Samsung Galaxy A41:Review

The Samsung Galaxy A41 is a sin to complain about, although it has garnered a lot of controversial criticism. What actually represents the forty-first Samsung – we will figure it out below in the text.

Samsung Galaxy A41 specifications

The comfortable body fits perfectly in the hand. Diagonal 6.1 inches. These and other characteristics should be considered in more detail.

Appearance, design, dimensions

The model is available in red, white, blue and black. She has a glossy finish. There is a geometric pattern on the back of the panel – several prism faces that distinguish the device from previous phones.

On the front panel there is a characteristic drop-shaped cutout for the front camera. It is borrowed from past models. The camera block is located on a wide black rectangle (regardless of the color scheme of the smartphone), the corners of which are rounded.

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The case is made of budget materials: the plastic frame around the display imitates metal, and the back wall is made of polymer. There are practically no touch marks on the surface of the smartphone . The device does not slip in your hand.

The buttons responsible for adjusting the volume and power are installed on the right side of the device. They are not distinguishable tactilely, but protrude slightly from the side. The keys have a pleasant springy stroke.

The system of the fingerprint scanner is sub-screen, but as practice shows, the classic form is still superior in usability. The compartment is designed for two Nano format cards and there is room for an external memory drive.

Another speaker protrudes from the end, it is also a component of the system that suppresses noise. At the bottom there is a microphone for conversations, a speaker, a headphone output (3.5 mm) and a USB Type-C charging hole.

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Battery and charging

The model uses a 3500 mAh non-removable battery, which is enough for calls for 2-3 days. In game mode, at 50% brightness, it takes up to 7% of the charge in half an hour. If you actively use instant messengers and listen to music, the device will have to be charged during the day.

The phone comes with a power adapter that supports on-line charging (15 W). It will take an hour and a half on average to charge a switched off device.

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Samsung A41 has two cameras: regular and wide-angle.

Depth of field sensor +
Optical zoom
Telephoto lens
Flash (single)

Working on automatic settings, the camera creates images of 12 megapixels. The wide-angle lens produces a picture of 8 megapixels. The highest possible video resolution mode is 1080p at 30 fps. Due to the lack of stabilization and zoom keys, the photo is loose and not always smooth.

The selfie camera has one module, but creates two images:

  • normal (standard resolution 12 megapixels);
  • cropped, which will capture less information (25 megapixels).

The camera has such an interface that it is quite difficult to change the mode (you should dig into the settings to choose the appropriate one). This version introduces the function of adding / removing modes to the video finder panel. A review of Samsung a41 cameras showed that they are quite mediocre, but correspond to the cost of the device.

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While reviewing the Galaxy A41, it’s worth talking about the filling:

  • involved single-chip percent Mediatek MT6768 Helio P65;
  • eight-core chipset: 2 Cortex-A75 and 6 Cortex-A55 cores, 1.7 GHz;
  • graphics accelerator – Mali-G52 MC2.

The 41st Samsung was released in one configuration – 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. Experts note that such parameters will be enough for everyday use, but they may not cope with multitasking.

Analyzing the performance of the device, it is safe to say that the model is much stronger than its predecessor A40. At maximum CPU load, the smartphone will slow down by an average of 25%.

The device runs on Android 10 with ONE UI 2.1. Analyzing the Samsung Galaxy A41, it is noteworthy that the device is ideal for daily tasks. With games, the situation is not so rosy: some applications will work at medium settings, and ultra graphics like in Shadowgun Legends will hardly pull 15 FPS.


Installed Super AMOLED at 2400 × 1080 pixels. It is possible to adjust the brightness with a slider, which provides a wide range of glow, this allows you to flip through the tape or read from the phone even on a sunny day. The smartphone has two design options: natural and rich colors. Moreover, in the second case, it is possible to change the warm temperature to the cold one. In the settings, you can set protection against accidental touches and increase the sensitivity of the sensor.

Unique, available only in the lineup from Samsung, is Always On Display. Due to it, even when the phone is in idle mode, the screen displays the date, current time and messages from open applications. The style and color of the dial can be changed.

Appearance of standard screens and menus

The external design of the device screens is made in the classic version. Also in the review of the Samsung Galaxy a41, we should mention the features that are borrowed from the flagship models:

  1. Edge panels – a vertical panel on the left side of the screen. From here, you can quickly open specific apps, dial your favorite contacts, or open reminders.
  2. Edge Lighting allows you to select which apps to receive notifications from when the screen is off. You can also change their color and design.

If you don’t like the classic icons, you can change them in the Galaxy Themes app. There is a wide selection of fun logos to suit your chosen theme.

Prices for Samsung Galaxy A41

The prices for the device at large retailers vary from 6300 to 7000 UAH. When ordering goods in online stores, you can save a little. This is a niche smartphone, its price matches the quality of the device. Although, if you search, you can find a more technological option in the Galaxy category for this price.

The smartphone, almost immediately after its appearance on the market, fell in love with the consumer for its compactness, neat forms and elegant design. The budgetary cost of the device corresponds to the power and operating characteristics, which are declared by the manufacturer. Samsung A41 is suitable for calls, instant messengers and surfing the net. There is nothing to scold the model for.

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