Roblox Games: Top 16 Games For Game Lovers

Roblox has won the affection of many users regardless of their age, and despite being a game aimed at children, a large part of the community is made up of teenagers under 18 years of age.

So much so, that the list of available games exceeds 50 thousand and more servers are being added every day. If you are new to Roblox, it is quite difficult to know where to start playing or even worse, to know which game to choose.

Therefore, in this article you will know the 16 best Roblox games that you should take into account to live the maximum experience.

The 16 best games to start playing on Roblox

By default the Roblox games section is organized in different categories such as: “Popular”, “Recommended for you”, “Most attractive”, “Promising”, “Educational”, “Top rated”, “Adventure”, ” Fight »and much more. However, when selecting one of the categories, an endless number of games will be displayed for each theme.

Thanks to our collection of games , you will know which are the best options to choose from and thus avoid wasting time with unattractive worlds. These are the most popular of the moment:

Blox Fruits

Live an adventure of pirates and sailors becoming the best swordsman in the area. The road will not be easy, since you will have to train hard and kill ferocious enemies, either at sea or on land.

In addition, you can arm yourself with powerful armor and extravagant weapons , giving you extra strength during battles. Of course you should not forget about the magnificent fruits , these gadgets will be of great help in that battle path, since with them you will have certain mystical abilities such as: controlling fire, shooting tornadoes, flying and more. Enter Here .

Zombie Stories

One of the most popular genres of the decade is zombies, and in Roblox there are several maps with this theme, but there is one in particular and very balanced, since it mixes the best of the zombie world and shooting.

This is Zombie Stories , a world where your character will belong to a special elite force , and whose mission will be to prevent a horde of zombies from destroying the place.

Within the game you will have a powerful arsenal , which you will be able to modify throughout the journey as well as your protection equipment.

The groups that you can form to kill the zombies are up to 5 members , with the advantage of being able to choose a special ability, be it a doctor, sniper or others. Enter Here .

Mega Noob Simulator

One of the simulators most popular Robux is Mega Noob because despite having a fairly simple premise, it is very addictive. The objective of this game is to become the strongest in the place to try to fight with the giant .

For your character to gain greater strength, you must fight with certain creatures , which will give you coins. They will help you get weights for exercise, shakes to increase muscle mass, and more.

Best of all, in the process you can see the growth of your character , getting much bigger and more muscular. Enter Here .

Hell Tower

This is one of those games that can cause some love and hate among users , especially because of how addictive and frustrating it can be to play it.

The Tower of Hell is a giant cylinder whose objective will be to reach the top , of course the path will not be easy at all, as it will be full of dangerous obstacles .

One of the most difficult things is that it has no control point , which indicates that if you find yourself higher than the halfway point and lose, you must start from scratch. Many consider the Tower of Hell a nuisance, others a great challenge to overcome. Enter Here .

My restaurant

The RPGs will always be acclaimed by all, because we can have an idea of how it would be to experience a job or any specific activity. On this occasion, one of the role-playing games most played by the community is “My Restaurant”

In this world you will have the opportunity to own a restaurant and hire people . At the beginning you will start with a limited number of tables, diners will arrive to whom you will have to attend, then prepare food, collect and wash the dishes.

With the money earned, you can buy more tables and kitchens , a better laundry, hire staff and grow your business. Enter Here .

Dragon Blox Ultimate

Without a doubt, one of the most famous anime worldwide is Dragon Ball , and as expected in Roblox you can live the adventure of being a super sayayin . You can modify your avatar and make it as similar as possible to one of your iconic Dragon Ball characters , regardless of whether it is a hero or a villain .

When in combat it will be possible to shoot energy balls , fly through the air at high speeds, fight hand to hand with your enemies and recharge your ki to continue the battle. Enter Here .


Another of the most popular games to start playing on Roblox is: Jailbreak . It is made up of two sides , the police and the prisoners, each with different abilities and objectives .

If you decide to be a crook , your mission will be to steal as much money as possible that is anywhere, be it from a home, bank or business. In addition, you can fight against police officers and thus avoid capture. Robberies can be done in groups or alone.

If, on the contrary, you decide to be a policeman , you will have certain artifacts to attack and defend yourself from the thugs, the more thugs you capture, the greater the reward. You can also work in a team or alone. Enter Here .

World of magic

The beauty of Roblox is the diversity of existing worlds , for magic lovers there is a fantastic room called World of Magic . In this world you can create your own magician , who will have the opportunity to develop different types of magic , you will have to fight against powerful creatures and thus increase your level and reputation.

You will be able to carry out different types of missions in order to earn money and be able to buy magic gadgets, in this way you will be able to increase your level in battles, you will also be able to create your own wizard’s guild in order to have your “Guild Hall”. Enter Here .

Adopt me

One of the best Roblox games that has caused a sensation in the community is: Adopt Me . Being one of the most popular maps today, this server focuses on a role-playing world where you can be a father or a baby , which you must adopt or be adopted by another player.

At the beginning of each game you must choose your role and start a life. If you are a parent, your goal will be to take care of the baby, dress it, bathe it, feed it, fix the house, among other things.

In addition, you can go out to the neighborhood and meet your neighbors, share with them, improve your house and more. Undoubtedly, it is a room similar to the mythical game “The Sims”, but on a larger scale. Enter Here .

Other Roblox games to watch out for

In order not to make the list of the best Roblox games more extensive , we leave you a compilation of other good alternatives to start playing for free:


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