How to ride a bicycle: secrets to learn in 15 minutes

Many times we are ashamed to admit that we do not know how to ride a bicycle. The problem is that it is an activity that is associated with childhood, especially if we grew up in a residential area. However, that is not the case for everyone and for those who grew up in the city it is quite frequent not to have learned to use this means of transport.

However, in recent years, the use of the bicycle has been spreading and more and more people choose it to move from one place to another. So you do not stay out of the trend, we tell you what are the steps to learn to ride a bike.

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How to learn to ride a bike

To learn to ride a bicycle we must follow some steps. We detail the entire process so you don’t have excuses and enjoy a walk with friends.


If we want to learn to ride a bicycle, the first thing we must do is to put the vehicle in place. This means removing the support wheels and making sure that the seat height is correct, that is, that we or whoever is learning can support both feet on the floor.

The ideal is to use a beginner’s bicycle, that is, one that does not have a change of gears and brakes in good condition. The simpler the better. Experts advise counterbalance brake but the handbrake can also work.

Where to learn to ride a bike

Ideally, find a slope of 20 meters in length that tilts enough to generate speed but not as much as it is difficult to brake. If possible, the slope should end in plain or grass.

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How to ride a bike

  1. Location: the cyclist should be placed on the seat with the feet flat on the ground, holding the handlebars straight and the arms slightly bent.
  2. Activity: to start walking, you need to lift your feet slightly and put your feet on the pedals. As we are on a slope, the bicycle should start. If you lose your balance, you can rest your feet on the floor.
  3. Repeat: perform this maneuver until we can keep our feet on the pedals while we slide downhill. Once more confidence is generated, you can climb higher on the slope.

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 Braking and steering

Once we have learned to walk, we can experiment with braking and steering in the flat area. For that, it is necessary to return to the starting point and try gentle turns and then stop. Do it until you get security.


Acquiring good habits while learning to ride a bicycle is essential. Wearing a helmet is essential for the cyclist’s safety. If we are teaching our children, it is best that we also teach them that it is a requirement from the beginning.

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How the bicycle works

Finally, it may be useful to know how the bicycle works to lose fear. The mechanism is as follows: the tractor wheel causes an instant center of rotation at a point of contact with the ground. When pedaling, a linear impulse force is generated on the wheel axle that effectively generates the rotation that drives the bicycle over the instantaneous center of rotation. The stability is given by the gyroscopic effect generated by the movement of the wheels.


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