Road warning signs: how to recognize them

There are really many road signs and even if you have studied them to get your license, sometimes a review is useful: in this article we deal with the warning signs.

Here’s what they are and what they mean .

Warning signs on the street: what they are

triangular danger sign is normally positioned 1.50 m from the start of the area to be signaled : it is also possible to position it at a different distance, but this must be specified in an additional panel placed under it.

If while driving you cross a signal of this kind, you will immediately know that there is a danger at that point and that you will have to adopt the appropriate behavior: always view any additional panel with the symbol or brief description that specify its nature.

The warning signs have a triangular shape with the vertex facing up: the background is white and the border is red, while the symbol is black.

They are divided into 3 categories:

  • Danger signals
  • Temporary warning signs
  • Distance panels

Here are the main meanings of the warning signs .

Warning signs on the street: what they mean

There are warning signs to identify virtually everything, and what doesn’t exist as a symbol is then identified in the panel below:

  • ruined roads
  • bumps
  • bumps
  • dangerous curve to the right or left
  • dangerous double curve, the first to the right or to the left
  • level crossing with barriers or semi-barriers
  • level crossing without barriers
  • Croce-di-sant’andrea (level crossing without barriers with a single track)
  • double cross of sant’andrea
  • tram crossing
  • crosswalk
  • cycle crossing
  • dangerous descent
  • steep climb
  • symmetrical bottleneck, right or left
  • mobile bridge
  • yielding quay
  • slippery road
  • children
  • wandering pets
  • wandering wild animals
  • two-way traffic
  • roundabout circulation
  • outlet on a pier or embankment
  • unstable material on the road
  • falling rocks from right or left
  • traffic light with vertical discs
  • traffic light with discs horizontally
  • aircraft
  • strong side wind
  • danger of fire

With this general overview of the main road warning signs you can drive more carefully and with less risk.


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