Some of Rumi’s famous quotes on love, life-giving and spirituality

Some of Rumi’s famous quotes

Persian poet Maulana Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi continues to fascinate every reader today by transcending the boundaries of country and time for his spiritual, love, mauria and antisemitic compositions. He is known as the beloved Rumi of all. His writings ‘Maasnavi’ were written in Persian but translated into almost all the languages ​​of the world. Born in 120, he is still popular today. He has done a lot of work and thinking on Sufism, so he is still alive among us through his work. Friends, here are some quotes about life philosophy, spirituality, love and love written by Rumi for you today.

Rumi’s quote on biography: –

১. ” The more silent you are, the more you will hear. “

  1. ” Born of thy wings. You have the power to fly even then you are lame! 

৩. ” If there is light in your heart, you must find a way back home. “

৪. ” Having a candle is not an easy task. In order to give light, one has to burn himself first. 

৫. “From the moment you accept all your obstacles, the door will open for you! 

৬. ” Do not accept the advice of anyone who has never stepped outside the house at the beginning of the journey. “

৭. ” Yesterday I was clever. So, I wanted to change the world. But today I am wise. So, I want to change myself. 

৮. ” Don’t feel lonely, because the entire universe exists inside of you. “

৯. “A good and good day will not come to you; Rather, you should look forward to such a day. 

১০. ” Don’t be sad about what didn’t. Some events happen to stop the disaster. “

১১. ” This is the way … and yours alone. Others may walk with you. But no one will walk for you. 

১২. ” Finally we will all taste death one day, but be careful about the way we live, so as not to hurt any human heart. “

১৩. ” Do not go astray when you follow the desires of your heart. 

১৪. ” Until you find your inner fire, you will not reach the spring of life. “

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Rumi’s quote on love and love: –

১৫. ” The heart that fills the heart of love with all its words makes a storm. “

১৬. ” A heart full of love is like a fire bird, which cannot be captured in a cage. 

১৭. ” Love is not a knowledge or science, nor a book or a paper. What others say can never be the path of love. 

১৮. ” Love is always thirsty! It always seeks a thirsty lover! Love and boyfriend follow each other as night and day. “

১৯. ” I may have described love in the past, but when I truly felt love, I was blocked. 

২০. ” Love is liberation, love is power, love is the secret power of change, love is the mirror of beauty. “

  1. ” Where the mind can see only the boundaries, love also finds the secret path. 

২২. ” Goodbye says only those who love with eyes only, those who think eyes are the only love. Those who love the soul and the heart do not have goodbyes, because the soul can no longer go away from the heart. “

  1. ” Love does not stand on a foundation … Love is like the infinite sea, which has no beginning or end. 

২৪. ” Love comes from the Infinite Supreme Being and will remain immortal forever. “

  1. ” I do not belong to any particular religion. Love is my religion! Every heart is my sanctuary! 

২৬. ” Love is the way to stay healthy. Love is the magic of changing everything Love is the mirror of heavenly beauty. “

  1. ” Love is the most beautiful thing in the world but it seems painful. 

২৮. ” Love is a flowing river, you get some sparkling water from it. “

  1. ” God has a way of reaching many. In that I chose love. 

Rumi’s quote on spirituality: –

৩০. “ Indeed, you and your spirit are the same, you are in me and I am in you, we are hiding between each other!“

৩১. ” What are you looking for your soul? But get rid of the cage of your mind. 

৩২. ” I know that every human creation will taste the death; However, I also know that only a handful of people will enjoy life. “

৩৩. “Get out of your tiny world and enter into the infinite world of the Creator. 

৩৪. “You are not a drop of water in the sea. You’re one point in the water.“

৩৫. ” If you have ever met a wise man in the spiritual world, speak to him politely and politely, and look forward to learning something from him.

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