There was a time when graphic adventure lovers could enjoy at least one masterpiece a year, often even more. After the glories of Monkey Island 1 and 2, published in 1990 and 1991, 1993 sees the dog Same the rabbit Max as protagonists, the main characters of Sam & Max: Hit The Road , a masterpiece by LucasArts .


Really good times, for those who loved point and click. Those of LucasArts, then, were permeated with humor, full of puzzles not too simple to solve and embellished with characters who would soon have entered the history of videogames by right. Sam & Max is a crazy, brilliant, colorful graphic adventure, sometimes foul-mouthed, always over the top but never illogical or frustrating. Sam and Max were two protagonists of the “ Sam & Max Freelance Police ” comic : their creator, Steve Purcell, donated these two characters to LucasArts. Indeed, in reality the rights of the game belong to Purcell, who in turn was inspired by the childish drawings sketched by his younger brother.
The two anthropomorphic animals are private investigators, to tell the truth not very successful, that this time they have to solve a thorny and far from simple case. The two must find Bruno il Piedone , the main attraction of the amusement park owned by the Kushman brothers. The prime suspect is a country music star, Conroy Bumpus who appears to be the culprit. Things may not be like this and it will be up to Sam and Max to shed some light on the story, interrogating suspects and inspecting the various locations of the game.


The graphics, needless to underline it, are the ones that characterize Lucas’ point and click graphic adventures of the early 90s: many beautiful pixels, profusion of colors, clean sprites , characters with a strong personality and comic backdrops. The overall look of the video game is that of the comic from which it is based, just as Purcell had intended it from the beginning. The scenarios are quite crazy and full of funny and funny objects, which very often will also serve for the purpose of solving the case.
Same Max characters are excellently animated and their “expressions” are hilarious, as are many of the phrases they utter. If we then think that this is the first graphic adventure of LucasArts dubbed in Italian, the vote in the sound sector rises even more. As we often underline, the music also contributes in a decisive way to the success of a video game: the musical themes fit perfectly the various locations and the different situations.

The inventory is no longer placed at the bottom of the screen, with the various executable actions typical of games like Monkey Island, but is represented by a box located in the lower left part of the screen. Clicking F5 will bring up the game menu , with a pointer that at the time seemed revolutionary because it allowed you to perform all the main actions of the character you were controlling.
Longevity is very good and at some point, despite some settings being useless, you can go just about anywhere and shoot at will. As mentioned, don’t expect puzzles that are too easy (unless you want to peek on the web and look for the solution of the game), which is absolutely good if we want to fully enjoy this crazy adventure, revived in more recent years with remastered and new graphics episodes.

GENRE:  Graphic Adventure
YEAR:  1993
PLATFORM:  MS-DOS, Amiga, Mac OS, Atari ST, Sega CD, FM Towns
SUPPORT:  Floppy disk, CD-Rom
HIS FOLLOW-UP IS:  Sam & Max Season One


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