Rosa damascena: 10 properties and benefits

Which writer or poet did not praise the seductive beauty of the rose? Poets have nicknamed her “daughter of heaven”, “joy of the earth”, “glory of spring”. When the rose blooms, the eye follows ecstatically the delicate petals that compose it, admires the seductive nuances that color it, inhales the sweet and fragrant scent that accompanies it.

The rose is a pleasure for our 5 senses.

Praise to the rose: meaning between legend and reality

The ancient Greek poet Anacreon , poet of loves, celebrated the rose in some ways.

“Venus steals his colors,

To seem more fascinating;

The rose is dear to the learned sisters

And the happy poet is its singer;

In the bush, to seize,

The hand slips and challenges the plug;

How sweet it is then to catch

The purple gem of love.

And in a moment of splendor

Savor the divine essence! “


A story that is handed down about the roses concerns  San Medardo, bishop of  Noyon in France , one of the most popular bishops of his time, to whom many legends were attributed. One of these tells that the religious instituted the prize for virtue which consisted of a  crown of roses . To be able to receive it, the competitors and girls of the village had to elect the most humble, modest and wise girl. It is said that the same sister of San Medardo had been unanimously chosen among 532 candidates to bring this simple crown to reward her own virtue and candor.

The rose is the flower of eternal love, an emblem of youth, grace, innocence, pleasure and poetry. It belonged to the Roman goddess Venus who possessed, like the flower, the charming grace and the incomparable beauty.

In Christian culture  we find various references to the rose, sometimes associated with paradise, purity, chastity or martyrdom and the blood of Jesus Christ.

Nowadays , the symbol of all ages, interpreter of all feelings,  the rose  accompanies our  ceremonies: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, feast days and more sad ceremonies.

The history of the damask rose:

La  Rosa Damascena  is an intense pink, composed of several aromatic substances.

It is native to the Middle East and is cultivated mainly in Morocco and Bulgaria.

In these magical lands in the “Rose Valley” is collected manually at dawn to be able to use the dew and be able to extract essences of great character and quality, qualities that this beautiful flower brings with it becoming the symbol of strength and nourishment, not by chance is considered the “Queen of Roses”.

Now let’s look at the properties and uses of damask rose essential oil:

The essential oil of damask rose has numerous  tonic, mucolytic, antiseptic, healing, stimulating, antirheumatic and sudoriferous properties.

Its fragrance is indicated for those who wish to awaken energy, to have more tone in  situations of deep fatigue .

It is one of the most used essences in disorders  of the female reproductive system with a mainly invigorating effect that helps  regulate menstruation , intervene on pain  and bring relief in female passages from puberty to maturity and menopause.

It is used in  cosmetics for the care of the face, neck, breast, hands, to  make the skin elastic , therefore it is recommended for:

  1. Firm the loose tissues and give tone to the skinin aging as an anti-age or after birth as a cicatrizant.
  2. Tone up, improving eczema and couperose.
  3. The hydrolate obtained from the distillation of essential oils can in fact be used as a tonic to give compactness and smooth the body, after a shower.
  4. Its usefulness in the forms of acne is appreciated for its tonic and slightly astringent antiseptic   properties   which make it a valid product both for moisturizing dry skin and for purifying greasy and seborrheic skin.
  5. Give strength to the memory, calm the nerves by rebalancing the neurovegetative system.
  6. The damask rose proves to be a valid ally to alleviate states of great sadness thanks to its olfactory notes that protect us in melancholy, anxiety and depression. It is also recommended for use in postpartum depressions.
  7. Reactivate: it is recommended for  cellulite, stretch marks and orange peel skin. Each of us can make his damask rose cream using a good day cream without parabens, silicones or preservatives in this proportion:  3-5 drops in 50 ml of product to give sprint to the micro circle.
  8. Strengthen: It expresses its tone also on the scalp giving strength and vigor to the hair, putting a few drops in the water of the last rinse.
  9. Help to reduce muscle pain and act on the forms of arthritis  with massage, mixing it with a vegetable oil.
  10. Decongest: The antibacterial virtues make the essential oil of rose damascena precious in  affections of the respiratory tract.

How to use the essence to acquire tone and vigor?

To regenerate ourselves  in forms of great fatigue, we add the following composition to the  bathtub,  together with a handful of whole coarse salt:

  • 7 drops of damask rose essential oil
  • About 11 drops of Bach Olive flower   
  • 7 drops of lemon essential oil

How to stimulate fertility?

You can use a few drops of essential damascena rose oil that must be conveyed to a massage oil such as wheat germ or jojoba oil. Apply a little of the mixture on the abdomen, with a gentle self-massage, or with a massage performed by your partner

We thank the  “queen of flowers”  that embellishes the whole earth and every spring is reborn fresh and renewed to bring us consolation and regenerate us with its fragrance and infinite beauty.

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