Rust loopholes: vertical, horizontal

With all the huge variety of building blocks, it is impossible to build a base that would ensure 100% safety of your resources. Any player with a sufficient amount of explosives can effortlessly blow up your house, taking away all the resources they can get to. In the case of an offline raid, this fate is inevitable, but online raids can be repulsed, or at least complicate the task for the attackers by equipping the base with solid shooting. But it is dangerous to put empty windows – enemies can get through them into your house and make their way into the loot from the inside. Therefore, many players use rast loopholes.

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  • 1Loophole in Rust: types
    • 1Metal vertical loopholes
      • 1.1Where to find
      • 1.2How to craft
      • 1.3How to install in the game
      • 1.4What drops after processing
    • 2Metal horizontal loophole
      • 2.1Where to find
      • 2.2How to craft
      • 2.3How to install in the game
      • 2.4What drops after processing
    • 2How to get through admin mode

Loophole in Rust: views

In general, although the loopholes themselves are divided into 2 types, they differ only in the slots through which you can inspect the territory and fire.

Metal vertical loopholes

Where to find

The metal vertical loophole can be found in 6, not the most common containers:

  • Locked box– 2%;
  • Elite box– 1%;
  • Army Crate– 1%;
  • Oil RigScientist – 0.1%;
  • ExcavatorScientist – 0.09%;
  • Armored Scientist– 0.08%.

After finding the vertical loophole, we advise you to study it on the table for studies. This operation will cost you 20 pieces of scrap metal.

If you haven’t found the loophole, then you can resort to studying the level 2 workbench branch , but you will have to spend 365 units of scrap metal .

Vertical loopholes

How to craft

Crafting of a vertical loophole is possible only if you have a workbench of the second or third level. For the craft itself, you will have to spend 100 fragments of metal for 1 loophole.

How to install in the game

You can only place a vertical loophole in a window building block. We recommend placing the loophole so that it looks at the place where the enemies will potentially go – the horizontal view leaves much to be desired.

What drops out after processing

After processing the vertical loophole at the recycler, you will receive 50 fragments of metal, that is, half of the resources that were spent on crafting.

Metal horizontal loophole

Where to find

You can find the horizontal loophole in the game Rust in the same containers in which the vertical loophole drops out:

  • Locked box – 2%;
  • Elite box – 1%;
  • Army Crate – 1%;
  • Oil Rig Scientist – 0.1%;
  • Excavator Scientist – 0.09%;
  • Armored Scientist – 0.07%.

You can study the horizontal loophole on the research table for 20 pieces of scrap metal, or you can go through the research tree of the second level workbench, thus examining the loophole for 345 pieces of scrap metal, while studying useful items.

Horizontal loopholes

How to craft

The craft of the horizontal loophole is identical to the vertical one. For 100 fragments of metal, you can craft 1 horizontal loophole, but only if you have a workbench of the second or third level.

How to install in the game

A horizontal loophole can only be installed in a window building block. It is better to place such loopholes on the lower floors, since although they give a good horizontal view, if the enemy is lower, then he will be in your blind zone.

What drops out after processing

When processing a horizontal loophole at a recycler, you will receive half of the resources that were spent on crafting, that is, 50 metal fragments.

How to get through admin mode

Metal loopholes can be obtained by administrators using the administrator console. To do this, you need to open the console (by default, the F1 key), and then open the ITEMS section, in which we are interested in the CONSTRUCTIONS category. It is there that both loopholes are located.

You can also use the inventory.give and inventory.giveto console commands to give an item to yourself or a player.

The IDs for the loopholes are as follows:

  • -1199897169 – metal horizontal loophole;
  • -1199897172 – vertical metal loophole.

Rast loopholes can serve you well during a raid, so install them on your windows whenever possible. They will protect you and will not let enemies pass through them.


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