Did you know that 80% of consumers search online for products before buying? Or is it that four out of five people use search engines to get the desired information?

What is the role of internet marketing in business development? And why are internet marketing tools popular in different countries?

There is no doubt that in this global age everything is based on and linked to technology. Internet technology has played a key role in their growth and management.

Internet technologies have been able to attract millions of clients and buyers, which has been influenced by internet marketing. This technology has become a powerful tool for businesses. It provides online customers with a wide selection of selections to buy the desired product.

The role of online marketing in business is not an exaggeration. Many startups and existing businesses using its tools have increased the success of their business. A variety of ways are used for business awareness, such as banner advertising, video and email advertising, social media, and more.

Eighty percent of businesspeople report that they have grown more using social media than in previous years.

At the 2012 London Olympics, sports giant Nike won the most successful marketing strategy. He put up billboards on the streets of London under the slogan “Find Greatness”. About a month later, on Twitter -the firm has joined the ranks of 9.295, of Facebook -on 166.00.

86% of companies worldwide attract their customers via Facebook and Twitter. However, 30% of marketing managers think that mobile applications of brands are important to attract customers along with other marketing tools. A clear example of this is the well-known brand of soft drink ” Coca-Cola “.

The company uses a variety of advertising campaigns to grow its audience and retain customers. Great attention has been paid to online marketing tools such as: social media, banner advertising, video advertising, blogs, YouTube and more. In addition to advertising, Coca-Cola has created games for mobile and online. One such game is the Polar Bears.

52% of consumers say they make the decision to buy a product easily while watching a video. YouTube is the world’s second social site where tens of thousands of videos are posted daily. It is localized in 61 languages ​​in 61 countries. According to statistics, the video portal is visited by billions of people every month and watches 4 billion hours of video. This has led to brands aspiring to create a corporate page on Youtube and post their own videos.

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