Running;10 reasons for you to adopt the activity on a daily basis

A pleasant, simple and very effective activity, running has already become routine for thousands of people worldwide. A trip to a public park on any day of the week is enough to observe locals practicing the famous cooper or even to see people training for marathons.

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To lose weight, the activity is very efficient in burning calories, contributing to the end of the accumulation of fat in the body and the undesirable love handles. However, like any other activity, it is necessary to have persistence and make it a habit to fully experience positive results.

In addition, it is also very important to have guidance, whether it be the help of a professional or through other resources. Remember to buy your own running shoes and start your training little by little. Do not run more than your resistance allows and take breaks of one or two days between workouts. See 10 benefits of running and find out why this activity can be exactly what you are looking for:

1. Free activity

There are few physical activities that come out for free like running. For those who like to work out, it is necessary to attend gyms most of the time, while aerobic activities may require the presence in specific classes, such as swimming, pilates or gymnastics.

Unless you hire a professional to assist in training, the race ends up being totally free, providing complete health maintenance without the need for monthly investments. Economical and practical, the user has control of the exercise in his hands with little financial investment.

2. You can exercise whenever you want

Totally flexible, running is an individual activity that can fit perfectly into the routine of anyone, even the busiest. You can choose the times and places you want, define the running route and the time dedicated to the activity per week.

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Also set goals, interspersed exercises and certain days to exercise. It is important to follow some calendar with discipline, so that the activity is not forgotten and starts not producing the desired effect.

3. Apps help with orientation

For those who do not want to hire a professional for guidance, it is worth following some running app for smartphones. The Runtastic , Run Keeper or “Race” in Portuguese, are applications that mark the route, announce the lost calories, race time and kilometers traveled .

Some applications also offer complete tips, such as taking care of your food, ideal time for breaks between runs and other important guidelines. However, it is important to take care and reduce your pace if you experience any dizziness during training. Also do a medical evaluation before starting the activity.

4. High calorie burn

Three kilometers of running is enough to send more than 200 calories away . For those who go a little further and can run ten kilometers , the expenditure exceeds 800 calories . Although it doesn’t seem like much, caloric loss starts to make a difference over time and with increased physical endurance.

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5. Loss of abdominal fat

For those concerned about love handles, running can be the solution to the problem. With the burning of fats provided by aerobic activity, the body begins to send away the abdominal accumulation with the running time. However, this does not happen overnight and a little persistence and patience is required.

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To serve as a motivation, it is worth observing the anatomy of marathon runners and professional runners. In all cases, it is easy to notice that people who are used to running do not have any type of accumulation of fat in the body.

6. Standing still

Another advantage of running is that the exercise does not end when the user starts walking. Running causes your metabolism to accelerate and keeps you going for a few hours after your workout. This means that you will be burning fat after exercise even if you are sitting on the couch watching television.

7. Oxygenation of the brain

Oxygenation of the brain is one of the main health benefits of running, as it directly affects the well-being of the mind. With the insertion of the activity in the routine, the user starts to feel better on a daily basis, to think more clearly and to reason with less difficulties, also accumulating less stress.

8. Feeling of well-being

It is natural to feel good after physical exercise. Running and other activities stimulate the release of endorphins by the body, causing an excellent feeling of satisfaction and greater disposition after exercise.

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Endorphin also has other health benefits, relieves pain and strengthens the immune system.

9. Goodbye anxiety and stress

Running is practiced by many people as well as a way to release the tensions acquired in everyday life. Stress at work and anxiety that precedes an important event are common problems and can have their effects alleviated with just 30 minutes of training. For those who have already experienced this sensation, running becomes a great ally in overcoming daily difficulties.

10. Healthier routine

Finally, the greatest benefits of running usually appear in the long term, through the construction of a healthy routine, with regular physical activity and a more adequate diet. In addition to the positive effects on the mind and body, running can protect the body from various chronic diseases and also contribute to a healthy life.


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