more pleasant tactilely – although it is a small thing, it will improve the user experience every day.

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Surely, the Fold 2 will be relevant years after its release. He has flagship characteristics, which are collected in the table:

Parameter Meaning
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ with Adreno 650 GPU
Built-in memory 256  and 512 GB
Read-only memory standard UFS 3.1
Memory card support No
Supports 2 SIM cards 1 nano-sim + eSim

The interface is smooth even when working with several applications at the same time and rendering “heavy” files. With such a device, you can at least draw up an annual report of a law firm, or even edit an hour-long 4K video for a YouTube channel – it can withstand any load.

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There are selfie cameras on the outside and inside. These are two identical 10 megapixel modules (the same as in the Note 20 ). They are embedded in the display, do not cling to your fingers. Above them is a miniature earpiece slot, which can only be seen with a magnifying glass in hand. The color rendition is good, AR effects are supported.

The main module consists of a block of 3 matrices. The characteristics of the Samsung Z Fold 2 cameras are solid – to match the model:

Matrix type Options
Classic f / 2.4, 52mm telephoto, 1 / 3.6 ″ sensor, 1.0µm pixel size, PDAF, OIS, 2x optical zoom
Wide angle f / 1.8, wide format with EGF 26 mm, matrix size 1 / 1.76 ″, pixel size 1.8 µm, focusing Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS
Zoom x2 f / 2.2, angle 123˚, ultra-wide with 12mm EGF, 1.12μm pixels

Video quality ranges from the usual HD (1280×720 px) at 30 fps to advanced UHD 4K (3840×2160) at 60 fps. It is possible to record clips in HEVC format – the video will take up less space than a regular mp4 file, all other things being equal.

There is a night mode – where artificial intelligence automatically analyzes the conditions and determines the optimal light sensitivity (ISO) and shutter speed. You can adjust these parameters yourself in the “Professional” mode.

If you self on the main camera, you can configure the output of the image to an external screen. And the unusual shape and hinges allow you to set the frame in the way that was previously possible only with a tripod. The new “live focus” function allows the mobile phone to recognize where a person is. When shooting, she “follows” him, fixing the picture on the figure.


4500 mAh battery with fast charging support . In an hour, she becomes infected in full, in half an hour – half. The kit includes a 25W charger. There is no reason to buy a 45 W power supply separately. If charging is too fast, the battery life will be reduced by several times.

Wireless charging supports up to 15W of power – the smartphone is fully charged in 100 minutes. But even 10 minutes on such a “power supply” is enough for several hours of battery life.

The flagship has reversible charging, which will allow you to charge another mobile phone or accessories wirelessly. Power – up to 9 W, which is enough for wearable gadgets.

Despite the fact that there are actually 3 screens, Samsung is energy efficient:

  • 7-12 hours – with active use without complex programs and games;
  • 15-25 hours – with moderate use of the device.

Value for money

A mobile phone combines a phone, a tablet and even a netbook! It will be appreciated by those who have to work with large amounts of data, but are not handy to carry a laptop or iPad with them . In such scenarios, it replaces these 2 gadgets – data transfer works without question.

And although its price “bites” (at the time of publication, the novelty costs UAH 59,999), the cost corresponds to the powerful filling and premium quality. Buying Galaxy Flip 2, the user gets not just a phone, but 3 powerful gadgets, the total price of which will significantly exceed this amount.

And here all these dissimilar devices are integrated into one ultra-compact form factor, which will surprise with performance for a long time to come.

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