Why Rose Is Queen of flowers;10 Facts You Must Know

A rose is always able to give strong emotions and sensations both to those who give them and to those who receive them. There are innumerable stories and traditions linked to this wonderful and fragrant flower, for example it is said that the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, one of the most beautiful women in India and famous for luck, love and beauty, was born from a rose composed of 108 large petals 1008 small. Even in classical Greek mythology the rose was consecrated to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and fertility. In Rome in the Republican age the crowns were composed of roses, and not of laurel as in Greece, used as recognition of value.

There are numerous varieties of roses with infinite hybrids, but the spontaneous species that grow in Italy are over 30, including dog rose, pale rose and gallic rose. Already in 1350 AD its healing properties were exploited by preparing rose water with petals and seeds, able to reduce fever and reduce inflammation.the. Still today in popular medicine rose water is used for washing inflamed eyes, inflammation of the oral cavities and against skin problems. At the base of many cosmetics and beauty products there is the rose that can treat dry, sensitive, fragile skin, prone to wrinkles due to poor hydration, all this thanks to the essential fatty acids combined with Transretinoic acid. In fact, rosehip oil has always been used in the treatment of scars, stretch marks, dry skin and sunburn due to these natural principles.

The essential oil of rose damascena belongs to the category of cefacili remedies, in fact we can say that its perfume works from “psychological support” able to help to decrease depression and sadness and to develop balance, self-esteem and patience. In this case use a tablespoon of almond oil combined with 4 drops of rose damask and apply it on the temples and in the heart area, at the level of the sternum, breathing deeply for a few minutes. The same recipe can be used on dry skin, in case of herpes, sensitive skin or breakage of capillaries by carefully absorbing our mixture.

Pure damask rose powder or combined with clay allows you to create face masks that tone and nourish the skin in depth. Just mix the powder with warm water and apply to dry and clean face, leaving it on for 15 minutes. To finish the treatment it is useful, after rinsing the face, to dab it with rose water.

The gemmoderivato instead helps to regulate the immune response, going to counteract the allergic reactions, especially in children. Even in the case of phlogosis, conjunctivitis and pollen asthma we can take it not only to counteract the symptoms but also for preventive purposes.

The action of the berries of the dog rose is interesting , in fact the dry extract contains vitamin C up to 50-100 times more than citrus fruits. The advantage of a rosehip extract compared to the vitamin C used in its pure state is that it also makes carotenoids and flavonoids bio-available which improve the antioxidant efficacy. So to strengthen the body’s immune defenses, vitaminize and have a strong antioxidant action we can use a dry extract titrated in vitamin C.

Taking an herbal tea based on dog rose, twice a day, will help us to eliminate toxins through urine but in a gentle way, without going to fatigue the kidneys. Even in the case of particular fatigue we can use the herbal tea based on wild rose, which will increase the tone and vitality of the whole body.


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